How to Jack up Dodge Ram 1500, Challenger & Charger

How to jack up Dodge Ram 1500

Do you want to jack up your Dodge, and don’t know how to do it? Fret not, this article will help you how to jack up Dodge Ram 1500, Challenger, and Charger.

Lifting Dodge is a bit of a headache when you don’t know where to install the floor jack and what are the jack points for the stands. Such a heavy Ram 1500 in the air and getting under it is a life-or-death scenario if you don’t jack it up professionally.

Since you’ve reached this far, no need to worry. You will safely jack up your Dodge when you know how to use the tools the right way.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the post.

Tools You Need to Jack Up Dodge Ram 1500, Challenger & Charger

The following three tools are essential for lifting the vehicles. Without them, there’s no need to read further. However, going through the sub-headings will help you choose the right tools, and if you have them, you should double-check if they meet your Dodge needs.

Floor Jack

Due to its sturdiness, and best performance, a floor jack is preferred over other car jacks – bottle and scissor jack. It should have enough capacity to lift any of the Dodge models you have – Ram 1500, Challenger, or Charger.

The Ram 1500 is a heavy-duty truck and weighs around 5000 – 6000 lb. The jack you’re going to use must have at least 6000 lb load capacity or 3 tons. Since the floor jack is rated in tons, it should have 3 tons minimum lifting power to safely jack up the truck. 

If you don’t have a floor jack for your Dodge Ram 1500, you can find the best floor jacks for Dodge Ram 1500 in the following article.

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The Challenger and Charger are a bit lighter than the Ram 1500. They weigh around 4000 lb. Obviously, a 3-ton floor jack would be fit for the two Dodge models, however, if you’re looking for new jacks to buy, a 2-ton floor jack will also be handy in lifting the Challenger and Charger.

The wise decision is to pick a 3-ton floor jack. Who knows you may own a Ram 1500 in the future. 

Since the Dodge Challenger and the Charger are low to the ground, the floor jack must also easily get under them. Meaning its minimum height should be less than the ground clearance of the cars. 

If they have 5 inches ride height, the jack should have less than 5 inches minimum height – around 3 – 4 inches. You can find some floor jacks that are made for low-profile vehicles like the one mentioned below.

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Dodge Challenger
Photo by iStrfry , Marcus on Unsplash

Jack Stands

The jack stand will hold the load after being lifted by the floor jack. Just like a car jack, they should also meet your Dodge needs in terms of load capacity and lift range. They’re sold in pairs so it’s important to own at least a pair of jack stands. 

Pro tip: always choose a dual lock system jack stands for maximum safety.

Disclaimer: never creep in under your Dodge unless you have installed the jack stands. 

Wheel Chocks

Wheels chock or tire wedges prevent the car from moving because it will get inclined when you’re raising one end. If you don’t have any chocks and don’t want to purchase them, you can use some wood or concrete blocks or bricks to keep the tires from moving. 

Now, the tools are ready! Let’s jump into the next step.

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Look for a Flat, Level Ground

A hard and even surface is the best spot for lifting your Dodge. It lowers the risk of the car slipping from the jack and the car also stays on the ground without moving due to gravity. Further, the concrete ground also prevents the jack and stand from sinking into the soil due to the heavy load on them.

The preferred locations are the flat driveway, your garage, and traffic-free roads. Because 

they have hard concrete pavement and are mostly level. 

Locate the Jacking Points on Your Dodge

The jack point locations vary in Dodge models. To locate the right points, give a minute to the manual of any Dodge model you have – Ram 1500, Challenger, or Charger. 

Most Sedans have jack points behind the front wheels and to the front of the rear wheels. While on trucks, if they have a frame, you can jack it up from the frame since it’s strong enough to hold the load. 

Using jack points other than the ones recommended by the Dodge could damage your car and cost you a lot. Try to double-check the points before installing the jack.

Lifting the Dodge Ram 1500, Challenger, and Charger

Now that you have found the jack points, let’s jack the Dodge up. 

  • Bring the floor jack near the wheel that you want to lift first. 
  • Then slide it under the jack point and pump it so that it reaches the point. 
  • After it touches the jack point, further pump the jack so that it raises the vehicle. 
  • It should be lifted high enough so that you can install the jack stands. 
  • Decide the jack height in the first place so you can raise the car to that height. 

Installing the Jack Stands

Installing the jack stands under Dodge Ram 1500

Since the Dodge Ram 1500 has body-on-frame, it’s a bit easier to install the jack stands than other unibody vehicles. Once you lift the truck with the jack, you can install the stand near the jack since there is more room for the stand to fit in. Or the jack stands can be placed near the jack along the frame

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Installing the jack stands under Dodge Challenger and Charger

While in Challenger and Charger, it won’t be easier to put the jack stand near or on the same jack point where the jack is already in contact. Therefore you should try another way.

Say you’re lifting the right front tire. Put the jack in the middle under the doors along the pinch weld or to the front of the rear wheel. Raise it. And you will have room for the stand to be installed behind the front wheel. 

Do the same for the left side. Or if you want to lift the rear wheels, raise the front tire first and then put the jack near the rear wheel. Or in other words, do the opposite as mentioned above. 

For putting all four wheels on the jack stands, read the following article.

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Lowering the Vehicle

Follow the same method as you were lifting the Dodge. Just this time, lift it a few inches more than the stand’s height so that the car relies on the jack, not the stand. Once the jack has been removed, rotate the handle, and the jack will come down and so does the car. 


This is how to jack up a dodge ram 1500, challenger, and charger. Make sure you have all the tools as per the requirements. Carefully read the manuals for added safety and easiness. If you’re still not good at lifting, prefer to hire a professional or ask someone nearby who has experience. 

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