Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack Review

In this review, you are about to discover the ins and out of the Powerbuilt 620422E heavy-duty 4000 pounds triple lift jack. So, get ready because, in the end, you will surely be able to make a decision if you should invest your bucks in it or not. 

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack Review
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Capacity 2 ton (4,000 lb)
5.25 - 17.75"
(8.2 - 50.8 cm)
Weight 79 lb (34 kg)
Jack + Stand
Uses Car, UTV,
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Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Lift Jack Key Features

Load Capacity

First thing first, the load capacity of your car jack should be maximum. With this jack, you get 2 tons of weight capacity. That means it is capable of holding 4,000 pounds and is quite enough for at least most of the cars out there.

The floor jack claims to lift other vehicles other than cars. That includes motorcycles, small trucks, and ATVs. So, if you have any vehicles falling within this limit, it is one of the best options available out there.

If your vehicle weighs more than 4000 lb, you can still use the Powerbuilt 620422E floor jack for lifting it. In cars, floor jacks can raise loads that are 2 times more than the jack’s capacity.

I know how this sounds! Say you’ve got a truck that weighs 7000 lb and want to jack it up, you will be raising its one wheel at a time. And this corner probably weighs less than the overall weight of the truck.

That’s why you can use floor jacks for lifting heavy-duty trucks, and SUVs as well, let alone unibody vehicles.

Minimum Lift Height

Make sure the vehicle you are buying it for has a ground clearance of 5 1/4 inches. Because this floor jack has this minimum height. One thing to note here is that this is the height without the saddle. With the saddle, it measures about 6 inches.

It’s so important that you compare the ground clearance of your car with it. From your car, it should be lower to the ground. Otherwise, it may not slide under your vehicle.

Maximum Lift Height

Along with the minimum lift height, keep a check on maximum lift height. This way, you get to know if you can perform maintenance under your vehicle or not. Like in this floor jack, the maximum lift height is 17 3/4 inches.

Although this height is not the highest of others in the market, it is acceptable and still good for performing tasks – oil and tire change, for instance.

Powerbuilt 620422E
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Multiple Use Floor Jack

This floor jack can be used for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and UTV/ATVs. Since most jacks can be used for cars and trucks, this Powerbuilt jack is handy in lifting motorcycle and UTVs.

When you remove the circular saddle top of the jack, it gives an extra big saddle like in the motorcycle and ATVs lifts. That’s why it can be used for bikes and UTVs as well. In fact, the jack features two tie-down points so you can tie your motorcycle with straps for safe lifting.

Wide Chassis

Compared to other floor jacks available, it’s more stable on the ground. All thanks to the jack’s extra wide base. You can tell this difference very easily by peeking. None of the floor jacks are wide enough, not even Arcan A20015 Floor Jack.

Note that the unit is not low profile. It requires space to slide under the car and is a bit taller than others. So, you need to mark that before making your final verdict on this floor jack.

Saddle of Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack Review

The saddle on the floor jack is different from others. It is patented with a wide surface area to hold your car to the best. Fortunately, the saddle post is 29 mm, which makes your vehicle entirely stable when raised.

Know here that the saddle in this jack is removable. Plus, it takes almost seven pumps to jack up the car to its highest point. However, it differs from one vehicle to another as the weight, and the conditions vary.

all in one Feature - Jack & Jack Stand

In other floor jacks, you surely need jack stands. These jack stands need room to rest and consume your energy and time as you need to install them after a car has been raised. Thanks to the Powerbuilt floor jack, there is no need for jack stands
There are two holes made in this jack.

Through these holes, you can pass the safety bar once you have lifted the jack to the desired height. This secured-in-place safety bar then ensures the jack stabilizes the unit, minimizing the chances of accidents. Hence, no need for a separate jack stand.

Extra Safety Feature

There’s something more in the safety column of this floor jack, and that is tie-down safety loops. Added safety, and stability, are what it promises. All you have to do is tie them down and perform the job free of stress.

So, if you are interested alone in the secure and practical system that allows you to get under your car stress-free, a smart choice is this.

Powerbuilt 620422E
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Unlike the other floor jack’s handle that comes as a single piece, it doesn’t. It comes as a two-piece which you need to join while assembling other parts. Keep the instructions mentioned in the manual in view to secure it tight and safe.

One piece of the handle measures 20 inches. Collectively, this handle is 40 inches in length. Due to this handle, you jack up your vehicle with ease. After use, you can detach this handle back for storage if you are short on space.

Not only this, the handle of the jack is versatile enough. It is also helpful to tug the floor jack here and there, which is quite heavy.


Lifting 79.2 pounds is challenging, and the manufacturers know it. That is why they have installed wheels on both the front and back end of the floor jack. Through the back wheels, you can swivel the unit while the front wheels are fixed.

The iron wheels are quite sturdy and stand on every floor they are on. The distance between the two front wheels is 8.75 inches, while the diameter and width of each are 3 and 1.1 inches.
Thanks to these sturdy wheels, moving this floor jack is easy. So, you don’t have to be worried about the heavyweight the jacks come with.


This was all about Powerbuilt 620422E heavy-duty 4000 pounds triple lift jack. It holds 2 tons of weight regardless of whether it’s a bike, ATV, car, SUV, or small truck. Due to its versatile nature and rubber padding on the flat top parts, it’s quite praised out there.

Although the floor jack is heavy overall, the handle and the wheel are there for quick and easy maneuvering. On top of that are the unit’s two safety features that make it reliable. You don’t need to have jack stands to buy it, so it’s a win-win situation.

Agreed that the unit is a bit expensive, but it’s worth the price. And, it’s a thoughtful building, if you ask us. So, we highly recommend you buy it and check the price from the button below.

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