How to Jack up Lexus IS 250 CT 200h ES 350 LS 460 LS 430

How to jack up a Lexus
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This article is a complete guide on how to jack up Lexus IS 250, CT 200h, ES 350, LS 460, or LS 430.

You will find out how to jack up your Lexus, the type of jack and jack stands you need, and what the factory-labeled jack points are for Lexus sedans. All the models mentioned here have the same jacking process. No matter what model you have, you can raise your Lexus using this guide.

Let’s get started.

How to Jack up Lexus IS 250, CT 200h, ES 350, LS 460, LS 430

Floor jack

You will need a floor jack for lifting your Lexus. It should be the right size and have a load capacity that can handle your car. The Lexus IS 250, CT 200h, ES 350, LS 460, and LS 430 weigh less than 5000 lb. A floor jack with a capacity of 5000 lb or more is recommended.

Since jacks are rated in tons, a 5000 lb capacity means a 2.5 ton floor jack. For jacking up Lexus sedans and SUVs, you need a 2.5-3 ton floor jack. You can further verify this by cross-checking your car’s weight with the jack’s capacity. For maximum safety, the car should weigh less than the jack’s capacity.

Also, the floor jack’s minimum height should be less than the ground clearance of your Lexus. Some Lexus sedans are low to the ground, and if you opt for a jack with more height, it will not be easy to install it underneath. A floor jack with 5 inches or less minimum height will work for Lexus IS 250, CT 200h, ES 350, LS 460, and LS 430.

Jack Stands

Next, you will need jack stands that are strong enough to support the load. Choosing the right size jack stands is somewhat similar to the floor jack. Both are used to either lift or hold the load. So both should have that much power. As discussed above, you need around a 3-ton floor jack, and the same is true for the stands as well.

They should also have at least a 3-ton capacity to support Lexus sedans or SUVs firmly. Now, how many jack stands will you need? The simple answer is that you need one stand for each tire. Now figure out whether you want to lift one tire, two, or four.


They block the wheels and prevent them from rolling. Suppose you want to raise the front tires. In that case, you will need to chock the rear wheels. They should be placed at the back of the back tires to prevent unexpected movement. You can use some wood blocks if you don’t have chocks, nor do you want to buy them.

Now that you have gathered all the tools, let’s get to the next step.

Prefer Level Ground for Jack up a Lexus IS 250, CT 200h, ES 350, LS 460, LS 430

The ground should be even. Avoid areas with inclinations. A strong and concrete ground is the ideal location for raising the Lexus. It can be your garage, driveway if it’s not uneven, or a road with no traffic. Turn off the engine, park, and unload the car.

Locate the Jack Points

Raising the Lexus through the wrong jack points could damage your vehicle’s parts, or if you’re underneath, you could seriously injure yourself. Therefore, the jack points should be factory labeled. Most sedans and SUVs have jack points under the doors near each wheel.

If you want to raise the car from the pinch weld, make sure the saddle properly secures the point. You can purchase a jack pad or adapter for the pinch weld. Some Lexus models have jack points to the front and rear, as you can see in the image below.

Lexus Jack points
Source: Lexus 2017 CT200H Manual

Position the Floor jack

Once you’ve located the jack points, bring the jack under that point. After you’ve positioned the jack, pump it so that it touches the point and lifts the Lexus.

Install Jack Stands

After the car has been raised, place the jack stand. You can place it under the same jack point near the floor jack or use another point.

Say you want to lift the right side of the Lexus. You can first raise the front tire and install the stand to the front right point. Or you can raise the front tire a little higher so you have enough room at the rear for the stand’s installation.

When the car rests on the stands, you can do your job.

How to Lower Lexus IS 250, CT 200h, ES 350, LS 460, LS 430

Once you’re done with your job and want to lower the car, install the floor jack back at its position if you’ve removed it before. Raise the Lexus high enough so you can remove the stand. When you remove the stand, lower the jack, and the vehicle will come down.

Ending Notes

No matter what Lexus model you have, you can jack it up as long as you have the right tools in hand. Make sure that you select the factory-labeled jack point and use the job on hard and level ground. If you’re still not sure how to jack up a Lexus, don’t do it. Ask a professional to help you out.

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