How to Put a Car on 2 Jack Stands [The Right Way]

how to put a car on two jack stands

Want to put your car on 2 jack stands but don’t know how to install the stands underneath? Well, you’ve reached the right place.

Placing two jack stands under a car can be as easy as installing one stand. You’ll just need to raise the car twice at different jack points. 

Let’s find out what ways will be handy in this case.

Tools You Need to Put a Car on 2 Jack Stands

Floor Jack

You’ll need a car jack to lift the vehicle since the jack stands only hold the weight, not lift it. A jack has some features that must match your car’s needs. Its load capacity should be enough to lift the vehicle. It is rated in tons, and the load should be less than the jack’s capacity. 

Plus, the minimum height of the jack should be less than your car’s ground clearance so that you can easily slide it underneath. 

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Jack Stands

Since you want to put the car on 2 jack stands, you will also need them. Ensure that the stands also have the sufficient holding power to handle the vehicle’s weight. They should be placed at the right points to avoid sliding. You can check out the manual for the jack point locations.  

Tire Wedges

With the stands, gather some chocks as well. Minimal 2 would work since two tires will stay on the ground, which needs to be blocked. Place them at the correct location. If you’re lifting the front two tires, install them at the back of the rear wheels. Place them to the front of the front wheels if the rear wheels are going to be jacked up. 

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3 Ways to Place 2 Jack Stands Under Your Car

Depending on the corner of the car you want to put the stand underneath, you can opt for any of the following methods that work for you. 

Lifting the Pinch Weld From the Middle

This method is best if you want to raise the right two wheels or the left. Install the floor jack under the pinch weld beneath the doors, and jack it up in the middle. Now both the tires will be lifted, and you will have space for the stands to be installed. 

Make sure you lift the car high enough to have enough room for the stands to be installed. They have adjustable height, which should be decided first so you can lift the vehicle to that height.

Follow the same method for the left side as well. In the case of body-on-frame vehicles, you can put a stand along the frame.

Jacking up the Rear Axle

The rear two wheels can be raised if you install the jack under the axle jack point if your particular car can be jacked up from the axle – check out the manual for the jack points. After the vehicle is lifted, you can put the stand to the front of the rear wheels on the jack points. 

This can also be followed for the front wheels if your car has a central jack point to the front under the bonnet.

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Raising a Single Wheel at a Time 

The third way is to lift each wheel and place the stand underneath. This will be easier for body-on-frame vehicles since there’s more room for both the jack and the stand. However, in the case of unibody cars, this needs a trick.

For placing the stand under the front right jack point for the wheel, you’ll need to raise the car from the right rear jack point, and you will have enough space to the front for the stand. 

Final Words

Putting a car on two jack stands is simple as long as you have the right tools and strategy. If you still don’t understand how it works, you should prefer hiring a professional or asking for help from someone nearby. 

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