Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile 2 Ton Floor Jack Review

When it comes to quality floor jacks, Powerbuilt is one of those brands that instantly clicks to our minds. The brand never fails to satisfy the needs of its users with its exceptional standard of products. Today we will be looking at one of its prodigies, Powerbuilt 620479E, which has managed to gather impressive reviews among automotive enthusiasts.

Powerbuilt 620479E is an ultra-low profile jack that remains an ideal choice for sports, luxury, and classic cars or any other vehicle that has a low ground clearance. 

To know why this floor jack outplays other contenders, let’s roll over to the features of the Powerbuilt 620479E and decide whether it will be a perfect fit for your needs or not.

Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile 2 Ton Floor Jack Review
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2 ton (4,000 lb)
2.75" (7 cm)
15.5" (39.4 cm)
Pump Single-piston
Weight 58.7 lb (26.6 kg)
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Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile 2 Ton Floor Jack Key Features

Load Capacity

The Powerbuilt 620479E floor jack can clutch vehicles with a weight capacity of 2 tons. Being an ultra-low profile floor jack, its compact dimensions allow you to place it under any jack points in your vehicle. However, the load capacity may not be the best bet for raising heavy vehicles like Cadillac Escalade and Toyota Tundra.

One thing that you need to consider is that its greater elevation might result in a titled jack due to the maximum pressure on the hydraulic pump. But, if the release lever is screwed down correctly then you may be able to obtain the desired height.

Thankfully, the 6000 lbs of weight capacity let you change the tire conveniently and do a bit of mechanical maintenance in the vehicles such as SUVs, Sedans, or an Overlanding rig.

Minimum Lift Height

Powerbuilt 620479E has a minimum height of 2.75 inches from the ground, which is an extremely low profile as compared to other floor jacks in its league at present. Now you can place this heavy-duty jack anywhere under the chassis of your vehicle without having to worry about lifting it over and above the automotive components. 

Despite being at the minimum height, this floor jack can be placed under a foldable truck bed or in a barn. By looking at the minimum lift range of the jack, it can slide to most of the lowered or track cars including Corvette, GTR, and other sports cars.

Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile 2 Ton Floor Jack Review
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What’s more? The Powerbuilt 620479E floor jack has a dual-piston pump system that operates through an air pump to get an accurate lifting of your vehicle. The handle is easy to grip and can accommodate up to 50 strokes per minute for quick lifting speed. It features a pressure release valve to ensure safety during each pumping session. With that said, you will need a couple of strokes and the vehicle will be elevated at the desired height. The pump is also sturdy and has a wide base that supports the structure of the vehicle.

All-In-One Feature

Another exciting feature is the safety lock-out system under the lift arm that helps you to get safe and secure when you are operating underneath the vehicle. The safety lock-out helps you lift the vehicle only when the floor jack is placed at ground level. It can be locked in both positions, making it an ideal choice for professional automotive enthusiasts who want to work with utmost safety. 

This safety lock bar slides under the lift arm to offer a mechanical stop, which prevents retracting. And, when you have the safety lock bar, you don’t really need a jack stand.

Extended Height

Another impressive thing about this floor jack is its maximum height of 15-1/2 inches which makes it a suitable option for vehicles like sports cars or any other rare vehicle. You can use this low profile jack on the undercarriage, frame rail, and other parts to lift your vehicle high enough to get access to the trouble spot.

Saddle and Carrying Handle

The saddle of this floor jack can handle a load capacity of 2 tons. The sturdy construction vouches for incredible durability and smooth functionality while you are down under the vehicle. With that said, the saddle acts as the main support for your vehicle.

Powerbuilt 620479E has a built-in stiff plastic tray that offers stability when the floor jack is placed right under the chassis or any other sensitive region for lifting purposes. So, you don’t have to worry about the load tipping over the tray. The plastic tray also helps to protect sensitive surfaces of your vehicle from unwanted scratches during cranking up.

This floor jack offers maximum stability at one time, therefore just by lifting the handle, you can lift up your car with ease and comfort without any noise or hassle.

Above all, this floor jack complies with the ASME standards which is a cherry on top, as it reinforces its built-in strength and safety measures.

When it comes to the carrying handle of a 62049E floor jack, it features a rugged steel handle that is comfortable to grip and provides users more control over the operation. Thanks to the carrying handle that allows flawless maneuverability in confined spaces.

Maneuverability & Weight

You will appreciate the presence of 4 castor wheels that deliver exceptional performance while maneuvering under the vehicle. The hydraulics of this floor jack is capable enough to lift a car with ease, but its compact size makes it easy to maneuver under any part of your vehicle for quick repair work. Additionally, the rear wheels are constructed on a large contact area which is one of the primary reasons why this floor jack offers better maneuverability.

The weight of this floor jack is 58.7 pounds, which means it can handle a maximum load capacity of up to 4000 lbs. Sit back and don’t worry about the lifting process because it will work properly on a vehicle that has a high weight. The double jacks allow you to lift up your car quickly and distribute the weight evenly on the ground, which sweetens the working process.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Powerlift 620479E exceeds our expectations in terms of performance, and value provided. For anyone who has budget constraints and is still hunting for power-packed options, Powerbuilt 620479E is your go to option for any kind of mechanical services. Despite being the slimmest and ultra low profile, this floor jack can respond to heavy loads.

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