Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review – The Best Low-profile Jack

Looking for the Sunex 6602LP floor jack review? If so, this article will unbox the low rider Sunex 660LP floor jack so that you have enough clue about it before you go for it.

Let’s get started.

Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review
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Product Sunex
2 ton (4,000 lb)
Min. Lift
2.75" (7 cm)
Max Lift
24" (61 cm)
Pump Dual-piston
Saddle 4" (10.2 cm)
Weight 103.6 lb (47 kg)
Size (")
L x W x H
36 x 15.75 x 7.5
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Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review Key Features:

Minimum Height:

The Sunex 6602LP floor jack is one of the best low-profile service jacks that go under low clearance vehicles. It features a 2.75 inches (7 cm) min-height. This means that you can slide it under as low as 7 cm ground clearance cars, including sports cars, Corvettes, GTR, and so on.

As the jack has a 2.75 inches collapsed height, you can install it under all those vehicles that have 2.75 + inches clearance. If your car has 5 – 10 inches or 15 + inches clearance, you can use this model to lift it – more on this feature in the next heading.

Maximum Lift Height of the Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack

With the 7 cm min-height that makes the jack perfect for low-profile vehicles, this Sunex model is also the best jack for lifted vehicles. That’s right! It features a 24 inches (61 cm) max height. This means that you can extend the jack to 2 feet.

Or in other words, if you install it under your car and pump it to its max height, you will gain 24 inches clearance under your vehicle. And that’s more than enough space for doing any repair, and maintenance, let alone changing a tire that just requires a few inches lift. 

Speaking of the lifted vehicles earlier, this jack also meets a lifted truck’s needs as it has such a huge max height. Bear in mind that the listed vehicle’s clearance should not exceed 24 inches. If it’s more than that, it won’t be easy to jack such vehicles with the jack unless you try other methods like putting some blocks or woods under the jack to gain some height.

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Load Capacity

Besides the above great features, why not explore its lifting power? How much load does the Sunex 6602LP floor jack could lift? And that’s important to know about it. As it will meet all your lift range, but what if it doesn’t have enough strength to lift your vehicle?

The floor jack has the potential to lift up to 4000 lb (2 ton) load. Most regular and unibody cars, SUVs, and lightweight trucks, and pickups come in this load capacity. That’s why checking your car’s weight becomes essential before opting for this or any other model.

Some heavy-duty trucks that weigh 4000 – 5000 lb or more could also be lifted with this jack. In such cases, you will be lifting just one corner if you want to do a tire change or make some basic maintenance. If this is the case, you can for sure lift your vehicle as the load is divided on each corner of the car and that could come in the lifting capacity of the jack. 

But the best way would be to look for another hydraulic jack with more load capacity. You can find 3 – 5 ton floor jacks out there. 

Dual-piston Pump

The Sunex 6602LP will go to its max height with just a few strokes. Because there’s not a single-piston pump that does the lifting. The two pistons together pump the jack and hence it lifts quicker and faster. 

This rapid-rise mechanism saves your time and effort. Like in other single-piston floor jacks and bottle jacks where you need more strokes to extend the jack, here you will need around 5 to 7 full strokes to gain that full height. 

Long Reach

In some vehicles what happens is that a jack point is a bit far and you need to slide a jack a little further so that it reaches the point. Like front and rear points along the axles of low-profile cars. In such cases, long-throw floor jacks perform the best. Thanks to this Sunex 6602LP floor jack that features an 18 inches (45.7 cm) long-throw and can go beyond pinch weld jack points.

It could reach any jack point under low ground clearance vehicles. Besides its 2.75 inches min-height, which makes it perfect for low-profile cars, its 18 inches long reach is another plus point for choosing this jack for low ride height vehicles. 

In some low profile, long reach floor jacks, they become up as they go away from the jack’s saddle. And it will touch your car’s body without reaching that far jack point. But with this Sunex 6602LP, the low reach has 2.75 inches height at its saddle and the middle and through 15+ inches of the throw. This step would be more clear from the image below.

Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review
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In hydraulic jacks, the one part that touches a jack point is its saddle. The wider, flatter the saddle is, the safer it will lift your car. It should also have a rough surface to increase the friction and avoid unexpected sliding. 

The Sunex 6602LP floor jack features a 4 inches (10.2 cm) saddle diameter. This circular saddle makes a strong grip on the jack point, ensuring secure lifting. 

Safety & Protection

The jack meets ASME PALD safety standards. And it ensures that the jack’s load capacity has been tested by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. And it has passed all the safety tests. It also comes with a one-year warranty. 

The model has a 50 inches handle that comes in two pieces for easy storage. You can easily detach them to store them in any space you want. Its lower part has a foam bumper that protects your vehicle against any dents or damage in case it touches the body while pumping. 

Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review on its Maneuverability

This floor jack is so heavy that it will be hard for some people to pick it up or carry it around. It weighs around 103 lb (47 kg). There will be no need for that if it can roll over a floor. That’s right. The jack features four wheels that help with maneuverability.

The two rear 360-degree swivel casters help you move the jack in any direction. And the two front steel casters provide an extra-wide base for safe lifting and better mobility. So when you want to move it around or position it under a jack point, just grab the handle and pull it where you want.

Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review
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How to Safely Use the Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack?

Follow the steps below to safely lift your vehicle with this floor jack. Make sure you have a jack stand as well since the jack only lifts a load, not holds it. A jack stand holds it.

  • Park your car on a level and hard ground.
  • Slide the jack under a jack point and pump it.
  • Raise your car high enough so you can install a jack stand.
  • Once you’ve installed it, rotate the handle counterclockwise and the jack will come down and the load will rest on the stand.
  • When you want to remove the stand, again raise the load with the jack high enough so you can remove the stand.
  • Once the stand has been removed, lower the jack slowly and your car will come down.

Pros and Cons of the Sunex 6602LP Service Jack


  • Features a Dual-piston Pump
  • Best for Low-profile Vehicles.
  • Versatile Lift Range
  • Long Reach
  • Best for Lifted Vehicle.
  • Meets ASME PALD standard
  • 241+ Online Positive Ratings


  • Lifts only 2-ton load
  • Heavier
  • A bit Expensive

Where are sunex floor jacks made?

Sunex floor jacks are exclusively made in China. It has exceptional features and allows you to perform multiple maintenance and repairing jobs under safe lifting. 

Are Sunex Tools Made in the USA?

Not every Sunex tool is made in the USA. Some of them are manufactured in foreign countries like China. However, there’s no difference in the quality of their tools. Each of them is given equal attention and is made under the expert’s eye. 

The Conclusion:

It was a complete Sunex 6602LP Floor Jack Review. Make sure you cross-check all the jack’s features with your needs. In a nutshell, this model has a 4000 lb load capacity with a 2.75 – 24 inches versatile lifting range. If interested, you can go through its price, ratings, and other features by clicking the yellow button below.

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