Liftmaster 6490 3 Ton Heavy Duty Low Profile Floor Jack Review

Do you step up into the market, get surrounded by overwhelming options and you are all mixed up? When you have a variety of options, the task of choosing the right mechanical device certainly gets daunting. Ranging from load capacity to safety, you have to inspect each and everything to land on a suitable product that will complement your needs. And, floor jacks are the type of mechanical devices that require special considerations before purchase.

Introducing you to the Liftmaster 6490 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile jack. This floor jack from Liftmaster is considered one of the best picks for easy lifting. Among other competitors, the Liftmaster 6490 floor jack has a slight edge due to its handy features.

Let’s roll over and discuss the features of the Liftmaster 6490 ultra low profile floor jack.

Liftmaster 6490 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack Review
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Product Liftmaster
3 ton (6,000 lb)
Weight 72.6 lb (33 kg)
Height 3" (7.6 cm)
Max Lift
20" (50.8 cm)
Pump Dual-piston
Size (")
L x W x H
31 x 15 x 6.5
4" (10 cm)
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Key Features of the Liftmaster 6490 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack

This mechanical device is packed with several nice features such as its load capacity, elevation, pumping, maneuverability, and handle. Following, you will come across a deep analysis of its features and why you should invest in this ultra low profile floor jack. 

Load Capacity

First things first, load capacity is one of the standout features of the floor jack. It’s good to keep in mind that all jacks have a rated weight capacity and an actual lift capacity. The rated capacity (or maximum capacity) defines how well a device can sustain load while maintaining structural integrity. On the other hand, the actual lift capacity is how much weight the device can safely lift at one time.

Since it is a 3-ton hydraulic floor jack, it can lift cars, SUVs and light trucks with ease. The design of the car jack ensures that there is no strain on the lifting arm which is often susceptible to irreversible damage if used incorrectly. 

Thanks to the high-quality steel frame that is sturdy enough to accommodate a load capacity of up to 3 tons. Within this capacity, it can raise vehicles with a gross weight of up to six metric tons. The closer the vehicle weight is to 6000 lbs, the easier it will be for the floor jack to lift it.

Minimum Lift Height

The minimum height is a highlight feature of this floor jack. It doesn’t matter how strong or heavy the car jack is because it will be completely useless unless it can lift your car high enough. The minimum lift height measures the available clearance between the ground and the lowest part of the lifting platform.

The Liftmaster 6490 3 ton jack can drop to a minimum height of 3 inches under your vehicle. With that said, this height also allows you to install the jack under low profile vehicles. For those who require ultra low-profile jacks, the minimum lift height needs your attention.

More often than not, standard car jacks have a height of only 11 inches. If you are looking for a more compact floor jack, the Liftmaster 6490 can prove to be an excellent choice.

Liftmaster 6490 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack Review
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Maximum Lift Height

The maximum lift height of the Liftmaster 6490 is 20 inches. This means that you can lift a car or truck with 4 tires off the ground with relative ease. The maximum lift height of this floor jack is ideal for most lifting tasks that you’d encounter in a home garage.


One thing that really deserves appreciation is the pump of the Liftmaster 6490. The pump is fairly smooth and lightweight, letting you operate single-handedly, provided you have a good grip on the lift handle. You just need 6-8 strokes and your vehicle will be loaded at a serviceable height.

Dual hydraulic mechanism is an icing on the cake that makes lifting a heavy vehicle a breeze and ensures minimal human input. The hydraulic cylinder fluid is sealed inside the pump, which allows it to be used without being drained or refilled. If used appropriately, this floor jack has the potential to serve you for the years to come. 

Maneuverability and Handle

When it comes to the handle of the floor, it weighs around 1.5 pounds and is constructed from steel. On top of that, the ergonomic design of the knurled steel handle and comfortable lever grip offers flawless maneuverability. However, if you work with this floor jack in a steep position, the handle may become hard to move. This is why it’s important to avoid placing the jack at a low angle for more effective performance.

The Liftmaster 6490 floor jack weighs 73 pounds, and that’s not heavy considering its strength and capacity. It comes with a set of rubber-padded castor wheels that deliver decent performance on almost any surface and offers optimum protection and friction from unwanted slipping.

The heavy-duty steel frame of this car jack vouches for incredible stability and strength despite being under heavy load, which means that it will stay upright throughout usage. Moreover, the frame is made from a sturdy material such as zinc plated steel which enhances its longevity. The floor jack comes with a limited warranty of 5 years for the pump, and 1 year for the rest of its components.

Another feature of this floor jack, it is installed with foam bumpers that prevent scratches to your beloved ride.

Saddle and Weight

As far as the saddle is concerned, it is made from cast iron which acts as the backbone of your jack. Besides, the saddle itself has an anti-skid design that protects your car or truck while it’s being lifted. Unfortunately, the rubber on the top of the saddle may be too thin to provide maximum protection from marks.

The weight distribution of this floor jack is uneven, but the rubber pads on the saddle offer enough grip to prevent it from tipping over. 

Final Words

If reliability and performing heavy-duty tasks are what you need, then consider investing in the Liftmaster 6490. Its low-profile design makes it easy to use, and its durable frame ensures that you can use it for an extended period. The 3-ton capacity is good enough for most applications requiring a floor jack. You can further explore the jack by clicking the button below.

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