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Looking for a detailed review on the OTC 1545 motorcycle lift before buying it? Well, you’ve reached the right corner. This article will open everything about this OTC 1545 motorcycle jack before you. So that you know all about it before you opt for the purchase.

Let’s first check out the key features of the motorcycle jack in the table below. 

OTC 1545 Ultra Low Profile Motorcycle Review
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Product OTC 1545
Moto. Jack
1,500 lb (680 kg)
3.5" (8.9 cm)
Max. lift
16.75" (42.5 cm)
Weight 90 lb (40.8 kg)
Size (")
L x W x H
39 x 20 6.5
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OTC 1545 Motorcycle Jack Review Key Features

Now that you know about some of the OTC 1545 features, let’s walk through these and more aspects of the lift in detail. How these features are the best for your motorcycle. And why you should make this lift a companion when you’re doing any repair or maintenance in your motorcycle.

Let’s unbox them.

Load Capacity

The first key feature of the OTC 1545 motorcycle jack is its load capacity. Because this aspect shows how much weight it could lift. And does your motorcycle lie under this lifting capacity? The OTC jack has a 1,500 lb load capacity, making it the perfect choice for most motorcycles.

As this jack has 680 KG (1500 lb) lifting power, this is an ideal lift for motorcycles that weigh under the given load. Most of the motorcycles including Harley-Davidsons weigh under 1000 lb. This means that the OTC 1545 lift can easily raise any motorcycle that comes in its capacity range.

Minimum Lift Height

Now as the lift would probably raise your motorcycle, let’s then see whether you can place it under your motorcycle. If the jack can lift the load but could not be installed under it, the lift would be of no use.

This OTC 1545 lift has a 3.5 inches (8.89 cm ) minimum height. You can slide the jack under any motorcycle that has a ground clearance of more than 3.5 inches. Luckily, most of the motorcycles in the market have more than 3.5 inches clearance. 

Maximum Lift Height of OTC 1545 Motorcycle Jack

Now that you can place the lift under your bike, the question is, how high will it lift your motorcycle. More the max lift range, the better it would be. Because you will have more area under your motorcycle for doing any repair, maintenance, or tire change.

You can extend this OTC motorcycle jack to 16.75 inches. This means if you raise your motorcycle with this jack, you will lift it 16.75 inches off the ground, leaving behind more than enough space for your job.  

Hydraulic Pump

The OTC 1545 lift also features a hydraulic bottle jack. This jack does all the lifting jobs. This bottle jack will quickly raise your motorcycle with just a few strokes. And for pumping, the lift features a pedal. No need to bend over or sit and pump the jack. 

Just put your foot on the upper big pedal and push it a few times. And you will see your motorcycle rising. Speaking of the pedal, this lift also features another pedal for bringing it down. Slowly press the lower small pedal and your motorcycle will safely come down.


The OTC 1545 is one of the safest motorcycle jacks you can ever find. That’s because the lift features an automatic locking system that locks itself no matter at what height you’ve raised your motorcycle. This is a great feature. Most people get scared of the jack failing, the weight will come down at once and it will damage your bike.

But this jack is not one of them. It will automatically lock itself. And the lift will work as a stand afterward. You can lock the rear casters as well. So that the jack does not move while the weight is being lifted. Also, you will receive some straps with this model for tying down your motorcycle, ensuring more safety.

OTC 1545 Ultra Low Profile Motorcycle Review
Click the image to see its price


This lift weighs around 90 lb. It would be difficult for most people to move it around. But there’s no need for that when you can roll it over the floor. The jack features two rear swivel 360-degree wheels and two front casters for maximum mobility. 

Grab the jack from the handle and move it around the ground. Speaking of it, the lift also has a long T-handle which will also be handy when carrying it around. Just as you’ve heard above, you can lock the rear casters as well so that the lift does not move and stay firm. 

What’s More in OTC 1545 Lift?

The OTC 1545 motorcycle jack has two 17 inches long skids. These are the jack’s parts that come in contact with the motorcycle you’re lifting. So the wider and longer the skids, the safer the lifting will be. The 17 inches skids provide a big surface area for raising your bike. 

This jack is fit for all motorcycles that have ground clearance of more than 3.50 inches and weigh under 1,500 lb. That includes Harley Davidson Models as well. 

How Does OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift Work?

  • Slide the lift under your motorcycle. 
  • Make sure the jack is at the center of it. 
  • Use the straps to tie down your motorcycle with the jack, ensuring safe lifting.
  • Press the upper big pedal to pump the lift. 
  • Once you’ve raised it to the desired height, the jack will lock itself. 
  • Lock the rear casters as well for maximum safety.
  • After you’ve done your job and want to lower the jack, press the lower small pedal. And the motorcycle will come down.
  • Untie the straps and remove the jack.

The Verdict

It was a complete OTC 1545 motorcycle lift review that unboxed everything for you. This is the best motorcycle jack that you can find in the market. It features a 1500 lb load capacity and 3.50 inches minimum height, fit for most motorcycles. If you want to check out its price and other customer reviews, click the yellow button below.

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