Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 Ton Trolley/Floor Jack Review 

Unable to decide whether or not you should buy a Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 ton trolley/floor jack? If so, you’ll be able to make a conclusion by the end of this article. Here we have an in-depth analysis of each feature of this jack.

Let’s get straight into it.

Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 Ton Trolley/Floor Jack Review
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Product Torin
3 ton (6,000 lb)
Weight 38 lb (17 kg)
5.9" (14.9 cm)
20.9" (53 cm)
Pump Single-piston
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Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 Ton Trolley/Floor Jack Review Key Feature

Load Capacity

The load capacity of a floor jack means how much it will be able to lift. It tells you of the compatibility of your car with the jack. About this car jack, it comes with a 3-ton weight capacity.

This means your vehicle – be it a car, truck, or SUV – should be under or equal to 6,000 pounds. Fortunately, most of the cars and SUVs fall in this range. While a few small trucks also weigh less than 6,000 pounds, like the Chevy Silverado 1500.

One thing to note about this floor jack is its weight capacity differs from one saddle to another. It comes with two saddles. So, when you extend with an extending saddle, its lift capacity will be 2.5 tons. Make sure to keep this in view for safe operations.

Minimum Lift Height

After you are done checking the weight capacity of a unit, the next thing to look for is the minimum lift height. It should always be less than that of your vehicle’s ground clearance.

It’s the least height of the floor jack that allows the unit to slide under the car. About this jack’s minimum height, it is 5 7/8 inches. Compare this height to your vehicle’s ride height and know if it can serve you well.

Considering this height, it is safe to say that the unit might not be able to get under sports cars as they are low to the ground. However, it’s good for SUVs and trucks along with numerous cars.

This 5 ⅞ minimum height is with the small saddle neck, not with the long one. More detail on this factor is coming ahead.

Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 Ton Trolley/Floor Jack Review
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Maximum Lift Height

The need for jack height differs due to the type of work required. For tire change, you might not need to lift your car high. However, for changing brake pads and oils, you need to creep under the car, which is why a good height is in demand.

With this floor jack, you get a maximum lift height of 20 7/8 inches. Take note that this height is with the extender and makes sufficient space to allow you to work under it peacefully.

Hydraulic Pump

In a floor jack, the number of pistons is important. There are multiple jacks with one piston pump, while others come with a dual-piston pump. The difference between both of them is the number of strokes a jack requires and your efforts.

You need to pump a dual-piston pump a few times less than a single-piston. Dual-piston pump lifts loads quicker, consuming little energy of yours. In that regard, this is a single-piston design, and that’s how it’s lenient on your pocket.

Worry not, as single pistons are not way too slow. They just need a few more strokes to let your car reach the maximum height. It’s even good to have if you are saving your bucks.


You’ll come across hundreds of 3-ton floor jacks. Very few of them include two saddles. Thankfully, you get two saddles with this jack. The min-height with the small-height saddle is 5.9 inches.

On the contrary, the minimum lift height with the extended saddle is around 9.25 inches. Apparently, it gives you enough space to breathe easily and work under your car. Due to this, you can place jack stands easily.

When it comes to the dimension of the saddle, it is 2.2 inches. Being wide, it will carry and lift your car safely. This saddle is also removable for crossbeams, so that’s also a plus to count on.

Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 Ton Trolley/Floor Jack Review
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Jack’s Weight

When you are buying a floor jack, one important factor is weight. It keeps value when you travel from site to site to get the repair job done. As a garage owner, you should also take note of it.

Although made out of steel, the weight of this floor jack is 38 pounds. Compared to numerous other steel jacks available, it’s one of the lightest units. Due to this, you’d be able to displace the unit easily.

Along with the weight, check out the dimension of the floor jack. It lets you know if the jack will reach the jack point under the car and if it’s stable on the ground.

So, this floor jack has a dimension of 27 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches which means it is stable and easily approachable to the jack points under your car’s frame.


To support your move in your garage or on the site, the manufacturer has installed wheels on this floor jack. The front two wheels are fixed while the rear is 360 degrees swiveling.

Due to this swiveling feature, it allows you ultimate movements. Know that they are made of cast iron and smooth on the ground. That said, they go down the road making your investment worth it.


Out of the box, the handle of this floor jack is in two pieces. You need to snugly fit one into another to get the unit to work. When fully assembled, the length of this handle is 39.4 inches which makes it easy to pump and slide under the vehicles.

Unlike others, this handle rotates with foam padding on the lower part. It is this padding that keeps your car from dents while you pump. The knurling on the upper side gives you a good grip and prevents slipping.


This was a review of Torin A94117B BlackJack 3 ton trolley/floor jack. The unit comes with two saddles, consisting of two maximum lift heights. As a 3 ton design, it lifts 6,000 pounds weight, has a long handle and wheels for transportation.

Alone the downside is its single-piston pump, which is not a deal-breaker as you save bucks due to it. To check more reviews and user experiences of this floor jack, press the button below.

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