How Do You Jack Up a Lifted Tacoma? [6 Quick Steps]

How Do You Jack Up A Lifted Tacoma?

Browsing for a guide to jack up your Toyota Tacoma? If so, you’ve landed at the right blog.

This article answers the question; how do you jack up a lifted Tacoma? It will also jot down the size of a floor jack you need along with the jack stands. Where to jack up the truck and what precautionary steps should you take?

So let’s find out how to raise your lifted Tacoma.

How Do You Jack Up a Lifted Tacoma?

Find a Level and Solid Ground

Avoid parking on an elevated and uneven surface. This increases the chances of the car moving freely, which could cause the truck to slip off the jack’s saddle. Hard and solid ground is recommended. If you opt for a soil, sandy surface, chances are the jack will sink into it and the lifting will not be efficient.

If you have a garage in your home, that’s the best spot for it. The driveway is the location too unless it is uneven. Most of the driveways are elevated, which should not be used for jacking up the lifted Tacoma. If the road near your home has no traffic and you’re not breaking any traffic law, that’s solid ground too.

Gather the Tools

You will need a floor jack, jack stands and wheel chocks to jack up the lifted Tacoma. The floor jack should have enough capacity that can lift the load. A 2.5 – 3 ton jack will do the job. You can find out some of the best floor jacks for Tacoma in this article. Make sure to check it out. 

Measure you lifted Tacoma’s clearance. And choose the jack that has more extended height than it. Say the truck has 20 inches of ride height, and the jack should have at least 24 inches max height so you can raise it high enough to change the tire. The more the extended height, the better it is. Also, if you can do the repair at a minimal height, that’s safer.

You can place some heavy-duty wood blocks to gain some height under the jack in case you’re not getting enough lifting to remove the tire. The jack stands also need to be sturdy enough to hold the load. Their lift range should be in the range of the jack. Because it will provide clearance to the stands. 

The number of stands depends on the number of wheels you want to lift. Each tire can rest on one stand. With that, the chocks prevent the wheels that stay on the ground from rolling. That’s why you will need to block the tire opposite to the ones you lift, front or rear.

Locate the Jack Points

Jack points can be found near each wheel on any car. Whether it’s Tacoma or any other body-on-frame truck, the frame is a good spot for the lift to be put underneath. Since it’s solid enough that can support the whole body, it can be sufficient to lift the Tacoma. Further, you can check out the manual and notice the jack points.

Install the Chocks

Once you have gathered the tools and have located the jack points, you need to place the chocks. Before doing that, you will surely know which wheel you’re going to lift. It’s important to decide it first before placing the chocks. 

Because those tires should be blocked that stay on the ground. You will know this when you know what tire you lift. If you want to raise the front tires, place the chocks on the rear wheels. When lifting the rear wheels, place the chocks on the front tires. After this step, bring the jack near the tire.

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Installing the Floor jack and the Jack Stands 

  • Position the jack right under the jack point you’ve marked before. 
  • Keep the stands near as well since you will be placing them after the Tacoma has been lifted. 
  • You got to know about the stand’s height before placing them. 
  • Because you should raise the truck high enough so you have enough room for the stands. 
  • Say you wanted 14-inch clearance under the truck. Then extend the stand to 14 inches. 
  • Next, lift the truck at least 16 inches so you can install the stands. 
  • The stand should be placed near the jack.
  • Once it has been set, lower the jack. 
  • The lifted Tacoma will rest on the stand, not on the jack.
  • Now you can remove the jack.
  • If you want to place another stand, do the same on the other side.

Removing the Jack Stands

Once you’ve done your job and want to remove the stands, bring the jack to the position it was before. Pump it and raise the truck high enough that the stands can be removed and the load rests on the jack. Remove it, and slowly rotate the jack’s handle to lower and the vehicle will come down as well.

Ending Notes

Jacking up a lifted Tacoma requires some careful considerations to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the person doing the job. The first step is to find a level and solid ground to avoid accidents. Next, you need to gather the necessary tools such as a floor jack, jack stands, and wheel chocks. 

It is crucial to choose a floor jack that can lift the load and has an extended height. Also, the jack stands should be sturdy enough to hold the load and have a lift range within the range of the jack. 

Additionally, locating the jack points, installing the chocks, and placing the jack and stands require attention to detail. Finally, removing the stands should be done carefully to prevent the truck from slipping off the jack. By following these steps, you can safely jack up your vehicle.

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