The 3 Best Floor Jacks for Ford f150 and Raptor [2024]

Are you in search of the best floor jack for Ford F150 or Raptor? Look no further as we have compiled a list of top floor jacks specifically suited for your needs.

All the floor jacks reviewed here have sufficient load capacity to lift your Ford F150 and Raptor, and they can easily fit in your vehicle’s ground clearance due to their minimum height.

In short, if you’re looking for a floor jack that can raise your Ford with just 3-4 pumps, you’ll find this article helpful.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best floor jacks for the Ford F150 and Raptor.

An Overview of the Ford Floor Jacks

TCE TCE83508 For f150

  • 6,500 lb load capacity
  • 3.9 – 21″ lift range
  • 97.46 lb item weight
  • Dual piston pump
  • Steel structure

Sunex 6603ASJ for Raptor

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.8 – 19.3″ lift range
  • 58 lb item weight
  • Dual-piston pump
  • Aluminum body

Arcan A20018

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.75 – 18″ lift range
  • 56 lb item weight
  • Dual-piston pump
  • Aluminum body

BIG RED T83002

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 5.5 – 20.5″ lift range
  • 56 lb item weight
  • Single-piston pump
  • Alloy steel material

Best Floor Jack for Ford F150 - TCE TCE83508

  • Rear swivel casters for 360 degrees rotations.
  • Steel design for heavy lifting.
  • Foamed handle
  • Load Capacity: 3.25 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 3.9 inches
  • Extended Height: 21 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 97.5 lb
  • Color: Blue & Silver
  • Size: ‎7.52 x 15.51 x 32.01 inches
  • Brand: ‎TCE
  • Part No. ‎TCE83508
  • No side mount handle for carrying and positioning

Let’s take a closer look at the first item on the list – the TCE floor jack. This model boasts a lifting power of 6,500 lbs. For safe lifting, it’s important to choose a floor jack that exceeds your Ford’s weight, which is typically around 5,000 lbs. With this floor jack, you can easily lift your Ford as its weight is well within the jack’s capacity.

The TCE floor jack also has a low minimum height, allowing you to easily position it under your Ford’s jack point. With a minimum lift range of 3.9″, you can use this model on any jack point of your F150, which has a higher ground clearance of approximately 9″.

best floor jack for ford f150
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When it comes to lift range, the maximum lift range is what matters the most. With the TCE floor jack, you’re in luck as it has the highest lift range among the jacks on our list. This model can raise your F150 up to 21″ off the ground, providing ample space for any maintenance or repairs you need to perform.

Equipped with a dual-piston pump, this floor jack lifts faster than models with a single-piston pump. Additionally, it has a bypass system that prevents over-pumping.

With a 4-foot handle, this product offers excellent mobility and pumping ease. Although the TCE floor jack weighs 97 lbs and can’t be lifted, its swivel casters make it easy to move around. The long handle is also a plus point in terms of maneuverability.

If you’re interested in seeing more highlights of this product, click on the image to check out its price and rating on Amazon.

Sunex 6603ASJ Affordable Floor jack for Ford Raptor

  • Easy for storage, thanks to its two-piece handle
  • The circular saddle is padded with rubber and has small protrusions that provide maximum friction and minimum sliding.
  • Fewer strokes, more rising – all thanks to the quick rise pump system. 
  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight body.
  • Load Capacity: 3 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 3.8 inches
  • Extended Height: 19.3 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Weight: 58 lb
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Size: ‎15 x 7.87 x 31.7 inches
  • Brand: Sunex
  • Part No. 6603ASJ
  • Expensive product
  • No bad reviews as of now

While finding a floor jack for the Ford Raptor with its higher ground clearance may not be a challenge, finding one that stands tall in all aspects can be difficult. Thankfully, Sunex’s model claims to do just that.

This floor jack has a weight capacity of 3 tons, making it easy to lift your Ford Raptor. Additionally, its quick rise pump, made up of two pistons, makes raising the Raptor a quick and effortless process.

With a minimum lift height of 3.8 inches and a maximum lift height of 19.3 inches, this floor jack can easily fit under your truck and lift it to a height that makes changing tires or performing any other repairs easier.

Ford F150 Sunex
Source Sunex Tools

This floor jack is quite wide, and the 4.5-inch rubber saddle complements its width. The saddle is removable, and the rubber pad diameter is 4 inches, ensuring that your lifted truck is safely raised.

What makes this car jack extraordinary is the inclusion of side handles. On each side of the jack is an integrated handle, allowing you to move the unit from one place to another with ease. Made out of aluminum and weighing 58 pounds, the handles are also helpful in positioning the jack under a jack point.

Lastly, this floor jack comes with a one-year warranty, making it a wise investment. Don’t miss out on a unit like this. Click on the image to check out its price and ratings.

