Why Long-Reached Floor Jacks Are More Durable Than Others?

Your tools play a very significant role in whatever job you do. Selecting the right tools can make your job several times easier and can enhance your work efficiency to a great extent. If you are working in the auto industry, choosing the best tool for yourself must be your priority. People who are new in the field might struggle in recognizing the best tools for themselves.

When it comes to vehicles it’s not just about the person who is working, instead, the owners are also very sensitive in terms of their vehicles. They always choose their service provider very carefully. So if you are well equipped your chances will automatically increase.

 Today in this article we will talk about very important tools when it comes to repairing vehicles. We will talk about long-reach floor jacks and will discuss how they are more durable than other jacks.

Floor jacks are easily portable 

Although floor jacks are bulky and bigger, they can be easily moved from one place to another place. Unlike other jacks, floor jacks have casters which make them easier to roll. Besides the wheels, the long handle of the floor jack also makes it easy to take it from place to place. 

Floor jacks are safe and highly stable

Safety should be anyone’s priority before performing any task as nothing is more important than human life. Due to their large surface area floor jacks are safer. If we compare it to other jacks, the area of contact between the vehicle and the floor jack is much greater, which provides more solid support to the vehicle. Besides this floor jacks have a large base, which allows the weight of the lifted vehicle to distribute over a wide area. So this larger area at both sides, top, and bottom, make them safe and highly stable and the chances of falling off the vehicle are less as compared to other jacks.

Can be set easily under a low vehicle

If your vehicle has less ground clearance, a jack such as a bottle, scissor jack, etc might not work for you, in such conditions you will need a floor jack. The cylinder of the floor jack is fit horizontally, due to which the height of the floor jack is low as compared to other types of jacks.  It can easily sneak under a low vehicle and can lift it efficiently. So this property of the floor jack makes it stand out among other jacks as it can work, whereas using other jacks is not possible.

Floor jacks are highly durable 

Floor jacks are a bit expensive if we compare them to other jacks. But if we look at its durability it justifies its prices. If maintained properly floor jacks can last for a lifetime. To take the most out of the floor jack we need to keep a proper check on the oil of the jack and also need to make sure to keep it clean whenever some oil or dirt falls on it.

Easy and fast to use

Unlike other jacks, floor jacks come with long handles which makes lifting and lowering vehicles much easier. Besides this due to its long handle, the functioning of the floor jack is much faster; it can lift or lower down a vehicle even in 3 or 4 pushes. So if you want a speedy operation, currently floor jack is the best option for you in the market. 


Conclusively we can say that high work efficiency, fast and safe uplifting, and easy-to-use mechanism are the features that make floor jacks more durable compared to the other jacks. If you are not sure how your floor jack works, Car Service providers such as transmission shop Cypress provide services such as transmission, repairing, etc for your vehicle.

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