Single piston vs Dual-piston pump floor jack – What to Buy

This article compares a single-piston vs dual-piston pump floor jack. If you don’t know the difference between them and cannot decide which one is for you, you need this blog post.

Let’s get into it. 

Best Single piston pump floor jack
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Best Dual-piston Floor jack
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What is the Best Single piston pump floor jack?

Pro-Lift F-767 is the best single-piston floor jack that can be found online. It has a 4000 lb load capacity, allowing most vehicles for lifting. You can raise trucks, SUVs, and cars with this floor jack.  

As the heading says, this floor jack features a single-piston pump, which is obviously not as quick as the lifting done by two pistons. The single-piston pump still raises loads faster than the glide-action pumps of bottle jacks.

It just needs a few more strokes compared to the dual piston pumps. With that, the jack’s handle can be detached into two parts for easy storage. It’s also pretty long that allows you to pump the jack, and to move it over the garage by pulling the handle.

The minimum clearance Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack needs is 3.4 inches. You can raise most low-profile vehicles with it as long as their ride height is not less than the jack’s minimum height. The item takes your car all the way up to 15 inches, leaving enough space for installing a jack stand or creeping under the car.

You can find out more about this floor jack, its ratings, price tag, and customer reviews by clicking the button below.

What is the Best Dual-piston Floor jack?

Liftmaster 6490 model is the best dual-piston floor jack. It can lift 6000 lb to 20 inches off the ground. Many cars, SUVs, and lightweight trucks can be raised with this jack as long as they don’t weigh way more than the jack’s capacity.

And the 20 inches max height is more than enough and you’ll just need a few inches of lifting if you want to change a flat tire. Speaking of it, the jack can easily get under vehicles since it has 3 inches minimum height. That’s best for low profile cars as well.

The built in dual piston pump system stands it out above all the single piston jacks. Saving your time, energy, and effort, this jack reaches its full height with fewer full strokes. With that, if you want to know more about this jack then click below. 

Is a Dual-piston pump floor jack more expensive than a single-piston pump?

Yes, a dual piston floor jack is more expensive than a single piston pump floor jack. And the price does not depend on the pump only. There are other features in jacks like lift range, its steel or aluminum body also play their role in the price.

So generally, a floor jack’s price is a bit higher than a jack with a single piston pump. The two jacks that are mentioned in this article also have different price tags depending on their features. Before deciding on the price, double-check the features of a jack so you have an informed decision. 

Which one should you buy, a single-piston floor jack or a dual-piston?

A dual piston floor jack saves you a few minutes, and energy. It lifts the load quicker. There is no other big add-on in such floor jacks. It will cost a few more bucks than a single piston pump. You should check other features as well and then decide.

Especially the lift range of a floor jack matters a lot. You need to cross check the minimum height of the jack with the ground clearance of your car. It should get under it. If all the features align with your need, and it is a single piston floor jack, you can for sure go for it. 

Is a Dual-piston floor jack heavier than a single-piston jack?

The weight of a floor jack does not hugely depend on the pump system. However, a dual piston will add a few pounds to the overall weight, but the major contributor is the structure and the material. Steel floor jacks are heavier than aluminum jacks. 

Does a dual piston pump floor jack lift vehicle quicker?

Yes, a dual piston pump floor jack lifts vehicles quicker than a single piston pump. Because here two pistons work together in the system so the lifting will obviously be faster. Some dual piston floor jacks need 4 – 7 full strokes to reach their max height. 

Are dual-piston floor jacks better?

Dual-piston floor jacks are better than single-piston. They require minimum strokes of the pump to reach the desired height and cut the pumping time to half. So, you get a quick outcome due to the quick pace and need to involve minimum potential. 


This was a quick comparison between a single piston pump floor jack and a dual piston. It is clear that a dual piston floor jack is better than the other. There are many other pros and cons about each jack which you should know before picking any of the models. If you haven’t yet, you can further explore the two jacks mentioned above by clicking the buttons below.

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