What Size Jack Stands For Silverado 1500?

What size jack stands for Silverado 1500

Looking for the best jack stands for Silverado 1500 but don’t know what size will be fit for it? Fret not, we’ve got your cover.

After reading this short blog post, you will find the answer to what size jack stands for Silverado 1500. And you will find out what you should know more about the products when choosing one for your truck.

Let’s find out. 

Pro-Lift PL3300

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 11.25 – 16.75″ lift range
  • 14 lb item weight
  • Dual lock system

What Size Jack Stands For Silverado 1500?

Lifting Capacity

You will need to confirm your truck’s weight first then find the stands that can work for it. As per our source, it weighs around 5000 lb, which is 2.5 tons. The 2.5 tons jack stands have enough capacity to hold the Silverado 1500.

Now choose the stands that can lift a minimum of 2.5 tons. Or are rated for the 2.5 tons capacity. Let’s get safer and opt for a 3-ton jack stand. It won’t make that much of a difference in the price tag. But safety is crucial.

The 3-ton jack stands are the right size supporting products for Silverado 1500. Because they can hold 6000 lb maximum and the vehicle is 5000 lb which falls under the range. This concludes that a 3-ton jack stand will work for Silverado 1500. Next, measure their lift range.

Lift Reach

It’s essential to notice the lift reach after you’ve found the right size jack stands. It helps you understand whether you can install them under the Silverado or not. How much space should you provide for them to fit in? How high will they extend? All of these can be answered when you know about the stand’s lift range.

They have a collapsed and extended height. Their minimum height is more than the Silverado’s ground clearance. The stands have 11 – 12 inches minimum height while your vehicle has 8 – 10 inches clearance. So you will have to provide the remaining space for the installation, which can be achieved with a floor jack.

First, raise the truck to enough height that you can place the stands. Say, the stands have a 12-inch height, you will need to lift the truck at least 14 inches. This helps you quickly place them under the jack points.

Also, there’s another thing to consider. The floor jack you will be using needs to have more maximum height than the stands’ height. Because if it does not have enough range, it will not provide enough room for the stand installation. You can read more about the Silverado 1500 floor jack in this article.

For secure lifting, it is essential to keep the stands at the minimum height possible. Or the lower the car is, the better. Try to prevent extending the stands to their max height. The extended height will be around 18 inches depending on the brand and model of the stands. 


Material is another factor when choosing the right size jack stands for Chevy Silverado 1500. They are manufactured either in aluminum or steel. The two are solid enough to hold the load as long as they are not overloaded. 

The difference is in the price and the weight. The aluminum jack stands are light and more expensive than steel. If you have the budget, opt for aluminum stands. They can be carried with ease from one place to another.

Locking System

The lock system is critical. The tightly the stands are locked, the safer it is. Some jack stands even have dual lock systems for added safety. So pick such items for your Silverado 1500.

The stands we’ve listed above have dual lock systems.

Number of Jack Stands

Now the next thing to consider is how many jacks stand you need. More on this can be found in the given article, however, we’ll give a quick recap of it. Two jack stands are sufficient for most jobs. You can change a tire with a single product as well. Four stands are required when you want the whole car off the ground. 

Jack Stands for Silverado 1500

The Pro-Lift PL3300 jack stands are the right size jack stand for Silverado 1500. They are sold in pairs and have a 3-ton lifting capacity. They’re fit for holding your truck for hours so you can get underneath and get the job done.

The products have a reasonable lift reach. They have 11.25 inches minimum height and 16.75 inches maximum height. They can give you enough clearance and allow you to work without worrying about the truck coming down.

With the dual lock system, the Pro-LifT PL3300 jack stands to guarantee the safe and secure holding of the load they’re designed for. They’re ANSI/PALD standards. Meaning they’re tested for their load capacity. 

More about the products can be found on Amazon through the button mentioned below.

Ending Notes

The recommended size of jack stands for Silverado 1500 is 3-ton capacity stands. These stands are rated to hold the weight of the truck safely and provide a reasonable lift range. The Pro-LifT PL3300 jack stands are one such recommended product that comes with a dual lock system, and they meet safety standards, making them an excellent choice for those looking for safe and secure lifting.

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