The 3 Best Floor Jacks for Pickup Truck with 24″ Max Lift Height

Browsing for the best floor jack for your pickup truck? Well, this article hosts the top floor jacks for your pickup truck.

After researching the pickup truck’s weight and ground clearance, we’ve ended up on the following floor jacks that have enough load capacity to lift your pickup. They also have sufficient height to place them underneath your truck.

In short, if you want to raise your pickup truck in 3 – 4 pumps, you need to read this article.

So, let’s unbox the pickup floor jacks.

An Overview of the Products

Product Arcan XL2T
Floor jack
G-737 Jack
Power built
2 ton (4,000 lbs) 3.5 ton (7,000 lb) 2.5 ton (5,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb)
Min. lift
2.75" (7 cm) 5.5" (14 cm) 3" (7.62 cm) 5.5" (14 cm)
Max lift
24" (2 ft) 22" (1.83 ft) 19.5" (1.63 ft) 18.75" (1.56 ft)
Pump Dual-piston Single piston Dual-Piston Single piston
Weight 97 lb (44 kg) 90 lb (40.8 kg) 73.7 lb (33.4 kg) 66 lb (30 kg)
Size (")
L x W x H
32.5 x 8.25 x 11.2 30 x 15.75 x 6.9 30.5 x 13.3 x 6.5 24 x 13.4 x 5.5
4" (10.2 cm) 4.4" (11.2 cm) ~4" (10.2 cm) 3.75"  (9.5 cm)
No No Yes No
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Arcan XL2T Best Floor Jack for Pickup Truck

Best floor jack for pickup truck
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Check out this best floor jack on the list, Arcan low-profile floor jack. Now you can lift your pickup truck with just a few strokes. Thanks to this jack’s dual-piston pump mechanism. It has two parallel pumps that fast raise your truck compared to a single-piston. 

Trucks have higher ground clearance than cars. So you need a jack with a maximum extended height. Because such a model gives more area under your pickup related to floor jack with a low maximum lift range. It barely touches your truck’s jack point. In short, this floor jack has a 24” (2 feet) extended height. That’s why it provides more space underneath your pickup if you lift it with this model.

Exploring the product’s load capacity, it has a 2 ton (4,000 lb) lifting power. It can easily raise a light-duty pickup truck – coming to heavy-duty pickup ahead. Most light-duty pickups weigh around 5,000 lb. So this model is fit for such pickups. 

Thinking how a 4K lb floor jack would lift a 5K lb pickup? You don’t raise your whole pickup at once, do you? Nor your pickup has a center jack point. You can easily raise one end either front or rear with this jack, let alone one wheel.

Video of the Arcan Best Floor Jack for Pickup Truck

In this floor jack, you got two color options to pick from, black and green. But that doesn’t really matter since they both have steel bodies. If you want to raise your pickup from the front or back end, you need a floor jack with a long reach. Because in this case, a jack point is a little far under your pickup. So long chassis floor jacks perform better. This model, luckily, has a 32” (2.67 ft) long throw. Now you can easily lift either end at once.

This floor jack has a 2.75” (7 cm) min lift height, and can easily get under low jack points. but it’s heavier, 97 lb (44 kg). Most floor jacks weigh around this mass. This isn’t a drawback, for which you should ignore this jack. Why not check out more on this jack? So click below to see what more features it has.

Powerbuilt 240076 Fast Lift Floor Jack

best floor jack for pickup truck
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Announcing the Powerbuilt floor jack that has two ways to pump it up: the handle and the foot pedal. Now you can lift your pickup with the pump pedal as well. No need to move its lever up and down. Just push the pedal a few times and see your truck rising. 

This is the unique feature this model comes with. It lifts weight 5x faster when you use its pedal. Because the two pumps work together to lift a load, hence quicker jacking. Apart from that, the product also has a wide removable saddle that makes a strong grip on the jack point, allowing secure lifting. 

It will increase your truck’s clearance by 19.5 inches, leaving a lot of space for an oil change or any repair. And that’s because of its 19.5 inches max lift height. You can slide this model under as low as 3 inches clearance, which makes it perfect for low-profile vehicles. 

With this jack’s 5,000 lb lifting power, you can easily raise your pickup truck because it falls under its load capacity. If your truck weighs more than this capacity, yet it’s fit for raising your pickup’s one wheel. 

The model features wide wheels and a heavy-duty structure which increases its stability. This is a factory-tested floor jack that exceeds ASME standards. You can check its ratings and price by clicking the following yellow button.  

