What Size Jack Stands For Ford F150 and Ford Ranger?

What Size jack stands for ford f-150
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Are you looking for jack stands but not sure what size jack stands for Ford F150 and Ranger? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This blog will answer all your questions about purchasing the best jack stands for your F150 and Ford Ranger, including a comprehensive buying guide.

First, let’s quickly go through the product, then discuss what you should know before picking a jack stand.

Torin AT43005AB for F150 & Ranger

  • 3 ton load capacity
  • 11.3 – 16.9″ lift range
  • 16.3 lb item weight
  • Dual locks

What Size Jack Stands For Ford F150 and Ford Ranger


Jack stands are designed to support a specific load capacity and should not be overloaded. Their safe bearing capacity is labeled in tons, such as one-ton, two-tons, or three tons, indicating how much weight they can hold.

Before selecting the capacity of your jack stands, you must determine the weight of the load you intend to support with them. In your case, it is the Ford F-150 and Ranger, which weighs between 4000 lb – 5000 lb according to this source, which you can verify in your owner’s manual.

To be safe, let’s assume the truck weighs 6000 lb or 3 tons. In this scenario, you will need jack stands that can support 3 tons. The easiest way to determine the appropriate jack stand size is to look for a 3 ton jack stand, which is the correct size for your Ford Ranger and F150.

Keep in mind that we have added more weight to the truck, so the 3 ton jack stands are the safest option since they can support more weight than your truck. While the difference in price between 2.5 ton jack stands and 3 ton stands is not significant, safety is crucial.


Jack stands have both a minimum and maximum lift range. The minimum range is not significant because you will be providing the clearance using the floor jack. However, you should consider this when selecting a floor jack for your Ford F150.

The maximum lift range is the extended height that matters. Depending on the model, it may be around 18 inches. However, it’s not necessary to extend the stand to its maximum height and then rest your truck on it since that leaves a lot of space underneath. The lower the stands or the truck is when lifted, the safer it is.

Let’s say you have lifted your Ford and need to extend the stand to its maximum height. In that case, you must leave enough space for the frames to fit using a jack. The floor jack should raise the truck to 19+ inches so that you can install the 18-inch jack stand.

To accomplish this, your floor jack must have a maximum height of at least 19 inches. It’s crucial to first check the jack’s height before deciding whether or not to extend the stand to its maximum size, as this will determine whether you have enough space to install the jack stands safely.

Lock System of the Right-Sized Jack Stands For Ford F150

Jack stands are designed to hold a significant load, and they should be locked securely so that they do not come down under any circumstances. One way to ensure this level of safety is to choose jack stands with a dual lock system.

In this type of jack stands, the handle and the pin function as locks, and the pin serves as an additional safety feature integrated into the jack stands. Therefore, to summarize, choose dual lock jack stands for your Ford to ensure maximum safety.

Material and Base Area

The jack stands should be made from heavy-duty material capable of handling a considerable load. The manufacturers typically use steel or aluminum to design the stands, both being sturdy enough to hold the weight. However, the weight of the product can vary, as aluminum jack stands are lighter than steel jack stands.

The base area of the stands plays a crucial role in ensuring stability and support. The wider and stronger the base, the safer it is. Jack stands may have circular or four-legged pyramid-shaped bases, with the latter being recommended as they offer a wider square base with integrated legs.

The saddle, which grips the jack point, also plays a critical role in secure lifting. It should be strong, wide, and rough enough to prevent slippage and provide a tight grip. 

Number of Jack stands

To determine how many jack stands you need for your Ford F150, consider how many wheels you want to raise. You need one jack stand for each tire. While most tasks can be performed with two jack stands, there’s no need for four if you don’t require them.

To calculate the necessary load capacity for two or four jack stands, divide the truck’s weight (e.g., 6000 lb) by the number of stands (e.g., two or four). If you opt for four stands, each stand should have at least a 1500 lb capacity, while each stand should have a 3000 lb capacity if you choose two stands.

Affordable Jack Stands for Ford F-150 And Ford Ranger

The Torin AT43005AB jack stands are a reliable and affordable option for both Ford F150 and Ford Ranger. They offer a 3 ton load capacity with a dual lock system, pyramid-shaped strong base, and curved saddle for secure grip. The lift range is also suitable for the Ford models. For more information about this product, check out the button below to visit its Amazon page.

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