What Size Floor Jack For Ram 2500? [Find the Answer]

What size floor jack for ram 2500
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If you’re looking for the answer to what size floor jack for Ram 2500, you’re at the right place.

When choosing a floor jack, it’s important to consider factors such as load capacity, lift range, and pump type. Picking a jack with the right load capacity and lift range ensures safety and ease of use, as well as easy sliding under Ram’s clearance to provide enough room to make repairs.

Let’s have an overview of the products and then get into the details


  • 8000 lb load capacity
  • 4 – 21″ lift range
  • 93 lb item weight
  • Dual piston pump

Powerbuilt 640912 Unijack

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 11 – 21″ lift range
  • 22 lb item weight
  • Jack + jack sand

What Size Floor Jack for Ram 2500

Load Capacity

When you’re looking for a jack, you have to notice its load capacity and see if it fits your vehicle model or not. It’s safe to choose a higher bearing capacity jack than the truck’s weight. Speaking of it, check out your Ram 2500 manual for its weight. As per this source, the truck weighs around 7000 lb.

You will need a floor jack with a load capacity of 7000 to 8000 lb. Since hydraulic lifts have their capacity in tons, look for a 3.5 – 4 ton jack. Such products are fit and are the right size floor jacks for Ram 2500.

Lift Range

The lift range is another consideration when it comes to choosing a floor jack for Dodge Ram 2500. A jack’s lift range should be small enough that can be slidable under Ram’s clearance and it should be high enough that can give you sufficient room to change the tire, oil, or do any repair stuff. 

A hydraulic jack has a minimum lift range and an extended lift range. Just like you should know about your car’s weight first to pick the right load capacity jack, the same is true for the lift range as well. Find out what’s the clearance of your ram 2500. As per our source, it has around 10 inches of clearance, depending on the model, and may vary a few inches.

The lift that you choose should have less than 10 inches minimum height and around 16+ inches maximum height. This will help you easily install it under the Ram and raise it to the height so you get enough room.


If you want to raise your truck quickly, notice the hydraulic pump of the jack. It could either have a single-piston pump or a dual-piston pump. The two-piston lift loads rapidly while the single-piston jack is inexpensive. 

The dual piston costs a few more bucks but it is well worth the expenditure. It saves you energy and time. More importantly, it requires fewer strokes to reach max height. And for lifting such a huge truck – The Dodge Ram 2500 – you need a double-piston floor jack.

Jack Stands

Whatever jack it is, when you raise the truck, you will need to install the jack stands to hold the load. You cannot rely on the jack alone. And they just do the lifting job. They’re not designed to support the load. It’s riskier to get under such a load without putting stands in place.

So you will need jack stands as well with a floor jack. Luckily, the floor jack comes in a combo as well. You can either opt for it or you can choose an all-in-one jack. That’s the jack and the stand. 

After walking you through the buying guide, it is inappropriate to not hand you a floor jack or a bottle jack that fits all the needs mentioned above for the Ram 2500. The followings are the floor jack and the bottle jack, made for the truck.

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Floor jack for Dodge Ram 2500

The VEVOR K560 is the best floor jack for Ram 2500. It has a 4-ton load capacity, which means you can raise up to 8000 lb maximum load with it. The truck’s weight comes under the jack’s capacity. It is the right size floor jack for the truck.

Moreover, the lift’s minimum height is nearly 4 inches. It can be easily installed under the vehicle. It gives you more than enough room when you extend it to its max height – 21 inches. Made out of heavy-duty steel, this product delivers safe and secure lifting.

As said above, a dual piston jack lifts load quickly, this is the jack for it. The VEVOR floor jack features a double-piston pump that allows you to hoist the truck with a few strokes. It can be further explored on Amazon via the image.

All-in-one Bottle for Ram 2500

This is an all-in-one bottle jack for the Ram 2500. It is a jack and a jack stand. Featuring the same saddle, you don’t need to install jack stands after the truck has been lifted with the jack. Just raise the truck to the desired height and then lock the jack. Now it will work as a stand, holding the load.

However, it has 3 tons (6000 lb) capacity. You would think it is less than the required capacity. It’s true. Some Ram 2500 models weigh 6000 lb. If you have that one, this is a fit too. Even if you have a 7000 lb truck, the product could still be compatible. 

This Powerbuilt bottle jack can easily lift one wheel of the Ram 2500. You can always raise an extra 25% weight of the overall jack’s capacity. If you have a 6000 lb jack whose 25% is 1500 lb. When you add it to the jack’s capacity, it comes to 7500 lb, which is more than the truck’s load.

With that, the lift has an 11-inch minimum height. Ensure that your truck has enough clearance and it can fit the jack underneath. As said above, depending on the truck, the ride height varies. So if your model has 11+ inches clearance, you can put it under the frame. It will extend to 21 inches.

The Powerbuilt Alltrade bottle jack has gathered thousands of ratings online and people are happy with the purchase. You can find it on Amazon through the image. 

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