How to Jack up Ford Ranger, Explorer, Fiesta, Focus, F350

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Jacking up a Ford vehicle, whether it’s the Ranger, Explorer, Fiesta, Focus, Escape, or F350, is a manageable task, especially for beginners. With the right tools and a clear understanding of the process, you can safely know how to jack up Ford models for maintenance or tire changes.

The following read would be helpful for performing this task.

Tools You Need to Jack up Ford Ranger, Explorer, Fiesta, Focus, Escape, F350

Floor jack

A floor jack is the primary lifting tool that raises your Ford off the ground. It’s essential to choose a floor jack with a capacity that matches or exceeds your vehicle’s weight. We have linked Some of the best floor jacks for the mentioned Ford models throughout the article. Make sure to check them out. In the meantime, refer to the table below for recommended jack capacities:

Ford ModelWeight (lbs)Recommended Jack (tons)
Ranger~ 50002.5 – 3
Explorer~ 45002.5 – 3
Fiesta~  27001.5 – 2
Focus~ 33002
Escape~ 33002
F350~ 80004

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Jack Stands

Jack stands provide sturdy support and safety once the vehicle is lifted. They are crucial for securing the vehicle in an elevated position. Ensure the jack stands you use have a capacity that matches or exceeds the floor jack’s capacity.

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Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are indispensable for preventing the vehicle from rolling while you work on it. Place them against the wheels that will remain on the ground, enhancing safety during the jacking process.

Locating the Proper Lifting Point

Refer to your Ford vehicle’s manual to find the designated jack points. Typically, these points are located beneath the vehicle, near each wheel. These areas are reinforced and designed for safe and secure lifting. Ensure you identify these points before proceeding.

The Ford models, Ranger and F350, which are body-on-frame, have multiple jack points since the frame is solid enough to support the load. Therefore, the frame is the sturdy choice for the jacking process.

Lifting Your Ford

  1. Position the floor jack under the labeled jack point.
  2. Use the jack’s handle to start raising the vehicle.
  3. Lift the vehicle to the desired height, ensuring it’s at least an inch or two higher than the height of the jack stands you’ll be using.

Installing the Jack stands

  1. Once the vehicle is lifted to the desired height, carefully place the jack stands under the reinforced jack points.
  2. You can place the jack stand in a location that provides enough space after the car is lifted. It’s up to you to decide which wheel you want to lift and where to position the jack to ensure there’s adequate space for the stand to support the wheels.
  3. Slowly and carefully lower the vehicle onto the jack stands. Ensure that the vehicle’s weight is adequately supported by the stands before continuing.

Lowering Your Ford

When you’re ready to lower your Ford vehicle:

  1. Locate the jack stands and the jack points.
  2. Carefully raise the vehicle slightly with the floor jack to remove the jack stands.
  3. Remove the stands one at a time.
  4. Gradually lower the vehicle by turning the jack handle in the opposite direction of lifting.

Final Tips

Safety is paramount when jacking up your Ford Explorer, Ranger, Fiesta, Focus, Escape, or F350. Always use the right tools, adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and exercise caution throughout the process. If you’re uncertain or inexperienced, consider seeking assistance from a professional or someone experienced to ensure a safe and successful jacking procedure.

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