Single piston vs Dual-piston pump floor jack – What to Buy

This article compares single-piston and dual-piston pump floor jacks. If you’re unsure about the differences between them and need help deciding which one is right for you, this blog post is essential reading.

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Best Single piston pump floor jack
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Best Dual-piston Floor jack
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What is the Best Single piston pump floor jack?

The Pro-Lift F-767 is one of the best single-piston floor jacks available online. It boasts a 4000 lb load capacity, making it suitable for lifting a wide range of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, and cars.

As the name suggests, this floor jack features a single-piston pump, which although not as quick as dual-piston pumps, is faster than the glide-action pumps used in bottle jacks. It requires a few more strokes compared to dual piston pumps for lifting.

The jack’s handle can be detached into two parts for convenient storage, and its length allows for easy pumping and maneuvering around the garage.

With a minimum clearance requirement of 3.4 inches, the Pro-Lift F-767 can lift most low-profile vehicles that have a ride height not lower than the jack’s minimum height. It can raise vehicles up to 15 inches, providing ample space for installing a jack stand or working underneath the car.

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What is the Best Dual-piston Floor jack?

The Liftmaster 6490 model is one of the best dual-piston floor jacks available. It can lift up to 6000 lbs to a height of 20 inches off the ground, making it suitable for lifting many cars, SUVs, and lightweight trucks within its capacity.

The maximum height of 20 inches provides ample clearance for various maintenance tasks, including changing a flat tire. The jack’s minimum height of 3 inches allows it to easily slide under vehicles, making it ideal for low-profile cars as well.

The built-in dual-piston pump system sets it apart from single-piston jacks, saving time, energy, and effort by reaching full height with fewer strokes.

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Is a Dual-piston pump floor jack more expensive than a single-piston pump?

Yes, a dual-piston floor jack is typically more expensive than a single-piston pump floor jack. However, the price difference is not solely due to the pump type. Other factors such as the lift range and the material (steel or aluminum body) also influence the price of a floor jack.

In general, floor jacks with dual-piston pumps tend to be priced higher than those with single-piston pumps. The specific price variations between the two jacks mentioned in this article reflect their respective features. It’s important to thoroughly review the features of a floor jack before making a purchase to ensure an informed decision.

Which one should you buy, a single-piston floor jack or a dual-piston?

A dual-piston floor jack saves you time and energy by lifting the load more quickly than a single-piston pump. While the primary advantage is faster lifting, there aren’t many other significant add-ons with dual-piston floor jacks. They do cost a bit more than single-piston pumps, so it’s important to consider other features before making a decision.

The lift range of a floor jack is particularly important. Ensure that the minimum height of the jack is compatible with the ground clearance of your car so it can fit underneath. If all the features align with your needs and it’s a single-piston floor jack, then it can certainly be a suitable choice.

Is a Dual-piston floor jack heavier than a single-piston jack?

The weight of a floor jack is not significantly affected by the pump system alone. While a dual-piston pump may add a few pounds to the overall weight, the main factors contributing to weight are the structure and material of the jack. Steel floor jacks tend to be heavier than aluminum jacks.

Does a dual piston pump floor jack lift vehicle quicker?

Yes, a dual-piston pump floor jack lifts vehicles quicker than a single-piston pump. With two pistons working together in the system, the lifting process is faster. Some dual-piston floor jacks may require 4 to 7 full strokes to reach their maximum height.

Are dual-piston floor jacks better?

Dual-piston floor jacks are superior to single-piston jacks. They require fewer pump strokes to reach the desired height, cutting down pumping time by half. This results in quicker lifting with minimal effort.


This was a quick comparison between a single-piston pump floor jack and a dual-piston pump. It’s evident that a dual-piston floor jack is superior. There are many other pros and cons to consider for each type of jack before making a choice. If you haven’t already, you can explore further details about the two jacks mentioned above by clicking the buttons below.

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