Sunex 6602LP vs Arcan XL2T / A20016 – Top Floor Jacks

This article will throw light on the Sunex 6602LP vs Arcan XL2T / A20016 floor jacks. 

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Sunex 6602LP vs Arcan XL2T / A20016
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Arcan XL2T / A20016 vs Sunex 6602LP
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The Comparison Table of the Products

Product Arcan
2 ton (4,000 lb) 2 ton (4,000 lb)
Weight 97 lb (44 kg) 103.6 lb (47 kg)
2.75" (7 cm) 2.75" (7 cm)
Max Lift
24" (61 cm) 24" (61 cm)
Pump Dual-piston Dual-piston
4" (10.2 cm) 4" (10.2 cm)
Material Steel Steel
Size (")
L x W x H
32.5 x 8.25 x 11.2 36 x 15.75 x 7.5
Ratings 435 + 259 +
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Key Features of the Arcan XL2T / A20016 vs Sunex 6602LP

Minimum Lift Height

The Sunex and the Arcan floor jacks feature the same minimum lift height. They have a 7 cm collapsed height that makes them the lowest floor jacks in the market. This feature allows you to place the jacks under as low as 2.75+ inch (7+ cm) clearance. 

You can install them beneath low-profile sports cars, Corvette, GTR, and so on. They’re fit for other high-profile vehicles as well like SUVs, trucks, UTVs, and Cars as they have more clearance and the jacks can easily go under them. 

Max Lift Height

You can pump the jacks to 24 inches. This means if you place any of the jacks under your car, and want to pump it to its max height, you will get almost 2 feet clearance thanks to its versatile max height. It gives you more space so you can easily get underneath your vehicle.

This feature makes the models fit for lifted trucks as they have high ride height and need a jack with higher extended height so it can reach the jack points. With this feature, the jacks let you easily place the jack stands because there will be more room for that.

You won’t need this 24-inch ride height when you want to change a flat tire. Just a few inches off the ground will do the job. It is handy when you want to get under your car for any repair and maintenance.

Sunex 6602LP vs Arcan XL2T / A20016
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Arcan XL2T / A20016 vs Sunex 6602LP
Tap the image to check its Availability

Extra Long Chassis for Long Reach

In low profile vehicles what happens is that they have low ride height plus jack points are a bit far under them. You need a long chassis jack so it can reach that jack point, not hitting the body of the car. Most jacks in this case get stuck with the body and do not reach the jack points.

Thanks to the Sunex 660LP and Arcan XL2T who got your back. They have a 32 inch extra long chassis that allows you to reach jack points of as far as 32 inches (81 cm). Almost 18 inches of its 32-inch chassis have 2.75-inch height, super handy for low clearance vehicles.

The jack points under the doors of low-profile cars can easily be reached in other low-profile floor jacks. But the front and rear jack points that lift the front or back end of a car at once won’t be raised by jack’s other than the 6602LP and XL2T.

Load Capacity of the Sunex 6602LP vs Arcan XL2T / A20016

Both floor jacks have a 2-ton load capacity. This means that you can lift up to 4000 lb load by them. Most cars, SUVs, lightweight trucks, and UTVs can be raised with these jacks as their weights lay under 2 tons.

You can also lift one corner of a truck that weighs 5000 – 6000 lb for a flat tire. Because raising one wheel of a heavy truck has a low weight under 4000 lb. And that can be raised by any of the jacks. For safety, don’t overload them.

Rapid-rise Pump System

The jacks feature dual-piston pumps that lift loads way quicker than other single piston pumps. Such an aspect of a jack saves your time and effort. With fewer full strokes, you will raise your car. This quick rise technology won’t be that effective for heavy vehicles than for light cars. But they can reach higher jack points with 3 – 5 full strokes.

Wide Circular Saddle

The saddle is the most important part of a jack because it is the only part that comes in contact with your car. It needs to be wider, stronger, and rougher for safe and secure lifting. Thanks to both brands that have brought a 4-inch circular saddle for more contact area.

They do not come with rubber pads, which is a drawback in the jacks. If they had rubber pads that give rough surface area, then it would be a more safe and smooth operation. It can be separately purchased online.

Protection to Your Car

The Sunex 6602LP and the Arcan XL2T / A20016 floor jacks save your car from any damage. Their handles’ lower part is foam padded that protects the car’s body in case it hits it when pumping. This allows you easily make full strokes without worrying about making any dent in the car. The jacks also meet ASME safety standards.


Carrying these jacks is not easy. They weigh around 100 lb. But if you want to move it from one place to another, that can be done without picking them up. They feature wheels that roll over the ground. Just grab the handle, and move it over your garage.


You’ve seen that the Sunex 6602LP and the Arcan XL2T / A20016 floor jacks have the same features. They have the same lift range and load capacity. However, the Arcan model has more positive ratings online. It’s up to you now which one you should pick. They’re pretty much the same jacks. You can find more about them by clicking the buttons below.

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