What Size Jack For GMC Sierra 1500 & Yukon

GMC Siera 1500
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Are you looking for a jack for your GMC Sierra 1500 or Yukon but have no idea which size would fit? If that’s why you’re here, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog will answer what size jack is suitable for GMC Sierra 1500 & Yukon. After the buying guide, we’ll list the best floor jacks for the Sierra 1500 & Yukon so that, in the end, you have the right product in hand.

Let’s get started.

Arcan A20018 for Sierra 1500

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.75 – 18″ lift range
  • Dual piston pump
  • Aluminum material

VEVOR S508 for Yukon

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 5.1 – 20″ lift range
  • 71.1 lb weight
  • Single piston pump

What Size Car jack Should You Buy for GMC Sierra 1500 & Yukon?

First, you need to explore the basic features of a car jack before deciding which size is the best. Therefore, we’ve showcased below the floor jack features that you need to know about and cross-match with your GMC. This way, you’ll have the best jack in hand for your Sierra 1500 or Yukon.

Load Capacity

Car jacks can lift a specific load in tons, which should not be exceeded. They are available in sizes such as 2 tons, 3 tons, 6 tons, 12 tons, and so on. It’s essential to choose the right size jack for your GMC to ensure that you don’t opt for a model with a load capacity less than its weight.

A 2-ton jack can lift a maximum load of 2 tons (4,000 lb), and a 3-ton jack can raise a 3-ton load (6,000 lb), and so on.

Load capacity refers to the load on the jack’s saddle, not your truck’s weight. If your car weighs 3 tons, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should only look for a 3-ton jack. While that is an appropriate option since it matches the truck’s weight, you do have more choices.

Remember that you cannot raise the whole truck with a jack; you will lift one wheel or two at a time, reducing the force on the jack. For example, when raising one wheel, there would probably be only ¼ of the truck’s weight on the jack.

You can lift a car with a floor jack, even if the load is 25% more than the jack’s capacity. So, in the case of the GMC Sierra 1500, which has a weight of around 5,000 lb, you can choose a jack with a capacity of 2.5 – 3 tons. For the Yukon, which weighs around 6,000 lb, a 3 – 3.5 ton floor jack would be a suitable choice.

Lift Range

Besides the jack’s bearing capacity, its lift range is another factor that should be considered before making a purchase. The lift range is divided into minimum and maximum lift heights. The first one is the lowest height, and you should ensure that there is enough space for the jack to fit under your Sierra 1500 and Yukon.

The second is the extended height, which is handy for installing jack stands. It should be greater than the height of the stands. For example, if your jack stand is 16 inches tall, the jack should have a minimum extended size of 18+ inches to provide sufficient space.

The minimum height will not be an issue since the truck has around 8 – 10 inches of ground clearance, and almost all floor jacks have a minimum height of less than 6 inches. This means they can easily fit underneath, as long as you’re not looking for a bottle jack – we’ll discuss that later.

In short, look for a jack with a lower minimum height than the GMC’s ground clearance and a more extended size than the jack stands. The jack stand is responsible for holding the load after the jack lifts it. If you want to know more about jack stands, continue reading below.

Hydraulic Pump

Floor jacks are available with either single-piston or dual-piston pumps. The former lifts masses more slowly than the latter one. Yes, the double-piston pump does cost more; however, they’re worth it as they save you time and energy, requiring fewer strokes to reach full height.

Read more about single and dual-piston pump floor jacks from the link below.

Type of a Jack

For GMC Sierra 1500 and Yukon, you have the option to choose between a floor jack, scissor jack, electric jack, and bottle jack. Since the bottle jack typically has more height than the others, it’s essential to cross-check its size with the vehicle’s clearance before selecting it.

The recommended option is the floor jack because of its low height, dual pumps, and other advantages, which will be further discussed below.

Best Floor Jack for GMC Sierra 1500

Arcan (ALJ3T / A20018) is one of the best budget floor jacks for the GMC Sierra 1500. It boasts a 3-ton load capacity, which is sufficient for the truck. The lift range of 3.75 to 18 inches provides ample space to install the jack underneath or to accommodate the use of jack stands.

Speaking of the stands, this is a combo package that includes a floor jack and two jack stands. The stands also have a 6,000 lb bearing capacity. Since you shouldn’t go under the truck without installing the jack stands for safety reasons, choosing this complete set is a wise decision.

While this combo package may seem a bit expensive, you also have the option to opt for the floor jack alone. The jack features a dual-piston pump, which allows for quicker lifting compared to a single piston, adding to the benefits of this model.

Find out more about the jack on Amazon by clicking the button above.

Floor Jack for GMC Yukon

If you are a proud GMC Yukon owner looking for a sturdy and dependable floor jack, the VEVOR S508 is an excellent option to consider. With its 3-ton load capacity and robust steel construction, this floor jack is tailored to meet the needs of your GMC Yukon, just like its counterpart for the Sierra 1500.

One of the standout features of this VEVOR floor jack is its impressive lift range, spanning from 5.1 to 20 inches. This extensive lift range ensures that you can easily access hard-to-reach areas under your Yukon and provide ample space for the installation of jack stands, enhancing safety during maintenance or repairs.

Built with durability in mind, the VEVOR S508 is crafted from high-quality steel, making it resilient and capable of withstanding the heavy loads of your Yukon. Its sturdy construction gives you the confidence to tackle various automotive tasks without worrying about the jack’s performance.

Additionally, the single-piston pump provides steady lifting capabilities, allowing you to raise your Yukon securely and steadily. Although it may not lift as rapidly as its dual-piston counterparts, it provides reliable and controlled lifting, ensuring a safe working environment.

Whether you need to change a flat tire, perform routine maintenance, or carry out minor repairs on your GMC Yukon, the VEVOR S508 floor jack proves to be a trusty companion. Its versatility, combined with its tailored design for the Yukon, makes it an ideal choice for all your automotive lifting needs.

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Price Discussion

Based on the above discussion, you might have noted that both the GMC Sierra 1500 and Yukon have almost the same weight and ground clearance, which gives you the choice to select either jack for either of your car.

Among the mentioned floor jacks, the Arcan model is more expensive compared to the VEVOR. That’s because it is made out of aluminum, making it very light and easy to carry. Additionally, the dual piston pump system allows for rapid lifting.

If you have a low budget, you can opt for the VEVOR jack, which has a single-piston pump and is made of steel. This product is budget-friendly and still gets the job done effectively.

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