8 Simple Steps on How to Jack up a Golf Cart For Changing a Tire

Want to jack up your golf cart? If so, this article will help you on how to jack up a golf cart.

Park your cart on the hard ground so you can easily lift it without a jack’s sinking. Speaking of the jack, you’ll need a jack with a jack stand for jacking your golf cart. Place the jack under the frame trail for secure lifting. Chock the wheels that will stay on the ground.

For a complete process, you need to read the following steps. So let’s elevate your golf cart.

Gather all the Essential Tools

You will need some tools for lifting your cart. Depending on the type of work you do, the tool may vary. But jacking the cart will only need a jack, jack stand, and some chocks for blocking the wheels. We’ll talk over each item ahead in the article.

Look for a Compact Ground to Jack up a Golf Cart

Though a golf cart weighs under 1000 lb, you’ll need solid ground to jack it up. If you can find a concrete ground or roadside or your garage any of them is better than jacking it up on a lawn. Since the lawn is also solid enough to lift the cart, you can work on this surface as well if you cannot take your cart away from the lawn.

Chock the Wheels and Engage the Brake

After you’ve found the right place, now let’s block the wheels which will stay on the ground. Chocking wheels prevents the golf cart from rolling away. It becomes essential if you’re lifting it up in a lawn or an inclined surface. 

Always chock the wheels that you don’t want to jack or change. If you want to jack up the front tires, block the rear wheels and vice versa. 

Find Proper Jack Points

This is an important step after chocking the wheels. Search for the right jack point under the cart. Your manual will be useful in this regard. However, a golf cart’s frame rail is perfect for lifting it.

Unlike other vehicles where you can find jack points near each wheel, golf carts jack points are only under the frame. It gives solid jack points than in unibody vehicles. So opt for any jack point beneath the frame, rear end, or front end. 

Fit a Jack under the Jack Point

Now slide a jack under the frame and fit it below the jack point you’ve chosen. Since golf carts are lightweight, you can use any hydraulic jack for elevating purposes. You can use a bottle jack or a floor jack. But bear in mind that the bottle jack you want to use should have a lower height than the ground clearance of the cart.  

Bottle jacks are taller and work well for lifted vehicles. The floor jack, on the other hand, is best for lifting carts. They have low height and have better hydraulic systems. If you haven’t bought a floor jack yet, you can choose one from this article >> Best floor jack for golf carts

Pump the Jack up

Now let’s lift your golf cart. This job is done by the jack’s handle. Move the lever from perpendicular direction to horizontal. Or in other words, move the handle up and down a few times and the floor jack will keep on rising and so will the cart. 

keep in mind that a jack only elevates the cart, not holding it. You should install a jack stand to hold the weight so you can securely do your tire change or other repair work. 

Install a Jack Stand

For placing a jack stand under the cart, you’ll need to lift the cart high enough to fit the jack stand underneath. The stand should have sufficient load capacity to hold the cart’s weight. You can also adjust the height of a jack stand as desired. But you’ll need that much space to install it. Always raise your cart a few inches more than the desired jack stand’s height. 

Jack stands should also be installed under the same frame trail as the jack. Place it near the jack. After doing so, lower the jack and the cart will rest on the stand from now on. Give your cart a shock with your hands to see if it’s secure or not. After being satisfied, now time to do your job–repair or a tire change.

Bring down the Golf Cart

Lowering the golf cart down is the same just as raising it. Since the cart is resting on the stand now, you need to slide the jack again under the frame and pump it up. Once it’s raised enough that the weight rests on the jack, not the stand then remove the stand. Next, rotate the jack’s handle anti-clockwise and it will come down. Hence lowering the cart. 

The Verdict

You’ve seen that jacking up a golf cart is a simple process and needs proper steps to be followed. No need for a professional to change your golf cart tire when you can do it yourself. Just gather the right tools and lift your golf cart

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