Explore The 3 Best Floor Jack Extenders / Extensions

Enhancing the functionality of your floor jack is crucial when dealing with lifted vehicles or specialized jack points. Jack extensions offer a versatile solution, enabling you to reach challenging lift points effortlessly. In this guide, we’ll explore a range of the best floor jack extenders, examining their features and benefits to help you make an informed choice.

An Overview of the Best Floor Jack Extenders

911 motorsports jack extension

Mission Automotive Extension Pad

Purchase Guide for the Floor Jack Extender and Pads

Here is a buying guide for a floor jack extender, which allows you to increase the height of the jack saddle or adjust the saddle’s top to match your car’s jack point. Below is a comprehensive walkthrough on selecting the appropriate extension.

Why You Need a Jack Extension

One of the most common reasons for using a jack extension is for lifted trucks. In these cases, the jack points are situated higher above the ground, making it difficult for a regular jack to reach them. You have two potential solutions: either purchase a high-lift floor jack with extended reach, which is a viable option if you have the budget and are looking to invest in a new product.

Alternatively, if you already have a jack and simply want to increase its height, you will need to acquire a separate extension that fits the jack’s saddle.

How to Choose a Jack Extender

Choosing the correct jack extender involves understanding both your car’s jack point and the floor jack’s saddle. The extender or pad should be compatible with both positions. Since most floor jacks feature a circular saddle, the extension should also have a circular end to fit onto the saddle. This is generally not an issue, as most saddles align with common floor jacks.

However, regarding the other side of the extension, it’s important to carefully observe your car’s jack point, as some vehicles have different positions for the adapter.

For vehicles with pinch weld jack points, the extender should ideally have a cut in the middle to accommodate the pinch weld’s raised seam. This concept is exemplified in specific products designed for pinch weld applications.

Tesla vehicles have unique jack points with small holes that require a specialized jack pad featuring a central post to fit securely. More information about Tesla car jacks and compatible pads can be found in the linked article.

Universal floor jack pads are designed to fit most cars without unique jack points, such as Tesla’s or the pinch weld. If your car requires this type of extension, it’s a suitable choice to consider.

Height of the Extension

Since the extension increases the height of your jack’s saddle, it’s crucial to determine the required height. Extensions are available in a range from 1 inch up to 15 inches. To avoid unnecessary expenses, choose an extension that meets your specific needs.

Below, you’ll find jack extensions designed for specific car models with varying heights. Take a closer look to identify the option that best suits your situation.

Best Floor Jack Extension that Adds upto 16 Inches to the Saddle Height

Introducing the 911 Motorsports floor jack extension, featuring both 6-inch and 11-inch extenders. These extenders can be used individually to achieve the desired height or combined to create a total extension of up to 16 inches.

This product offers four distinct saddle styles, allowing you to select the one that perfectly matches your jack’s saddle. To better understand which saddle type is compatible with your jack, I recommend exploring the options directly on Amazon through the button provided above.

Jack Extender for Pinch Weld

Introducing the Mission Automotive jack extender tailored for pinch weld applications. If you frequently lift your car using the pinch weld, this specialized pad is a must-have. Designed specifically for pinch weld usage, it features a central cut to seamlessly accommodate the pinch weld seam, preventing any potential car damage. With a modest height of just 1.3 inches, it offers a slight elevation.

Position the opposite end of the extension on the jack’s saddle. Alternatively, you can place the pad on the pinch weld and adjust the jack underneath it to align the saddle and the pad. This product has received over 2,873 positive ratings on Amazon. For more details, click the buttons provided above.

8 and 15 inches Jack Extenders for Lifted Vehicle

These Pro Eagle extensions are designed to accommodate most floor jacks equipped with a circular saddle. To use them, simply remove the rubber pad from the saddle and replace it with the extension.

Available in two sizes—8 inches and 15 inches—these extensions allow you to increase your jack’s height by either amount, making it suitable for reaching lifted jack points. Both extensions feature a flat top with rubber covering, ensuring secure and safe lifting by providing essential friction between the saddle and the jack point.

Please note that these extensions are not suitable for vehicles with pinch welds or unique jack points like those found on Tesla cars. If you need significant extension height for such vehicles, you can install a specific extension designed for those cases on top of the Pro Eagle extenders. This dual-extension setup enables you to achieve the required elevation while ensuring compatibility with your vehicle’s unique lifting points.

For more information about these products, explore the offerings available on the Pro Eagle Store using the link provided above.


When it comes to effectively lifting lifted vehicles or addressing unique jack points, the world of jack extenders offers indispensable solutions. From versatile options suitable for most floor jacks to specialized extensions designed for specific applications, you have the tools to tackle any lifting scenario. By carefully considering your vehicle’s requirements, you can confidently select the perfect jack extender, ensuring safe and efficient lifting operations every time.

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