Arcan A20018 Ford f150 Floor Jack

  • With thousands of positive ratings online.
  • Aluminum lightweight body
  • It can be installed under low jack points
  • Super quick lifting.
  • Load Capacity: 3 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 3.75 inches
  • Extended Height: 18 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 58 lb
  • Color: Green & Silver
  • Size: ‎30 x 13.5 x 8 inches
  • Brand: Arcan
  • Part No. A20018 / ALJ3T
  • Big size and an expensive item.
Floor jack for Ford
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If you’re in search of a dual-piston floor jack for your Ford F150, then this item is worth considering. If you’re tired of pumping and the jack barely touches your Ford’s jack point, you need a fast-rise floor jack. This floor jack features rapid lift technology, allowing you to raise your vehicle with far fewer pumps.

Despite having double pumps, this jack isn’t as heavy as you’d expect. Its aluminum body makes it lighter, weighing only 56 pounds. Though it lifts half-ton less weight compared to the previous floor jack, it’s still enough for your F150’s load. This item has a 6,000 lb load capacity, making it perfect for your Ford.

With this aluminum floor jack, you can now lift your Ford one and a half feet off the ground when you extend it to its maximum height. This provides ample space underneath your vehicle to perform any necessary repairs, including changing a flat tire.

While the maximum lift range of 18 inches is lower than the TCE jack, it is still sufficient for getting underneath your vehicle. The minimum lift range, which doesn’t matter as much for the higher clearance of a Ford, is lower than the first model reviewed. You can install this floor jack under clearances as low as 3.75 inches, which is less than half of the F150’s clearance of around 9 inches.

The handle of this jack comes in two parts, making it easy to store. The lower handle part is covered in foam to prevent any damage to your Ford while pumping, and the top saddle has rubber covering for secure lifting.

While this item may cost more, the benefits it offers are worth the investment. To check its price tag, click on the image.

Best Floor Jack for Ford F150 - [Video] Arcan A20018

BIG RED T83002 Ford Floor Jack Buyer’s Guide

  • Integrated with a safety system for overloading and overpumping.
  • Wide chassis for stability
  • Rust free body
    • Load Capacity: 3 ton
    • Minimum Lift Height: 5.5 inches
    • Extended Height: 20.5 inches
    • Pump: Single piston
    • Material: Alloy Steel
    • Weight: 56 lb
    • Color: Red & Black
    • Size: ‎32.25 x 15.5 x 7.25 inches
    • Brand: BIG RED
    • Part No. T83002
  • Padless saddle top

Want a low-budget floor jack for your Ford? Well, this Big Red item is the cheapest on the list, yet it meets the needs of your F150. This floor jack has a heavy-duty steel body that adds durability and long-lasting performance to its functioning. The powder-coated finish gives the jack a rust-free life.

Like most floor jacks, this product has rear 360-degree swivel casters that ease its mobility and positioning under a jack point. The two wide front steel casters add stability to the floor jack while holding your F150.

Since your Ford weighs around 5,000 lbs, this item is suitable for lifting your vehicle as it has a lifting power of 6,000 lbs, greater than your F150. A higher capacity jack is a plus point for secure raising. Speaking of security, this floor jack also meets ASME safety standards, so no worries about safety.

This one has a minimum lift range of 5.5”. The maximum height, on the other hand, is 20.5”, providing enough space for doing maintenance on your Ford. Due to its low price, this floor jack features a single-piston hydraulic pump. As a result, this item isn’t as sturdy as the first two jacks on the list.

Is a 2-ton jack enough for an f150?

Yes, a 2-ton jack is enough for an F150 as it can lift a maximum of 4000 lbs. However, when lifting a truck, you will probably be lifting one wheel at a time, which obviously has less mass than the whole vehicle.

This weight falls under the jack’s capacity and can be raised with the 2-ton jack. According to the rule of hydraulic jacks, you can lift a vehicle with a jack even if it weighs 25% more than the jack’s capacity. So, a 5000 lb Ford F-150’s one wheel can be easily raised with a 4000 lb floor jack.

Will a 1.5-ton jack lift an f150?

No, a 1.5-ton jack will not lift an F150. The jack’s capacity is less than the weight of the Ford, and if you try to lift the truck with the jack, you will overload it. This could cause injury to you and damage the truck.

The Ford F150 weighs around 5000 lbs and requires a 2-3 ton jack to be lifted safely. The best option is a three-ton jack, but if you don’t have one, you can use a 2-ton jack to lift one wheel at a time.

Is a 3-ton jack enough for F150?

Yes, a 3-ton jack is enough for an F-150. It can lift a maximum of 6,000 lbs, and since the Ford F-150 weighs around 5,000 lbs, the truck falls under the safe load capacity limit of the jack. The 3-ton jack can be handy when changing a tire or doing any repairs on your F150.

Click here to find answers to your questions about Ford F-150 floor jacks.


You have read reviews on the best floor jacks for the Ford F150 and Raptor. They all have enough lifting power to raise your Ford F150 high above the ground, so there’s no need to cross-check your Ford’s weight with its load capacity.

You can choose any model of your choice based on the lift range you prefer or the area you want underneath your Ford. The dual-piston Arcan floor jack has the fastest pump system but is the most expensive on the list. If you’re interested in it, it’s perfect.

If you want a sturdy jack with speedy lift, the TCE model has enough lifting power and a greater lift range for your F150. This one is also cheaper compared to the Arcan product. You can find out more about the TCE floor jack by clicking above buttons.


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