The 3 Best High Lift Floor Jacks That Reach 50+ inches

Looking for the best high lift floor jack? If so, you’ve reached the right spot. This article will unbox high lift floor jacks available online.

For most jobs, a standard lift floor jack will do the trick. They’re simple to use, effective, and usually cheap enough for anybody to afford. But if you want to do mechanical work on vehicles like SUVs or trucks and add a little more comfort, a high lift floor jack can be the need of the hour.

So, what’s the best high lift floor jack for your needs? Read on to find out!

Cat 240330 

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 6 – 29.25″ lift range
  • 89.5 lb item weight
  • Dual piston pump

Arcan ALFJ60

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 4.9 – 52.3″ lift range
  • 33.3 lb item weight
  • Ratchet design

Sunex 6602LP

  • 2000 lb load capacity
  • 2.75  – 24″ lift range
  • 103.6 lb item weight
  • Long Reach

Pro Eagle Kratos

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 6  – 28″ lift range
  • 68 lb item weight
  • Rapid rise pump
Product CAT
Pro Eagle
3 ton (6000 lb) 3 ton (6000 lb) 2 ton (4,000 lb)
29.25" (74.3 cm) 28" (71 cm) 24" (61 cm)
6" (15.2 cm) 6" (15.2 cm) 2.75" (7 cm)
Pump Dual-piston Dual-piston Dual-piston
Weight 89.5 lb (40.6 kg) ‎60 lb (27 kg) 103.6 lb (47 kg)
Material Aluminum & Steel Alloy Steel Steel
Size (") 31 x 13.3 x 10 ‎34 x 15 x 10 36 x 15.75 x 7.5

The Best High Lift Floor Jack for Cars, and SUVs - Cat 240330

  • This is the best high lift floor jack for Sedans, SUVs, and Trucks.
  • It can hoist the vehicles almost two and a half feet, the highest floor jack.
  • Features big wheels that enable smooth maneuverability off-road.
  • Heavy duty aluminum and steel car jack.
  • It lifts loads super quick with its two parallel pumps.
  • Rated Capacity: 3 tons (6000 lb)
  • Minimum Height: 6 inch
  • Maximum Height: 29.25 inches
  • Material: Aluminum & Steel
  • Color: Yellow & Black
  • Weight: 89.5 lb (40.6 kg)
  • Size: ‎31 x 13.3 x 10 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Brand: CAT
  • Part No. 240330
  • This really cost you more than you’d think.
  • Big size, hence covers more space.
  • It’s not easy to pick it up with your hands. Roll it over the garage.

The robust CAT jack boasts a weight capacity of up to 3 tons. Featuring a sturdy full-frame base with a bottom skid plate, it ensures rock-solid stability. The skid prevents the jack from sinking into sand when working off-road.

With a lift range stretching from 6 inches to 21.5 inches, this floor jack offers impressive versatility. Additionally, its detachable saddle adapter extends the height by an extra 7.75 inches, making it suitable for use on lifted trucks, achieving a maximum height of nearly 29.25 inches.

Equipped with an extra-large handle for easy pumping and big swivel casters for effortless maneuverability around the vehicle, this jack also features a convenient quick-release valve for efficient lifting.

The inclusion of a dual-piston pump significantly simplifies the pumping task, requiring just 7 strokes to raise a loaded vehicle. Moreover, for added safety, a safety lock-out valve activates instantly if the jack is operated beyond its rated pressure.

Unlike the Arcan ALFJ60, which is limited to use with tractors, UTVs, and ATVs, this product is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and farm vehicles, thanks to its low minimum height and long throw that reaches any jack point.

Given its exceptional features and versatility, this jack is preferred over others on the market. Click the link below to make a purchase or learn more about its usage and ratings.

60-inch High Lift Farm Jack - Arcan ALFJ60

  • 2721.6 kg load can be raised with this farm jack.
  • Durable and heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Ratchet design
  • Requires common space to fit in.
  • Occupy less room, yet longer.
  • Rated Capacity: 3 tons (6000 lb)
  • Minimum Height: 4.9 inch
  • Maximum Height: 52.3 inch
  • Material: Metal / Steel
  • Color: Green & Black
  • Weight: ‎33.3 Pounds (15 kg)
  • Size: ‎60.04 x 10.24 x 4.92 inches
  • Brand: Arcan
  • Part No. ALFJ60
  • Lifting a Sedan, or SUV will be a bit tricky with this jack.

