Top 3 Best Floor Jacks for Cars [Latest Review]

Browsing for the best floor jacks for cars? Well, this article has brought the top floor jacks for your car.

In this review, you’ll find floor jacks of different features starting from single-piston to dual piston pump. If you want a floor jack for a low-profile car or high-ground clearance vehicle, you’ll find all of them here.

In short, if you’re looking for a rapid-rise floor jack for your car, this post is for you.

Let’s get started.

Floor Jacks Comparison Table

Product BlackHawk
TORT 825051
3.5 ton (7,000 lb) 2 ton (4,000 lb) 2.5 ton (5,000 lb)
Weight 85 lb (38.5 kg) 97 lb (44 kg) 27.7 lb (12.6 kg)
5.5" (14 cm) 2.75" (7 cm) 3.4" (8.5 cm)
Max Lift
22" (56 cm) 24" (61 cm) 15" (38 cm)
Pump Single-piston Dual-piston Single piston
Size (")
L x W x H
28.5 x 13.75 x 6.5 - 22.4 x 8.4 x 5
4" (10.3 cm) 4" (10 cm) -
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BlackHawk B6350 Best Floor Jacks for Cars

The first model is from the BlackHawk brand, which has the highest load capacity on the list, 3.5 tons (7,000 lb). This means if your car weighs under this capacity, you should consider this for your vehicle. For secure lifting, always prefer a high lifting power jack to your car’s weight.

If this floor jack has a high lifting power, it isn’t fit for low-profile cars because of its min-height. The item has a 5.5” (14 cm) min lift range. Coming to a low profile floor jack ahead. While the jack’s max lift range is 22” (56 cm). Thus, giving a lot of space underneath your vehicle for a repair job.

Best floor jacks for cars
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This model has a single-piston pump which is slower compared to a double piston pump. But it also features a fast lift technology without a dual piston pump. This means you can quickly raise your car with this floor jack, not faster than a dual piston pump. For a dual-piston pump, check out the next product. 

This floor jack features a universal joint which is handy in load control. When you lift your car and it is time to lower it, the jack comes down faster and so is the weight. Which could damage your vehicle. But this model has this unique feature that precisely comes down, ensuring safety. And that’s due to this universal joint feature.   

The built-in safety valve prevents overload if in any case, you raise over 7,000 lb weight with this model. You can easily move this floor jack around by its swivel casters though it weighs 85 lb. If you want to check its price on Amazon, click below to visit the site.

Arcan XL2T Car Best Floor Jack

Does your car have low ground clearance? Do you want a dual-piston pump floor jack? Well, this Arcan model has more than that. The item has a 24” (61 cm) max lift range. You can lift your vehicle 2 feet off the ground with this brand new floor jack. That’s great space underneath your vehicle for doing regular maintenance. 

It’s also perfect for lifted vehicles since it has such a high maximum lift range. Speaking of lift range, you can easily place this model under a 2.75” (7 cm) low-profile car. This floor jack is made for low-ground clearance vehicles. You can raise up to 4,000 lb load with this 2-ton floor jack. 

Best floor jacks for cars
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You can also lift your car with this floor jack no matter how far the jack point is under your car. Because this product has a 32” long reach. This is a plus point in the case of low profile cars. Most floor jacks have inclined throws but this one isn’t among them. Out of 32” almost 18” throw has a 2.75” height.  

As mentioned above, this product has a double piston pump, a rapid rise technology. Such a feature is seldom in most floor jacks. It costs more and the jack becomes heavier. For a low-budget floor jack, you can check the next product. 

This Arcan item will raise your car with far fewer pumps – 3,5 strokes. If it’s a fast-rise floor jack, it weighs more though. It has a 97 lb weight, which is more than the above product. This floor jack also occupies more volume, and you can check that out with more details on the given button below. 

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Torin TORT825051 Top Floor Jack for Cars

This is the cheapest floor jack on the list, Torin floor jack for cars. It’s cheaper than the Arcan model but has more load capacity than that. You can raise up to a 5,000 lb load with this item. This 2.5-ton lifting power at this price is seldom on the market.

The Torin floor jack is also the lightest product on the list. You’re lucky you’ve reached this product. It weighs just 27.7 lb (12.6 kg). You can easily carry it around or you can also pick it up. But no need for that. It has wheels that roll over your garage floor. 

floor jacks for cars
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However, this handle is not as long as the first two items. It’s a smaller one and would be great if it was over 2 feet. Since it’s a cheaper and lighter floor jack, it has a single-piston pump. 

Exploring its lift range, this floor jack is also a great choice for low-profile cars. Because it has a 3.4” (8.5 cm) min-height. You can install this item effortlessly under such a ground clearance car and it will raise your vehicle up to 15” off the ground. The product’s 38 cm (15”) max lift range is lower compared to the above items.

But such height under a vehicle is enough for repair or a tire change. Don’t you want to check how cheap this product is? You should at least see it. Hit the yellow button to see its price on Amazon. 

TCE ATZ830026XU Floor Jack

Does your car weigh under 6000 pounds? You sure need to peek at this car jack at first. It lifts 3 tons of weight. Thanks to its wide saddle, your lifted car is always safe in the air.

In terms of minimum height, it agrees to slide under vehicles with low ground clearance. It is 3 1/8 inches from the ground. That means you can even use it under sports cars if you want it to.  

floor jacks for cars
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Just like the minimum height, the maximum height of the jack is also fit for cars. It raises your car to 20 inches. And this height is good enough for multiple types of repairing and maintenance jobs under your car.

On top of everything is the dual piston pump of the floor jack. No surprise, dual-pistons demand less effort than single-piston units, where you get entirely tired pumping the jack.

Know that the unit itself weighs 66.7 pounds. Keeping in mind its manufacturing material that is steel, it’s safe to say that the unit is not heavyweight. Besides, it has a pumping handle and wheels through which you can transport and need not hand-carry it.

One of the best parts about this car jack is its warranty. Where other manufacturers provide no more than one year warranty, they give you a two-year warranty so you can buy it worry-free.

Interested or not, do check out the price to compare and set your budget. 

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Is a 3-ton jack enough for a car?

You cannot say if a car jack is sufficient for a car. Since every car has a different weight, you cannot use a 3 tons jack until and unless you know your vehicle’s weight.

There’s a higher possibility, however, that a 3-ton car jack will lift your car with ease. Most of the cars available out there lie in the range of 6,000 pounds or less.

Knowing alone the weight of a car for buying a car jack is not a good idea, though. The selection process of a car jack also includes minimum and maximum lift height. Together with if these features work on your car’s requirement, then only can you say if a 3-ton car jack is enough for your car.


The best floor jacks for cars, mentioned above, have different specs and benefits. Yes, the price also varies. If one is for low-profile vehicles, the other has a single-piston pump. If one is lighter the other has a long reach throw.

To narrow down the review, you should place your needs forward before picking any of the above floor jack, your car’s needs. The BlackHawk, which is in the middle of the competition, is great for all types of vehicles.

It has a 3.5-ton lifting power and the lift range is from 5.5 to 22 inches. You can go through this product again on the given button below. So hit below to check it out on Amazon if you haven’t yet. 

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