What Size Floor Jack For Ford Explorer? [Expert’s Answer]

What size floor jack for Ford Explorer
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Do you want to purchase a floor jack for your Ford Explorer but don’t know what size will fit? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This blog will answer what size floor jack for Ford Explorer.

Keeping the SUV’s weight in mind, which is around 4,500 – 5000 lb, a 3-ton floor jack is the right size for it. The product can lift 6000 lb maximum whereas the Ford Explorer falls in the range. 

Let’s explore Explorer’s jack in more detail so you have a whole picture in mind.


  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 5.13 – 18.3″ lift range
  • 66 lb item weight
  • Dual piston jack

What Size Floor Jack For Ford Explorer

To find the best floor jack for Ford Explorer, you will need to know each factor of the jack. So you can cross-match them with the SUV, and decide if the product fits. The following are the main factors that should be considered when choosing a jack for the vehicle.

Load Capacity

The first and most important thing to know about a floor jack is its load capacity. Because hydraulic jacks have limited safe bearing capacity, which should not be exceeded. You will need to select a higher capacity jack than the load you want to lift with it. This is the safest way to work on a lift.

Before deciding on what size floor jack you need for Ford Explorer, you need to know how much your car weighs. After that, look for a compatible jack. As per this source, Ford Explorer weighs somewhere around 4,300 lb to 5000 lb, depending on the model, modification, etc.

Now that you know your car’s mass, browse for the floor jack with equal or more load capacity than 5000 lb. For this case, explore a floor jack with 5000 – 6000 lb capacity. The jacks are rated in tons, not in pounds. So we’ll convert that as 2.5 tons or 3 tons. 

Let’s get further safer and pick one out of the two – the 3-ton floor jack. Because it does not make that much of a difference in the price. Luckily, most floor jacks have a 3-ton capacity because most vehicles weigh around this figure. 

Now that you’ve found out that you need a 3-ton floor jack for your Ford Explorer, let’s get to the next factor, which is mentioned below.

Lift Range

The lift range can further be divided into two parts – minimum and maximum lift range. We’ll first find out about the Explorer’s clearance and then come down to the range. This way we’ll find a jack with enough range that fits the SUV. 

How much ground clearance does your Ford Explorer have? Or in other words, what’s the distance between the ground and the jack points? Both are the same. You can check it out in your manual, and we’ve done our homework and it is around 8 inches as per Ford’s Official Website.

Next, the jack’s minimum height should be less than the clearance and the extended height should be greater than it. It’s because you will need to provide enough space for the jack to fit under the car. And the max height should be higher so it can touch the jack point, raise it to the height you want so you can change the tire, get underneath, or do the repair task you want to. You need sufficient clearance for it under your Ford Explorer.

Based on that, the jack’s minimum height needs to be around 3 – 5 inches. We assumed this range because most floor jacks have min-height in this range. The maximum height should be 16 inches or more. The higher it is, the better. 

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Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic floor jacks either have a single pump or double pumps. They make a good impact on the price. The latter is expensive, yet worth it. In dual piston pumps, as the name sounds, two pumps work together to raise the load, which obviously will be rapid. This saves your time, and energy and is the quick rise technology. So if you have the budget, choose a dual-piston floor jack. 


Floor jacks are made out of steel or aluminum. Aluminum products are light and expensive. The steel jacks are sturdier and inexpensive comparatively. The two are strong enough to support your Ford Explorer. However, the steel jack becomes heavier. It is kind of hard to pick it up and carry it to the workplace. That will not be needed.

All floor jacks have four wheels that can roll over the ground. Just grab the handle and pull it wherever you want. No need to pick it up. Even an aluminum jack weighs nearly 50 lb. So the better option is to move it over the floor.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floor Jack for Ford Explorer

Opt for a wide circular saddle jack. The bigger it is, the safer it will be. Also, a saddle with a rubber pad over its top is the best to pick. The saddle is the part that touches the jack point to push and lift it. The padded saddle delivers friction which further tightens the grip. 

Floor jacks have a long handle, which is a plus point. It allows you to pump the jack without leaning over. The handles with the lower part being rubber-wrapped should be your choice. It helps to prevent damage to the vehicle in case it hits the body while stroking. 

This was all about what size floor jack for Ford Explorer. We still will not leave you empty-handed. We have further explored the market and found a jack that fully tick-marks on the above factors. 

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Best Floor jack for Ford Explorer - The TCE ATZ830026XU

This TCE floor jack is one of the best options for car enthusiasts, especially for those with Ford Explorer. It has a 3-ton capacity. Meaning it can lift a maximum of 6000 lb, which is more than the SUV’s load. It’s the right size floor jack for Explorer.

Its lift range is versatile and is fit for the car. It has a 5.13 inches minimum height with 18.3 inches max height. You can easily slide it under your Ford and it will give you enough clearance to install a jack stand or creep underneath. 

The TCE ATZ830026XU jack has a dual piston pump that allows you to quickly lift your Explorer without making tons of strokes. Made out of steel, the product guarantees solid and secure lifting, which is added by the rubber-padded saddle. 

You can find more about this floor jack, its price, description, ratings, and whatnot on Amazon by hitting the button given below.

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