How to Lower a Floor Jack?

Are you having a hard time figuring out how to lower a floor jack? This article is the ultimate guide you need to learn about lowering a floor jack.

A floor jack is a vital machinery tool for car maintenance. It is a hydraulic operating device used primarily to lift vehicles such as cars, trucks, and other equipment. As a car owner, you need to carry out specific operations such as changing tires, etc. this is when a floor jack becomes essential. So you need to know how to use a  floor jack.

In this article, you are going to learn every step on how to make effective use of your floor jack.

Safety - General tips you need to know

Safety comes first. Before you start the procedure, it’s essential to know the critical safety tips;

Read the Manual

 This is the core and most important thing you should go through first. If you think you are an expert, you still need to read the user’s manual, which will guide you on how the tool works. 

Safe position

Don’t place your vehicle on an uneasy surface. During maintenance, your car should be placed on a flat, stable surface. 

Make sure the ground level is balanced before you start the procedure. put  your car in the processing mode 

Ensure your floor jack is of the best quality, easy and safe to use. It is essential you purchase a floor jack that can support the weight of your vehicle. 

If you are using an old one, be careful and be sure it’s safe to use.


How to Lower a Floor Jack? 3-Steps

The steps to take if you want to lower a floor jack is quite simple. However, because there are several types of floor jacks, the procedure will be slightly different. Let’s look through the different types of floor jack and their special lowering procedures.

There are a lot of lowering jacks in the market today. But, we will focus on the four most common and used floor jacks and their lowering procedures.

Follow these Steps:

  • Place the floor jack is a jacking position, apply pressure on the lever, and slowly lift the vehicle.
  • If you want to lower it, turn counterclockwise the handle of the floor jack. Do this slowly, control the speed and make sure it’s not too fast.
  • Once you see the vehicle reach the ground, slowly remove the jack from below the car.

What is a hydraulic floor jack?

This type of jack comes with a tank used to store hydraulic fluid.  While you apply pressure on this floor jack, the fuel goes into the ram of the jack. It is mechanical machinery and works only when you lift the lever inwards and upwards.


Floor Jack Won't Go Down?

A floor jack won’t go down if you overfill the reservoir with hydraulic oil. If you’ve recently refilled your floor jack and it’s not lowering, you should check out your floor jack’s reservoir. Drain fluid to the proper level. You can consult your jack’s manual for the leveling. The oil level should be just below the oil filler hole. 

With that, clean your jack’s moving parts. And lubricate them with grease for soft performance. 

If you didn’t refill your floor jack recently and still have the problem, again check out the reservoir. The fluid level would have decreased. The low fluid level also causes the problem. That’s why you need to refill your jack’s reservoir for a proper operation just like you refill your car’s engine oil every few months. 

Floor Jack Won’t Stay up?

A floor jack won’t stay up if you don’t close the release valve tightly. Ensure that you have closed the valve. If it didn’t work. Contact the technical services. Because the hydraulic malfunctioning also causes the issue. If your floor jack doesn’t lift to its maximum extension, then the oil level is low. For that, ensure proper oil level as well. 

How to Raise a Floor Jack?

Place your floor jack under the desired jack point. Move the handle up and down multiple times. This will pump the oil into the reservoir. And your floor jack will keep on rising. If your floor jack has a dual-piston pump, it will be raised with just a few pumps, 3 – 5 pumps. Floor jacks with a single-piston pump are slower than dual piston pumps. 

How to Remove a Jack Stand with a Floor Jack?

First, your floor jack’s maximum lift range should be more than your jack stand’s max height. With that, install a floor jack near the jack stand you want to remove. Pump the floor jack until the load rests on the jack, not the jack stand. 

Then remove the jack stand. After that, lower the floor jack. Turning the jack’s handle counterclockwise will lower the floor jack. 

Lowering a 3 ton and 2 ton Floor Jack

The process to lower a floor jack is the same for all load capacity — whether it’s a 3 ton or 2-ton floor jack. The floor jack’s handle lowers the jack. Rotate the handle counterclockwise (anti-clockwise). And you will lower the jack. Do it slowly. Give a half turn to the handle so that the jack comes down slowly. 

Video Tutorial


One thing you should always remember while using a floor jack is to be careful. It may seem easy but don’t forget you are dealing with the weight of your vehicle.

I bet you learned a good deal from this article. Floor jacks are an essential tool for your vehicle maintenance. You should get one for the vehicle.

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