What Size Jack Do You Need For a Chevy Tahoe

Chevy TAhoe
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This blog post is about choosing the right-size jack for a Chevy Tahoe. If you’re looking to find the best floor jack for your Tahoe, along with a buying guide, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.9 – 18.3″ lift range
  • 58.8 lb item weight
  • Dual piston jack

What Size Jack Do You Need For a Chevy Tahoe?

Weight Capacity

When picking a jack for Chevy Tahoe, the one factor that you should notice in the jack is the weight capacity. It will decide if the product is worth lifting the SUV or not. Jacks have load capacity in tons – 2 tons, 3 tons,  4 tons, and so on. 

Since Tahoe weighs around 5,000 lb to 6,000 lb, the floor jack you’re going to choose should have enough capacity. In short, a 3-ton (6000 lb) jack will work for the car. Because it can lift a maximum 3-ton (6000 lb).

In vehicles, we lift only a portion, not the whole car with a jack. If you’re lifting your Chevy Tahoe with a 3-ton jack, that would perform the best because that one wheel you’re lifting weighs way less than the whole SUV, hence laying far under the jack’s capacity. 

It means if you have a 2.5 ton (5000 lb) jack, you can still raise a 6000 lb Tahoe with it. In lifting cars, a jack can raise ¼ times more load than its capacity. This won’t be needed because if you can buy a 3-ton jack, why a 2.5 ton when there’s almost no difference in the price range.


A floor jack has a minimum lift height and extended height. The minimum height is not that important in the case of a Chevy Tahoe because of its enough ground clearance. It has around 8 inches of clearance, and most floor jacks’ minimum height is less than that height. 

However, the maximum height should be noticed for the jack stand installation and for you to creep underneath. The stand needs some space to fit in due to its height, which will only be provided by the jack. So the jack should have more extended height than the stand’s height.


The jack’s material matters in two ways: it affects the weight and it delivers sturdiness. That’s why it should not be ignored. The products are either aluminum or steel. In the latter case, the jack will be strong enough that it can lift a Chevy Tahoe but this adds more weight to the product. They’re heavier than aluminum jacks.

Speaking of it, an aluminum floor jack weighs way less than steel. Yet it is sturdy and features the sufficient capacity to lift this full-size SUV. However, it makes the item a bit expensive which is well worth it.

Hydraulic Pump

In hydraulic floor jacks, their pumps could be found with either a single-piston or dual-piston pump. The second type adds a few more bucks which pay off in the long run. They lift a vehicle with fewer pumps because the two pistons operate together. 

The single-piston jack on the other hand needs more strokes than the other model. This one is also inexpensive.

Best Jack for Chevy Tahoe

What Size Jack Do You Need For a Chevy Tahoe?
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We’ve found the best jack for Chevy Tahoe that meets the criteria. It is the BIG RED AT830011LBR floor jack that features a 3-ton capacity with an aluminum lightweight body. It can be used to lift Tahoe since its capacity is enough for it. 

The product easily goes under the SUV as its minimum height is less than the ground clearance. It has a 10 cm to 46.5 cm lift range, fit for changing a tire, and making a repair. To save your time and energy, this jack goes to its max height with fewer strokes, thanks to its dual piston pump. 

Since it is lightweight, it also features side handles that not only help with carrying but are also handy in positioning it under a jack point. This is the jack that you need for Chevy Tahoe. Click the image to explore it on Amazon.

Can a 2-ton jack lift a Chevy Tahoe?

A 2-ton jack can lift a Chevy Tahoe only in case it weighs from 4000 – 5000 lb. The truck’s weight varies depending on the model so that’s why you will need to verify your Chevy Tahoe’s weight. If it has a mass that’s under 5000 lb or 2268 kg, you can raise its one wheel with the 2-ton floor jack.

The 2-ton jack can lift a maximum of 4000 lb. It can be used to raise one wheel of a 5000 lb truck. Because in this case, the load is not on the jack alone. The other three wheels that will stay on the ground also support the load. That’s why a 2-ton jack can lift a Chevy Tahoe if it weighs under 5000 lb.

If your Chevy Tahoe weighs around 6000 lb or more, you should not use a 2-ton jack. Its capacity is less than the load. A 3-ton floor jack will quickly raise it. If you’re going to buy a new jack and are choosing between 2 and 3 tons for the vehicle, opt for 3 tons.

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