What is a Toe Jack; Is it the Same as a Bottle Jack?

This article is a complete guide about a toe jack, its load capacity, lifting points, lift range, etc.

A toe jack is a bottle jack that features two lifting points with different lifting capacities. It has the lowest jack point that can go under a low clearance where other hydraulic jacks cannot.

Let’s explain it in detail.

What is a Toe Jack? [Each Feature Explained]

Lifting points or Saddles

Unlike other hydraulic jacks that have one lifting point which is their head, toe jacks have two different saddles of different heights. One is the head which can be found in other bottle jacks. The other is the toe, as you can see in the image below.

The toe’s height is 20 mm. Depending on the manufacturer, it might be a few millimeters more or less. This 20 mm lifting point is the lowest minimum lift range that cannot be found in other jacks. And that’s why it is named a Toe jack.

It is handy for lifting a load that has a small clearance underneath. The jack only needs 21+ mm clearance to fit in. This is for the toe, not the head. The head has different minimum and maximum lift ranges. 

Lifting Capacities

As the jack has two lifting points, it also has dual load capacities. The head can lift more load than the toe. In most cases, it can raise a load two times the toe’s capacity. If the toe lifts 5 tons, the head can lift up to 10 tons. This is not a universal rule, it varies on the jack’s lifting power.

Lift Ranges

The lift range of the toe and head lifting points is not the same. Because the toe lifts from the lower height, its max height is not similar to the saddle’s max height. Whenever you want to use the jack for lifting low-clearance load, ensure that the clearance is not less than the toe’s min-height. 

For example, if the toe has a 20 mm minimum height, the clearance of the load that you want to lift should be more than 20 mm, not less. The same is the case with the head’s lifting point. 

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Where Can You Use a Toe Jack

A toe jack has a variety of uses: from lifting vehicles to heavy machinery, construction work, industrial equipment, and bridges. It can lift anything if you provide enough clearance for its installation. 

In vehicles, it works like a bottle jack where you don’t need a toe lifting point. The saddle is handy in that case. When it comes to lifting household tools like tables, cabinets, couches, and more, the toe is there for you. 

Toe Jack Explained in the Video


This was a short post about toe jacks and their uses. It helps raise low clearance loads where a floor or a bottle jack cannot be installed. It’s pretty much similar to a bottle jack with one difference, and that’s the toe.

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