What Size Floor Jack For KIA Sportage, Sedona & Telluride

This article aims to provide answers to your question regarding the appropriate size of floor jack for KIA Sportage, Sedona, and Telluride. It covers the fundamental aspects of hydraulic jacks and offers guidance on selecting a suitable product for any KIA model, including the Sportage, Sedona, and Telluride.

Below is a brief overview of the recommended items for each specific KIA model. If you wish to obtain more information about a particular product, you can refer to the details provided after the table.

Jack for KIA Sportage

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3 – 20″ lift range
  • 73.8 lb weight
  • Dual piston pump

Floor jack for KIA Sedona

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.35 – 19.7″ lift range
  • 72.8 lb weight
  • Dual piston pump

Trolley jack for KIA Telluride

  • 5000 lb load capacity
  • 3.4 – 14.9″ lift range
  • 27.7 lb weight
  • Single piston pump

Best Floor Jack for KIA Sportage

  • High lifting capacity of 3 tons (6000 lb)
  • Suitable for KIA Sportage’s weight
  • Low collapsed height of 3 inches
  • Rapidly reaches maximum height with dual pumps
  • Heavy floor jack as it’s made out of steel
  • Need to verify car’s ground clearance before use

One of the best floor jacks for the KIA Sportage is the DNA MOTORING TOOLS-00235. It has a total lifting capacity of 3 tons, which means it can lift loads of up to 6000 lb. It is important for safety to use a jack with a higher load capacity than the weight of the car, in this case, the Sportage.

As you may already know or can verify through the manual, the KIA Sportage model weighs approximately 4800 lb, though it may vary slightly depending on the manufacturing year or added features. Since the mentioned jack has a capacity of 6000 lb and the car’s weight is less than that, you can easily lift the Sportage with the DNA MOTORING TOOLS-00235.

However, it is not enough to solely cross-check the lifting capacity. There are other factors to consider before finalizing the product, such as the lifting height, specifically the minimum height.

Every car has a limited ground clearance that cannot be extended. It is fixed, and it is important to choose a jack that can easily fit underneath without the need to raise the ride height.

According to the KIA official website, the Sportage model has approximately 7 inches of ground clearance. Therefore, any jack with a minimum height less than 7 inches can easily fit underneath, while also ensuring that the lifting capacity is sufficient.

Fortunately, the TOOLS-00235 has a collapsed height of 3 inches, meaning you can easily install it under the jack point of your car. This jack features dual pumps, allowing it to rapidly reach its maximum height of 20 inches.

You can find more detailed information about this unit using the buttons provided in the table above.

Car Jack for KIA Sedona - the VEVOR K500

  • High 6000 lb capacity suitable for KIA Sedona’s weight
  • Foam-wrapped handle for soft touch and added safety
  • Wider saddle with rubber pad for stability and rough surface
  • Bigger size and needs more rooms for storage.
  • Heavy unit

The KIA Sedona can be lifted using the VEVOR K500 floor jack. Its 6000 lb capacity makes it suitable for the Sedona, which weighs less than the recommended load. For added safety, the lower part of the jack’s handle is foam-wrapped, providing a soft touch in case it accidentally hits the car while pumping.

The jack features a wider saddle with a rubber pad, offering a rough surface for the jack point and increasing stability. The wide rectangular base further enhances load stability, making it a unique feature of this jack.

With a collapsed height of 3.35 inches, it easily fits under the Sedona’s 6.7 inches ground clearance. Once installed, the jack provides approximately 20 inches of space under the car, allowing for the placement of a jack stand and smooth sliding.

VEVOR jacks are gaining recognition in the hydraulic jack industry, receiving applause from users along with high ratings and numerous reviews. To learn more about this jack and check its price, you can use the button provided above.

Hydarulic jack for Telluride from HPDMC

  • Perfect fit for KIA Telluride’s weight range of 4000-4500 lb
  • Compact design with a single piston for efficient lifting
  • Suitable for Telluride’s 8 inches ground clearance
  • Provides stable and secure lifting for the vehicle
  • Bigger size and needs more rooms for storage.
  • Heavy unit

When it comes to safe lifting for the KIA Telluride, this option is worth considering. The jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 5000 lb, which exceeds the weight of the car. It features a carrying handle, a rarity among trolley jacks, making it convenient to transport from storage to the workplace.

Additionally, it weighs only 27.7 pounds, lighter than other dual piston steel jacks. Its low minimum height of 3.4 inches allows it to easily fit under the Telluride’s 8-inch ground clearance.

While this jack offers numerous advantages, it’s important to note that its lifting capacity is limited to 2.5 tons. Although this is generally sufficient for the weight range of the Telluride, caution should be exercised near the maximum weight limit to ensure safety and avoid potential issues.

There are a few drawbacks to consider. The pumping handle is smaller compared to other floor jacks, and the saddle is not as wide as other units on the list. However, it is still capable of lifting the Telluride for tasks such as tire changes or general maintenance.

For more information about this jack, you can explore it on Amazon by using the buttons provided above.


What Size Bottle Jack For Kia Sedona

A 3-ton or higher load capacity bottle jack is the right size for the KIA Sedona because the product can handle a greater load than the car’s weight, which is around 5000 lb. However, using a bottle jack for the car is not recommended.

Bottle jacks are taller compared to floor jacks, making it nearly impossible to install them under the ground clearance of the Sedona. Floor jacks are low to the ground and can be easily positioned underneath. That’s why we recommend a floor jack from the list provided.

If you find a low-profile bottle jack with a collapsed height that is lower than the ground clearance of the Sedona, you can certainly use it as long as its capacity is 6000 lbs or more.

What Size Bottle Jack For Kia Telluride

When it comes to determining the appropriate size of bottle jack for a Kia Telluride, it is recommended to use a bottle jack with a load capacity of 2.5 tons or higher. This choice is based on the fact that the jack should be able to handle a load greater than the weight of the car, which is typically around 4000 lb. However, it is generally advised against using a bottle jack for this specific car model.

The reason for avoiding a bottle jack in the case of the Kia Telluride is that bottle jacks tend to be taller compared to floor jacks. Consequently, it becomes quite challenging to fit these jacks underneath the ground clearance of the Telluride.

On the other hand, floor jacks are designed to be low to the ground, making them easier to install under the car’s clearance. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a floor jack instead, as listed above.

Nevertheless, if you happen to come across a low-profile bottle jack that has a collapsed height lower than the ground clearance of the Kia Telluride, you can consider using it, provided that its load capacity is 5000 lbs or higher. It is crucial to ensure that the jack is capable of safely lifting the weight of the vehicle to avoid any accidents or damage.

Ending Notes

In conclusion, selecting the right floor jack for your KIA Sportage, Sedona, or Telluride is crucial for safe and efficient lifting. The recommended floor jacks mentioned in this article provide the necessary load capacity and features to meet the specific requirements of each model. By selecting a reliable and compatible floor jack, you can ensure a safe and successful lifting experience for your KIA vehicle.

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