Performance Tool W1645 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review

This article talks about Performance Tool W1645 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack. So if you’re here to explore this floor jack, you’re at the right place.

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Performance Tool W1645 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review
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Product Performance
Tool W1645
3.5 ton (7,000 lb)
3.5" (8.9 cm)
20.5" (52 cm)
Pump Dual-piston
Weight ‎90.6 lb (41 kg)
Size (")
L x W x H
29 x 15 x 19
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Performance Tool W1645 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Key Features

Load Capacity

Performance Tool W1645 floor jack can lift up to 7000 lb. This allows you to raise most vehicles including SUVs, and trucks. If your car weighs under 3.5 tons, you should consider this jack for it. 

If you have a heavy-duty truck that weighs around 8000 – 9000 lb, this floor jack still has the potential to lift the truck. Because floor jacks can raise vehicles even if they weigh 25% more than the jack’s capacity.

You cannot lift all of the truck at once, nor is there any central jack point for that. You will probably be lifting one corner or two at a time for changing a tire or other repair, which will for sure weigh less than the whole truck and hence come under the load capacity of the jack. 

Minimum Lift Height

It is the lowest height of the floor jack, and you need to provide enough clearance for its installation. The Performance Tool W1645 floor jack has a 3.5″ (8.9 cm) min-height. This means that you can put this jack under most vehicles, even low-profile cars if their clearances are not less than 3.5 inches. That’s why it is called a low-profile floor jack.

If you have a sports car that has less than 3.5 inches clearance, you should not go for this model. You won’t be able to slide the jack under the car. You can look for other low-profile floor jacks, and they’re available. 

However, you should double-check your car’s ride height since most vehicles have more clearance than the jack’s min-height even if it is a low profile as well. So do check this before deciding on the W1645 model. 

Performance Tool W1645 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review
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Maximum Height

Now you know about the min-height, let’s walk through the extended height of the jack. The floor jack has 20.5″ (52 cm) maximum height, which is pretty much good for making any repair, maintenance in your car, let alone changing a tire because you won’t need that much space under the car for that.

This 20.5 inches clearance is helpful if you want to creep under the car. Speaking of it, before getting under your car, you should install jack stands for holding the weight. Because floor jacks only lift loads, not hold them. This is for your safety.

You need to cross-check the maximum height with the ride height if you have a lifted truck. Lifted vehicles have more clearance than any other car, and they should not be more than the maximum height of the floor jack. 

If the truck has say 24 inches clearance, you cannot use a 20.5 inches max-height floor jack for lifting it. It won’t even reach the jack points. That’s another discussion if you put some blocks of wood to gain height. 


This is the one thing that does the main job, lifting. Floor jacks either have a single-piston pump or a dual piston. And there’s a slight difference between them. A dual-piston pump floor jack lifts load quicker than a single-piston pump, thus saving your time and energy. And this one is expensive though. 

The Performance Tool W1645 floor jack has a double piston pump that will quickly raise your car off the ground. 

Saddle & Weight

The saddle is the part of the floor jack that comes in contact with the jack point. Its width and frictional surface matter a lot. The floor jack has around 4 inches diameter saddle top that is padded with rubber. This wide saddle makes a strong bit on the jack point which then effectively lifts the load. The rubber on its top makes the lifting safer. 

There’s a drawback in the jack and that’s its weight. It weighs 90.6 pounds, which is common in steel floor jacks. However, moving this jack from one place to another is easier with the four wheels it has. 

The long handle which comes in two parts for easy storage helps with maneuverability as well. Just grab the handle, and pull it towards the working place. 


The Performance Tool W1645 ticks almost all the features a floor jack should have. Since all the factors are open before you, now you can easily decide whether this jack fits your needs or not. The model has gathered many positive ratings online, which you should also read before the final decision. Click the button below for doing so.

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