How To Put A Car On 4 Jack Stands [Beginner’s Guide]

How to put a car on 4 jack stands

Want to raise all four wheels of your car and don’t know how to put a car on 4 jack stands? If so, you’ve landed at the right place. 

Putting a car on 4 jack stands is as simple as raising one corner for a tire change. You just need to do the same job on all the wheels and place a separate jack stand near the lifted tire. 

Let’s dive into the details.

Things You Need to Lift the Whole Vehicle

A Floor Jack

One car jack would be enough for the job. It should meet the car’s needs. This means it should easily slide underneath especially if you have a low-profile vehicle. For this reason, the jack’s minimum height must be less than the ground clearance.

Its load capacity should be equal to or greater than the weight of the car. Jacks are rated in tons and they could be either 2, 3, or 4 tons, which can lift 4000 lb, 6000 lb, and 8000 lb respectively. The car you’re going to lift should fall under the jack’s range. 

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4 Jack Stands

Just as the jack should have greater load capacity, the stands should too. They’re also rated in tons, which must be more than the vehicles’ gross weight. Further, the stand’s minimum height does not matter as of the jack since you will provide enough room for them to fit in.

They should have a standard locking mechanism because they’ll hold the weight for maybe a few hours when you’re doing the task. Some brands even integrated dual lock systems for added safety. Make sure to pick those ones. 

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They prevent the wheels from moving in case they experience an inclination. Place the chocks on the wheels that will remain on the ground. Using concrete bricks, blocks or woods will also do the job but is not recommended as the chocks that are made for it. 

How to Lift the 4 Tires of a Car

Choosing the location

Prefer a level and hard ground for this job. If you have a concrete garage, that would be the best place for it. It should not be inclined or should be free of any degree of slope. Surface leveling is so much more important than anything in this action.

Roads are also preferred if they have no traffic and you cannot be disturbed during the lifting. If the driveway in your home is level and has no slope for water flow, that’s also the best spot. 

After choosing the location, park your car there and then gather the tools mentioned. Place each stand near each wheel.

Lifting the Car

Before raising, the jack points should be located in the first place. It may vary depending on the vehicle model. Therefore, consult the manual. Separate jack points are required for each stand and the jack. 

Typically, most cars have jack points near each wheel and under the doors along the pinch weld. 

After choosing the lift points, you can now get started with the jacking which can be done in two ways: Either lift each wheel and place a stand or lift two wheels at a time and place the stands. 

The latter method is recommended because it saves you time, and energy and gives room for the stand to easily go onto its position without being disturbed by the jack. Plus, the stands should be extended at equal height.

Depending on the jack points, your car model, and your choice, you can pick either of the following ways for putting a car on 4 jack stands.

Method 01

Raise the left side of a car and put jack stands near the left front and rear wheel. Then do the same for the right side. Lift it from the middle of the pinch weld and you will have space for the stands to be installed under the lifting points. 

Method 02

Raise the front end of the car using the central jack point if your car has it. Place jack stands behind the front wheel. Then lift the rear end and place stands in front of the back tires.

Method 03

On the left side, raise the left rear wheel and place a stand near the front left tire. Then lift the right rear wheels and place the stand near the front right tire. The two rear tires will be lifted. Now raise the back end and place the stands near each rear wheel.

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How to Lower Your Car from the 4 Jack Stands 

Since you already have the car in the air, just raise it a bit further so that the car relies on the jack, not the stands, and then remove the stands one by one. Reverse-follow the process you used for lifting the car in the first place. 

Just, in this case, you’re removing the stands, not installing them. Say you used the first method above for the lifting, do the opposite. Lift the left side of the car high enough so you can remove the stands. Then lift the right side from the middle and remove the stands. 

Outro & Disclaimer

Putting a car on 4 jack stands is not a beginner’s job and could even cause you death. If you haven’t lifted your car before, do not try this. Hire a professional. Also, reading the manual of the tools, and the car for proper lifting is mandatory. 

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