What Kind Of Jack Do You Need To Lift Your RV?

RV Jack
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Are you looking for an RV jack and don’t know what kind of jack you need? If that’s the case with you, stay with us. We will be unboxing hydraulic jack types that are made for RVs and travel trailers. 

Let’s get started.

Kinds of Hydraulic Jacks for RVs

Basically, there are four types of jacks – a floor jack, a bottle jack, a scissor jack, and an electric jack. They have slight differences which will be discussed below. You can choose from either of the last three types for your RV. 

Scissor Jacks for RV

Scissor jacks are not hydraulic jacks. They have manual work and can be operated by hand. You will need to rotate the crank handle to extend the jack, hence raising the RV. 

Below are the pros and cons of scissor jacks for RV.

Pros of RV Scissor Jacks

  • They are cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Occupy less room
  • No need for a separate jack stand

Cons of RV Scissor Jacks

  • Manual operation
  • Not an easy operation as with other jacks

Bottle Jacks for RV

Bottle jacks are hydraulic jacks that work using a pump system. They have a pump so lifting with it is easier than with a scissor jack. Bottle jacks are taller for which you need to provide enough space under the camper for their installation. 

Their pros and cons are as follows.

Pros of RV Bottle Jacks

  • They have a hydraulic system for the operation
  • They are a bit heavier than scissor jacks.
  • Quicker lifting than a scissor 

Cons of RV Bottle Jacks

  • They need more clearance to install under the RV

Electric Jack for RV

As the name sounds, this jack needs electricity for operation. Just press the button and see your RV rising. However, this jack could cost more than other models. Make sure to have enough budget for the jack.

Pros of RV Electric Jack

  • Easy operation
  • Lightweight

Cons of RV Electric Jack

  • Pricey

Floor Jack for RV

A floor jack is not the best option as the other three products. You can for sure use it for lifting an RV. However, you will need a jack stand to install it after the RV is raised with the jack. Floor jacks are heavy on the pocket depending on the pump type.

Final Words.

From the above text, it is clear that either scissor, bottle, or electric jack is the best option for RVs due to the mentioned advantages, which is the conclusion of the article.

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