[Video] Powerbuilt 240076 Fast Lift Floor Jack

Pro-Lift G-737 Floor Jack for Pickup

Top floor jack for pickup truck
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So here comes a floor jack that’s fit for heavy-duty pickups. This Pro-Lift jack has more lift capacity than the above floor jacks. It lifts up to 3.5 tons (7,000 lb) with its hydraulic system. That’s why this jack is fit for heavy-duty pickups. Such trucks weigh around 7,000+ lb. 

But this jack has no dual-piston hydraulic system as the first one. It lifts your pickup to the desired height with a few strokes though it has a single-piston pump. Because it has a fast rise mechanism. The model is also cheaper than the first jack because of its single pump. 

Talking about the lift range, this floor jack has a 22” (56 cm) max height. Which means you can raise your pickup almost 2 feet off the ground, leaving more space behind for your work. 5.5” is the jack’s collapsed height, which won’t be a problem because you can place this jack under your pickup. Your truck has a higher ground clearance.  

With that, another unique benefit you can get from this model is the wide saddle – a 4.4” (11.2 cm) saddle, the widest on the list. How this helps is that this is the only part that comes in contact with your pickup. So the wider the top saddle, the more secure is the lifting. A wide saddle raises your pickup safely than a narrow saddle. Because the pressure is higher on narrow saddles.

This floor jack doesn’t come fully assembled. You’ll need to join the two handle pieces first. Then attach the handle with the jack. A single bolt joins the lever with the jack body. The foamed handle, which this jack has, protects your pickup from any damage during pumping. 

The jack’s 90 lb weight won’t disturb you while moving it around your garage. Because the 4 feet long handle helps with mobility. And the casters that roll adds to that. Want to see whether it meets your budget? Then click the button below to see its price and ratings.

K Tool International Top Pickup Truck Floor Jack

Floor jack
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KT international floor jack show time! So have you decided on any model for your pickup yet? That’s expensive. Okay, then let’s walk you through the cheap floor jack that gives the same performance – no give-and-take on the quality. 

This K Tool model is in between the two jacks above in terms of features. It has a 3 – ton (6,000 lb) load capacity, enough for lifting your pickup. Most pickups weigh around 5K lb. You can consult your manual to see what’s your pickup weight. Then you can decide accordingly which floor jack could lift your pickup – 2, 3, or 3.5 tons. All are here. All are for different size pickups.

Getting back, this is the lightest floor jack on the list. It weighs 66 lb (30 kg). Though it’s a lightweight floor jack, you’ll not need to carry it around. Because it has wheels that roll over the floor. Speaking of wheels, this floor jack has nylon wheels. And most floor jacks have metal or steel casters. 

Here’s why it’s better. Metal wheels scratch garage floors over time, which doesn’t seem good, and destroys floor smoothness. But thanks to the K Tool International that makes scuff-free wheels. These Nylon wheels avoid scratching on floors.

The jack’s saddle diameter is also smaller than the other jacks. It has a 3.75” (9.5 cm) wide saddle. While the min lift range is the same, 5.5” (14 cm). You can extend this floor jack up to 18.75”, almost one and a half feet which is the small lift range in the list. 

But if you know your pickup’s ground clearance and this jack gives enough space to do your maintenance, then it’s perfect. Because this jack is worth the money. Why not check out that money? Hit the button below to do so.

How many ton jacks do you need for a pickup truck?

Before buying a jack for a pickup truck, make sure you check its weight. There exist several pickups with the least having a weight of 4,000 – 5,000 pounds, like the 2020 Ford F-150.

You’ll find the heaviest pickup of around 12,000 pounds. For a pickup of this weight, you should buy a jack of 6 tons. Lightweight pickup, however, is easily lifted through the jacks of 3 tons.

Besides noticing the tons of a jack, you should also not miss checking the ground clearance of your pickup truck. Otherwise, it might not slide under. 

What kind of jack do you need for a pickup truck?

Arcan XL2T is the best jack for a pickup truck. Since it holds a 2-ton weight, which turns out 4,000 pounds, it lifts the pickup truck easily. The minimum lift height it has to offer is 2.75 inches, while it lifts the pickup maximum to 24 inches from the ground. That said, you can perform multiple maintenances and repairing jobs under your vehicle easily. 

Last Words

The 3 top floor jacks for your pickup, which you’ve seen here, have small feature differences from each other. But they’re fit for pickups in terms of load capacity and lift range. The first one is better because of the dual piston pumps. 

Such a high lift range and the dual mechanism of the jack dominates itself over other jacks. Watch your budget if you can afford it. If not then pick the other jacks on the list. By the way, if you want to take a deep look at the Arcan jack again, then click the yellow button to know more about its features.

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