Scissor Jack vs Floor Jack: Which One You Should Buy

Browsing for scissor jack vs floor jack or got stuck between picking the right one? If so, this article will compare scissor jacks with floor jacks so that you choose the right jack for your vehicle.

It’s hard to get a product that is of many kinds, especially car jacks. Among car jacks, scissor jack and floor jack have different features for different purposes. That’s why you should take a look at them before deciding on one for your car.

We’ll first explore the best scissor and floor jack before comparing the two.

Scissor jack vs floor jack
Click the image to see the scissor jack's price
Scissor jack vs floor jack
Click the image to see the floor jack's price

Best Scissor Jack

BIG RED T10152 is one of the best scissor jacks that features a 3000 lb load capacity. It has a 10.5 – 38.5 cm lift range. This means you should provide 10.5 inches minimum clearance for the jack to fit under a jack point. It will then raise the load to 38.5 cm. You can further explore this BIG RED T10152 scissor jack by clicking the button below.

Best Floor Jack

Arcan (A20002 / XL3000A) is the best floor jack with a 6000 load capacity, which is more than the scissor jack. And that’s one reason why a floor jack wins over a scissor jack. The jack’s lift range is from 3 to 19.72 inches, enough for making any repair or maintenance in your car. 

This jack is operated by a dual-piston pump which lifts load way quicker than the scissor jack. You can find the jack’s ratings and price by hitting the button below. 

Scissor Jack vs Floor Jack: An Overview of the Comparison

Scissor Jack Features Floor Jack
1.5 - 3 ton Load Capacity 2 - 5 ton
3 - 4.5 inch Min. Lift Range 2.75 - 4.5 inch
11 - 18 inch Max. Lift Range 18 - 24 inch
5 - 10 lb Weight 60 - 100 lb
20 - 25 US$ Cost 100 - 300 US$
No pump system Hydraulic Pump Single / dual piston
~ 2 inch Saddle Diameter 4 - 4.5 inch
Small Volume Big
Yes Low-Profile Vehicles Yes
Yes High-Profile Vehicles Yes
No Steel Casters Yes
Steel Material Steel / Aluminum
Good Stability Great
Crank Handle Handle Long

Scissor Jack vs Floor Jack: Which One Has More Load Capacity?

Talking about the lifting power, floor jacks have more load capacity than scissor jacks. The floor jacks load capacity ranges from 2 – 5 tons. While the other competitor can lift 1.5 – 3 ton load. This comparison  indicates that floor jacks are for heavier vehicles — trucks and SUVs etc. 

Know your car’s weight before choosing between a scissor or floor jack. It’s also essential to buy a product that has more power than your needs. Opt for a jack, whether scissor or floor jack, that has more lifting power than your car’s weight.

Scissor jacks have the least load capacity among all car jacks. That’s why they’re used at the time of emergency only. If you got a garage where you do most of your car repair, then you should go for a floor jack.

What’s the Scissor Jack vs Floor Jacks’ Lift Range?

Let’s explore the two jacks minimum height. Because this height enables you to place the jack, scissor or floor jack, under your vehicle. It also indicates which jack is for low-profile cars and which one for higher.

In this comparison, both the models have almost the same minimum lift range. You can easily fit each jack under low ground clearance cars. Most floor and scissor jacks’ lift range is from 2.75 – 4.5 inches.  This is the lowest minimum-lift range in the carjack industry. 

On the other hand, floor and scissor jacks have different maximum lift ranges. And floor jacks are the winners in this case. You can pump a floor jack up to 2 feet. While most scissor jacks have 11 – 18 inches maximum lift range. 

The higher the lift range, the better. If a jack has higher lift range, you’ll have more area under your car if you lift it with the jack. Since floor jacks have 18 – 24” max height, they’re better than scissor jacks in this case. 

Due to the higher lift range, floor jacks are fit for high ground clearance cars over scissor. 

Floor Jacks vs Scissor: Which One is Lighter?

Scissor jacks are way lighter than floor jacks. They weigh around 5 – 10 lb. They’re the lightest car jacks. On the flip hand, floor jacks, which have more lifting power, are the heaviest jack. 