The Arcan ALFJ60 stands out as the tallest lift jack currently available, boasting a maximum lift height of over 50 inches. With this impressive capability, it can effortlessly elevate tractors and UTVs to facilitate various tasks. Remarkably, it can lift weights of up to 6000 lbs, surpassing the weight of most vehicles.

To slide the jack beneath a jack point, a minimum clearance of at least 5 inches is required, as this represents the jack’s lowest height. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, it weighs 15 kg, which may pose a challenge for some individuals due to the absence of wheels for easy mobility.

It’s essential to note that the ALFJ60 is not your typical floor jack; rather, it is specifically designed as a farm jack and is primarily intended for use with farm-related vehicles rather than sedans or SUVs. However, despite its unique application, it earns its place on the list due to its remarkable maximum height of 52.3 inches.

Given its design, the saddle or lifting point of the ALFJ60 may not fit beneath a car’s jack point. Therefore, if you require a high lift jack for cars, it’s advisable to explore other products listed. You can further investigate the ALFJ60 on Amazon to determine if it aligns with your specific needs.

Sunex 6602LP 24” High Lift Floor Jack

  • Features a long reach, touching any far away jack point.
  • 2 feet extended height gives you more room under the car.
  • Rapid rising, thanks to the dual piston pump. Saves your time and energy.
  • Requires as low as 7 cm clearance to fit in. The lowest min height jack on the list and in the market.
  • Rated Capacity: 2 tons (4000 lb)
  • Minimum Height: 2.75 inch
  • Maximum Height: 24 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Weight: 103.6 lb (47 kg)
  • Size: 36 x 15.75 x 7.5 inches
  • Throw Reach: 18 inch
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Brand: Sunex
  • Part No. 6602LP
  • Weighs nearly 50 kg. It’s not easy to pick it up.

Next, we have the Sunex 6602LP Jack, which deserves notable mention. This product is exceptionally well-balanced, requiring minimal pressure to lift heavy loads while delivering high lifting power, thus ensuring ease of use.

In terms of height capacity, it offers a minimum lift range of 2.75 inches and can extend up to 24 inches. This versatility allows you to target vehicles with low ground clearance, such as sports and exotic cars, as well as SUVs and trucks.

A standout feature of this jack, unique among those on the list, is its extra-long chassis. This design facilitates reaching obscure jack points without making contact with the underside of your vehicle. While particularly beneficial for low-clearance cars, it still delivers impressive lifting power.

The inclusion of an extra-large carrying handle enhances convenience, making it incredibly practical for transporting the floor jack from one location to another. Safety features include overload and bypass safety valves, which prevent undue lifting or ram extension.

With Sunex’s rapid rise technology utilizing dual pump pistons, the floor jack can reach the desired jacking point in as few as 6.5 pumps. However, it’s worth noting that this technology may not be as efficient for heavy vehicles as it is for lighter cars.

The wide circular saddle provides a strong grip and reduces stress on the vehicle, thanks to its 4-inch width and foam bumper. This design feature not only improves vehicle stability but also enhances the overall lifting process’s security.

Despite its high lifting capacity and long reach, this item is priced more affordably than other floor jacks on the list. If other models exceed your budget, this model presents an excellent alternative. Click on the link above to discover more about this high-lift floor jack.

COOKE Pro Eagle High Lift Floor Jack for Trucks

  • Pretty much the same benefits as with the CAT jack.
  • It has a side handle that lets you position it under a jack point. 
  • The bottom skid disallows the product to sink into the soil if you’re operating it off-road.
  • A wide circular lifting top delivers more contact area for the jack point.
  • Best for all-terrain vehicles and trucks.
  • Rated Capacity: 3 tons (6000 lb)
  • Minimum Height: 6 inch
  • Maximum Height: 28 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Blackish
  • Weight: ‎68 lb (30.84 kg)
  • Size:  ‎34 x 15 x 10 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Brand: Pro Eagle
  • Model: ‎Kratos
  • Part No. ‎ORJ3B4X
  • Weighs over 30 kg, and occupies more than 5100 cubic inch volume. (34x15x10)

The COOKE Pro Eagle High Lift Floor Jack boasts an impressive load capacity of up to 6000 lbs, making it suitable for lifting most extreme off-road vehicles with ease.

One of its notable features is the 8-inch extension with a rubber pad grip, which simplifies the process of cranking up high-clearance off-road vehicles. This extension increases the jack’s maximum lift height to 28 inches. Crafted with high-quality components, the jack ensures maximum durability and safety for the user.

The COOKE Pro Eagle is known for its sensitivity and responsiveness. When you release the lever, the vehicle smoothly lowers down compared to other jacks, thanks to its innovative hydraulics.

