Is It Safe to Work Under Jack Stands?

is it safe to work under jack stands
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Is It Safe to Work Under Jack Stands? Yes, you can work under a car held by jack stands as long as they are strong enough to support the load and are placed correctly under the factory-labeled jack points. For in-depth details on whether working under jack stands is safe or not, we have gathered all the essential safety requirements, tips, and tricks below. If you follow them, you can get the job done while the vehicle is resting on the stands.

Jack Stands Capacity

The stands have a limited safe bearing capacity that should not be exceeded for safe working. A stand with a 2-ton capacity means it can support a maximum weight of 2 tons or 4000 lbs. The safest case is that the car should weigh less than the stand’s capacity. However, you can still opt for jack stands with 100% or 75% of your car’s weight capacity.

The equal capacity makes sense, but the 75% doesn’t, right? That’s true. Because no matter how much your car weighs, you’re supporting a part of it with the tool. It may be single or two tires that weigh less than the whole mass. That’s why it can be supported with stands having 75% capacity.

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Lock System

Always install dual-lock jack stands for added safety. The two locks are the handle and the pin that seal the tool at the desired height. Remember that when the car comes down, one of the most common reasons could be the stands collapsing or lowering to the minimum height. When they’re locked tightly, they won’t hesitate to lower. Therefore, double-check the safety system.

Hard and Level Ground

The jack stands may fail when the car is parked on uneven ground. In this case, the load is not on the stands’ center of gravity but outside. It destabilizes the tools, which could cause damage. So be careful with the ground level. It can be verified using a bubble level.

Further, a soft soil surface also disturbs the stands’ base, and they could sink into the ground. The concrete ground is preferable when working under jack stands.

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The stands will penetrate the car if placed under weak and delicate parts. The solid points are under the doors near each tire. You can use the frame and beam as the supporting points. Take a step ahead and consult your car’s manual for the factory jack points. They could vary depending on the model. So it is always recommended to use the jack location labeled by the car manufacturer.

Support the Tires

If you’re lifting the car for repair or maintenance without changing a tire, place something under the tires so they rest on it without leaving them hanging. This is a pro safety tip, regardless of how great jack stands you have. If you have wood, concrete blocks, or rubber ramps, install them under the tires.

Avoid Working Alone

Having someone nearby is better than working alone. He/she can give you a hand if any emergency situation arises. If you’re working in your garage, it is essential to inform your family members that you’re working under the car so they can keep an ear on you if you need a hand. Having a dog inside the workshop would also be better if there is no human available.

Final Thoughts

Is it safe to work under jack stands? Yes, you can work under jack stands. They are designed for this job. Besides that, make sure you follow all the safety requirements as stated above.

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