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GMC Siera 1500
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Are you in search of a jack for your GMC Sierra 1500 or Yukon but uncertain about which size would be appropriate? If so, you’ve landed in the right spot.

This blog aims to provide answers regarding the suitable jack size for GMC Sierra 1500 & Yukon. Following the buying guide, we’ll present a list of the top floor jacks for the Sierra 1500 & Yukon, ensuring you have the ideal product at your disposal by the end.

Let’s dive in.

Arcan A20018 for Sierra 1500

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.75 – 18″ lift range
  • Dual piston pump
  • Aluminum material

VEVOR S508 for Yukon

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 5.1 – 20″ lift range
  • 71.1 lb weight
  • Single piston pump

What Size Car jack Should You Buy for GMC Sierra 1500 & Yukon?

Before determining the best size for your car jack, it’s essential to understand its basic features. Below, we’ve outlined the key features of a floor jack that you should consider and compare with your GMC. By doing so, you’ll be equipped with the most suitable jack for your Sierra 1500 or Yukon.

Load Capacity

Car jacks are designed to lift specific loads measured in tons, and it’s crucial not to exceed their rated capacity. They come in various sizes, including 2 tons, 3 tons, 6 tons, 12 tons, and so forth. Selecting the appropriate size jack for your GMC is vital to ensure that you don’t choose a model with a load capacity less than the vehicle’s weight.

For instance, a 2-ton jack can lift a maximum load of 2 tons (4,000 lb), while a 3-ton jack can raise a 3-ton load (6,000 lb), and so forth.

It’s important to note that the load capacity refers to the load placed on the jack’s saddle, not the weight of your truck. Therefore, if your car weighs 3 tons, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should only consider a 3-ton jack. While that would be a suitable option since it matches the truck’s weight, you do have more choices.

Keep in mind that you won’t be lifting the entire truck with a jack; instead, you’ll be raising one wheel or two at a time, which reduces the force on the jack. For example, when lifting one wheel, only about ¼ of the truck’s weight will be on the jack.

You can safely lift a car with a floor jack even if the load is up to 25% more than the jack’s capacity. Therefore, for a GMC Sierra 1500 weighing around 5,000 lb, a jack with a capacity of 2.5 to 3 tons would be suitable. For the Yukon, which weighs approximately 6,000 lb, a 3 to 3.5-ton floor jack would be an appropriate choice.

Lift Range

In addition to the jack’s bearing capacity, its lift range is another crucial factor to consider before making a purchase. The lift range consists of both minimum and maximum lift heights.

The minimum lift height is the lowest point at which the jack can operate effectively. It’s essential to ensure that this height allows enough clearance for the jack to fit underneath your Sierra 1500 and Yukon.

On the other hand, the maximum lift height, or extended height, is important for installing jack stands safely. It should exceed the height of the stands to provide ample space. For example, if your jack stand is 16 inches tall, the jack should have a minimum extended size of 18 inches or more to accommodate it comfortably.

Typically, the minimum height is not a concern, as most trucks have around 8 to 10 inches of ground clearance, and nearly all floor jacks have a minimum height of less than 6 inches. This ensures they can easily fit underneath, unless you’re considering a bottle jack – which we’ll discuss later.

In summary, look for a jack with a minimum height lower than the GMC’s ground clearance and an extended size greater than that of the jack stands. Remember, the jack stand is responsible for supporting the load after the jack lifts it. If you’re interested in learning more about jack stands, continue reading below.

Hydraulic Pump

Floor jacks come with either single-piston or dual-piston pumps. Single-piston pumps lift loads at a slower pace compared to their dual-piston counterparts. While dual-piston pumps may entail a higher cost, they prove to be worthwhile investments as they save time and energy by requiring fewer strokes to achieve full height.

To delve deeper into the differences between single and dual-piston pump floor jacks, you can explore the link provided below.

Type of a Jack

For the GMC Sierra 1500 and Yukon, you have several options to choose from, including a floor jack, scissor jack, electric jack, and bottle jack. However, it’s crucial to consider the clearance of the vehicle before opting for a bottle jack, as it typically offers more height than the others.

The recommended choice is the floor jack due to its low height, dual pumps, and other advantages, which we’ll discuss further below.

Best Floor Jack for GMC Sierra 1500

The Arcan (ALJ3T / A20018) stands out as one of the best budget floor jacks for the GMC Sierra 1500. With a robust 3-ton load capacity, it’s well-suited for handling the weight of the truck. Its lift range of 3.75 to 18 inches ensures ample space for installing the jack underneath or accommodating the use of jack stands.

This package includes not only the floor jack but also two jack stands, making it a convenient combo deal. The jack stands boast a 6,000 lb bearing capacity, ensuring reliable support for your safety when working under the vehicle.

While the combo package may come at a slightly higher price point, it’s a prudent investment considering the essential safety measures provided by the jack stands. Additionally, if preferred, you also have the option to purchase the floor jack alone.

The jack features a dual-piston pump, enabling faster lifting compared to single-piston models, further enhancing the efficiency of this model.

To explore more details about the Arcan floor jack on Amazon, click the button above.

Floor Jack for GMC Yukon

If you’re a proud owner of a GMC Yukon and in search of a robust and reliable floor jack, the VEVOR S508 is an excellent option worth considering. With its impressive 3-ton load capacity and sturdy steel construction, this floor jack is specifically designed to meet the demands of your GMC Yukon, just like its counterpart for the Sierra 1500.

One of the standout features of the VEVOR S508 floor jack is its remarkable lift range, spanning from 5.1 to 20 inches. This extensive range ensures easy access to hard-to-reach areas underneath your Yukon and provides ample space for the installation of jack stands, thereby enhancing safety during maintenance or repairs.

Crafted with durability in mind, the VEVOR S508 is constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring resilience and the ability to withstand the heavy loads of your Yukon. Its sturdy build instills confidence, allowing you to tackle various automotive tasks without concerns about the jack’s performance.

Furthermore, the single-piston pump of the VEVOR S508 provides steady lifting capabilities, ensuring secure and controlled elevation of your Yukon. While it may not lift as rapidly as dual-piston models, it offers reliable and consistent lifting, creating a safe working environment.

Whether you need to change a flat tire, conduct routine maintenance, or perform minor repairs on your GMC Yukon, the VEVOR S508 floor jack proves to be a dependable companion. Its versatility, coupled with its tailored design for the Yukon, makes it an ideal choice for all your automotive lifting requirements.

To check the price and ratings of the VEVOR S508 floor jack on Amazon, click the button provided above.

Price Discussion

Based on the discussion above, you may have noticed that both the GMC Sierra 1500 and Yukon share similar weights and ground clearance, giving you the flexibility to choose either jack for either vehicle.

Of the mentioned floor jacks, the Arcan model is pricier compared to the VEVOR. This is attributed to its construction from aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Moreover, its dual-piston pump system enables rapid lifting, enhancing efficiency.

For those on a tighter budget, the VEVOR jack is a viable option. Featuring a single-piston pump and constructed from steel, this product is budget-friendly while still effectively fulfilling its purpose.

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