Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack Review [The Speedy Lift]

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Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack Review
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Product Pro-Lift G-737
3.5 ton (7,000 lb)
Weight 90 lb (40.8 kg)
Min. Lift
5.5" (14 cm)
Max Lift
22" (56 cm)
Pump Single piston
Pack. Size
30 x 15.75 x 6.9
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Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack Review Key Features

Load Capacity

The Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack features a 7000 lb lifting power. This means that you can raise up to a 3.5-ton load with this model. You can jack regular and unibody cars, SUVs, lightweight and heavy-duty trucks using this floor jack.

No need for double thought on the load capacity even if your vehicle weighs more than 7000 lb. You will be able to still lift a corner of it with the jack for changing a tire or a repair. Because the load is divided on the corners.

Minimum Lift Height

The jack’s minimum height decides whether it goes under low-profile vehicles or not. And that depends on the ground clearance as well since low-profile cars vary in clearance. If your vehicle has a 5.5+ inches ride height, this Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack is for you. 

You can slide the jack under as low as 14 cm (5.5”) height. This may not be fit for most low-clearance vehicles like Corvette but is still perfect for cars with 14+ cm ride height. So no need to worry about the installation as most SUVs, trucks, and cars have more than 8 inches of ground clearance. 

Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack Review on its Maximum Lift Range

The Pro-Lift G-737 grey garage jack beats most floor jacks when it comes to max height. Because the model could be extended up to 22 inches. While other floor jacks at the same price have 20 inches max height. 

This feature allows you to easily do your job in your car as you will have more than enough space under it if you pump the jack to its full height – 56 cm. Having such an area beneath your car lets you get under it as well. 

Speaking of it, never get under your car unless you install a jack stand. It will hold the load. For doing so, make sure your stand’s height does not exceed 22 inches as this is the max height of the jack. 

Single-piston Speedy Pump

Even though the jack does not have a double piston pump, it has a speedy lift. This single-piston pump may not be as fast as a dual piston. But it quickly lifts loads. As the model claims that the jack has a speedy lift, it will, when there’s no load on it.

A jack point in your vehicle will be a few inches higher, maybe 8 – 12 inches due to its ground clearance. The jack will reach the point rapidly. And when it is time for lifting the vehicle, it will go up slowly as it’s a single-piston pump, not dual. And that’s how a speedy pump works.

When it comes to the comparison with the bottle jack, the Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack features a rapid rise mechanism than the bottle jack though it’s a single-piston pump. 


A jack’s saddle plays an important role in lifting loads. It makes contact with a jack point. And this is the only part that touches the jack point. So it’s essential that the saddle should be wider, and rougher for safe and secure lifting. 

Thanks to the Pro-Lift brand that got your back here as well. It brought the G-737 model with almost 4.38 inches (11.13 cm) saddle diameter. On top of that, this saddle features a rubber cap over it with circular channels that increase the friction between the saddle and the jack point, ensuring maximum safety. 

Magnetic Tool Tray

This is the unique feature in the Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack – rare in hydraulic jacks. It’s a small storage for your lug and nuts that always disappear when you need them. This magnetic tray helps you keep such small tools in there so that you easily access them. And they won’t go away as the tray features magnetism – keeping steel tools stuck.

Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack
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Safely & Protection

The jack meets all safety standards. And it has been tested for its load capacity. Its universal joint release mechanism gives you complete and precise control over the load, no matter if you’re grabbing the handle at its top, middle or lower position.

Speaking of the handle, it comes in two pieces for easy storage. And its lower part features a rubber bumper that keeps your vehicle safe against any dent or damage while pumping. The rubber padded saddle top also protects your vehicle.

Moreover, this Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack has a bypass system that prevents you from overpumping. The built-in safety valve in the jack also helps with safe operation. This is a heavy-duty steel jack that lasts longer than most hydraulic jacks. 

Maneuverability & Positioning

Carrying this jack from point A to B is not an easy job, admit it! It’s around 90 pounds (40.8 kg). You will barely lift it. Or you won’t need that if you can roll it over your garage. That’s right. This Pro-Lift G-737 comes with steel and swivel casters that ensure maximum mobility.

The rear swivel wheels help you rotate the jack 360 degrees. Unfortunately, it does not come with side carrying handles that help with positioning under a jack point. And this is the drawback of this model. But the longer handle does the job.

The handle is handy when you want to move the jack from one point to another by just grabbing it and pulling it around. It also helps you with the position. And you can do that by just moving the side frame as well. This is even easier. 

How to Lift Your Car with the Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack?

Well, that’s not a big headache. Just follow the simple steps below and get your car raised with these floor jacks. 

  • You should park your vehicle on level and solid ground.
  • Find a jack point.
  • Position the jack under the point.
  • Pump it high enough so you can do the next step.
  • Installing a jack stand.
  • Lower the jack.
  • The load now rests on the stand.
  • Want to remove the stand? Again jack the car high enough to remove the stand.
  • Remove it.
  • Lower the jack by counterclockwise rotating its handle.
  • The jack and your car will come down.

Pros and Drawbacks of the Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack


  • 7000 lb load capacity.
  • Versatile Lift Range.
  • Rubber padded saddle
  • Foamed bumper handle.
  • Magnetic Tool Tray
  • Rapid rise Technology


  • Single-piston Pump
  • The rubber may wear out over a period of time.
  • Heavier

Is Pro lift a good jack?

For sure, Pro lift’s jack is worthy enough. Thousands of users have bought it, and most of them give it a thumbs up. It has a nice build and excellent features you can rely on. Check out its price to know if it fits your bill. 

Where is the Pro lift jack made?

Prolift car jacks are made in Zhejiang, China. However, its quality is top-notch, including multiple features to count on. If you want a floor jack that lifts your car with ease and safety, this company is your go-to option. 


Well, this was a Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack Review. Now that each and every feature, drawback, and benefit of the jack has been opened up with you, you can decide better whether this fulfills your needs or not. But just remember, no product in the world is perfect. If it meets your needs and the budget, go for it. And if you want to explore more about this Pro-Lift G-737 floor jack, hit the yellow button below

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