Designed for optimal mobility and jack positioning under your vehicle, the jack features two side mount handles. Additionally, its massive pneumatic composite wheels and built-in sand plates enable smooth gliding over dirt, gravel, or any hard surface.

The front wheels, measuring 6 inches, facilitate easy maneuvering around SUVs and trucks. These wheels are engineered with high strength to withstand heavy loads and absorb significant pressure.

If you were impressed by the features of the CAT jack but it wasn’t available, the COOKE Pro Eagle is an excellent alternative. It offers similar functionalities, making it a worthy choice. For more information, click the link above.

FAQs & Key Features

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic pump is the critical component of a floor jack that allows you to lift your vehicle. With this in mind, it’s essential to seek a product with a high-quality lifting system. In most cases, the lifting speed determines the quality of the jack, which categorizes them into two types: single-piston pumps and double-piston pumps.

A high-lift car jack with dual pumps significantly speeds up the job, as both pistons work together to raise your truck or any other vehicle you may have. Therefore, always prioritize such floor jacks over others. While they may cost a bit more, they are still worth the investment.

Fortunately, three jacks—Cat, Sunex, and Pro Eagle that we mentioned in this article—feature dual pistons.

Maximum Reach

Next on the list is the total height of a high-lift hydraulic jack, or in other words, how much space you will have once you’ve lifted a car to its maximum height with the jack. This measurement can be invaluable when it comes to either maneuvering under the car for maintenance or installing jack stands securely.

Additionally, ensuring that the jack’s maximum height aligns with your specific needs and workspace requirements is essential for efficient and safe operation. Therefore, carefully consider this aspect when selecting a high-lift hydraulic jack for your vehicle.

What Car Jack Lift The Highest?

The Cat 240330 floor jack boasts the highest lifting capacity, reaching nearly 30 inches. With a minimum height of 6 inches and an extended height of 2 and a half feet, it offers substantial versatility. Its competitor, the Pro Eagle Kratos, achieves a lift of approximately 28 inches, still placing it within the high range for vehicle lifting. This makes it one of the highest ranges available in car or floor jacks.

However, if you’re seeking a floor jack with an even greater lift range, you may encounter some difficulty. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other jacks on the market that exceed the capabilities of these mentioned products.

One such example is the farm jack, such as the Arcan ALFJ60, which surpasses 50 inches in maximum height. However, it’s important to note that while these jacks offer exceptional lifting capacity, they are not suitable for raising standard cars, sedans, SUVs, or trucks. Instead, they are designed for lifting heavy-duty vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, tractors, and similar equipment.

How High Does A 3-Ton Jack Lift?

That depends on the maximum lift height of the jack. Some 3-ton floor jacks offer up to 30 inches of maximum height, allowing you to raise a load nearly two and a half feet off the ground. However, many 3-ton car jacks typically provide a lift range of 18 to 22 inches. Therefore, the determining factor ultimately lies in the floor jack’s lift range.

On average, you can elevate a vehicle approximately 20 inches off the ground with a 3-ton jack. So, when considering which jack best suits your needs, it’s crucial to take into account the lift range required for your specific vehicle maintenance tasks.

How to Lift Your Car High with a Floor Jack?

You can lift your car with a floor jack up to its maximum lift height. A floor jack with 20 inches of extended height will raise a car a maximum of 20 inches. Indeed, the capability depends on the specific car jack. The higher the maximum lift height, the higher you can raise the car.

Therefore, the key factor boils down to the product itself. It’s advisable to opt for a jack that offers greater extension. The range can vary; some jacks provide a maximum height of 30 inches, while others offer 28 or 24 inches.

 Also, for some jack brands like Pro Eagle and Cat, you may have the option to purchase a separate extender to increase the lift range. However, this may not be compatible with most products.

Another method to achieve a higher lift with your floor jack is by utilizing concrete blocks or other sturdy materials with enough capacity to bear the load. By placing them under the jack, you can gain additional height. However, it’s essential to execute this process with caution as it’s not the ideal or recommended method for lifting vehicles.


That’s it for now! We hope you now have a clearer understanding of each product and have thoroughly analyzed their features. With this information, you’re better equipped to make an informed decision on which floor jack to choose.

If you’re seeking guidance, we highly recommend considering the Cat 240330 high-lift floor jack. Its large wheels, capacity for heavy automobiles, and premium construction are among the reasons why we endorse this product.

However, if budget is a concern, the Sunex jack is a worthy alternative. You can check the price by clicking the button provided below.

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