Floor jacks have 60 to 100 lb weight. They’re heavier because floor jacks have hydraulic pumps which scissor jacks don’t have. They have manual operation. But electric scissor jacks are also available in the market. Which enhances the jacks features. 

The lightweight scissor jacks help you easily store them in your car trunk. That’s why every vehicle comes with this jack. They also don’t occupy more space. 

Floor jacks, on the other hand, are heavier and occupy more space than scissor. But they have 360 degree steel casters that help with mobility and positioning. The dual-piston hydraulic pumps are even heavier, 100 lb or more. 

Which One is a Cheaper Car Jack?

Scissor jacks are cheaper than floor. They’re the cheapest jacks among all the car jacks. You would have seen that floor jacks are heavier and more durable than scissor, which make them the most expensive jacks. 

Scissor jacks cost 20 – 25 USD. And the price tag on floor jacks are from 100 – 300 USD. The floor jacks, that lie around 250 USD, have double piston pumps. Such pumps help the jacks to raise a load with just a few pumps. They have the fastest pump system among car jacks. 

How to Operate a Scissor Jack and a Floor Jack?

Floor jacks have a hydraulic system which you should pump to raise a load. All you have to do is to place the jack under the load, say a car’s jack point. Move the jack’s handle up and down, and the jack will keep on rising. 

Pump the jack multiple times until it lifts your vehicle to a desired height. After you’ve done your job and is the time to lower your jack. Slowly rotate the handle anti clockwise. This will lower the jack and your car. 

Manual scissor jacks have a crank handle which you should turn clockwise to raise your car. And if you want to lower the jack, then turn the same handle anti clockwise. That will lower the jack to its original height. 

Electric scissor jacks are operated with a push of a button. They have different features than manual jacks — more load capacity and lift range. They’re also more expensive than manual scissor jacks. 

Floor vs Scissor Jack: Which One is More Stable and Secure?

Stability and security is essential when it comes to car jacks. Because you’re going to lift a ton of weight and you need safe work done. If you want to get under your vehicle for a repair, then the stable and secure work is even more important. Because now is the life and death situation.

Exploring this factor, floor jacks are more stable and secure over scissor. Floor jacks have a strong base support that reduces the tilting of your car.  While scissor jacks have a small and slim base. The light weight body makes the jacks more unstable and insecure.

The floor jack’s sturdy and heavy body gives strong support to the load. They also come with an ASMI / PASI factory approved certificate. Scissor jacks that come with a car are made for that specific car. You should not use them for other purposes. While floor jacks have versatility and you can use them for different vehicles as far as you don’t overload them.

Storage and Maintenance Comparison of Scissor and Floor Jacks.

Since scissor jacks have light weight and small size, they’re perfect for storing in your car’s trunk. Whether you want to keep it in your garage or in the trunk, you can easily move it around or place it under your vehicle.

Floor jacks aren’t great in this regard. All the pros don’t come to one product. While travelling, it’s harder to keep a floor jack in your car trunk. It occupies more space and is heavier. You might consider this as a drawback in floor jacks. 

Floor jacks are perfect to use them in your garage. And you do your repair in your garage, right? Not in the middle of a highway. So no need for a floor jack during travel. Scissor jacks are used for a tire change only. That’s why it’s easier to keep it in your trunk in case you do a flat tire.

Maintenance is not a big issue in car jacks, whether it’s a floor or a scissor jack. But it’s better to grease a scissor jack’s screw for a smooth performance every few months. 

Floor jacks have hydraulic oil that may need to be replaced when they don’t work properly. If a floor jack doesn’t lift weight then you should change the oil. But there isn’t a need for it in months. You’ll also need to bleed the air as well. 


You’ve seen that floor jacks have many great features over scissor jacks. Yet it depends on your needs. Think of your purpose first. What for you want a jack? Then according to that, decide which one suits your needs: scissor jack or floor jack. 

If you want a car jack for your vehicle repair and you do all that yourself, a floor jack is the best choice. They are stronger jacks and have better features than scissor jacks, which we’ve discussed above. Don’t compromise over budget but get an everlasting jack. 

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