Do You Need a 3 or 4 ton Floor jack? [Expert’s Opinion]

So you want to buy a floor jack but can’t decide whether you should choose a 3 ton or a 4 ton jack. No worries. Within a few minutes you will pick one since this article will answer the question: do you need a 3 ton or 4 ton floor jack?

Let’s dive in to explore a floor jack beyond its load capacity.

Do You Need a 3 or 4 ton Floor jack?

That depends on the load you want to lift with the floor jack. They are rated in their load capacity. If a jack can raise up to a 2-ton load, this is a 2-ton jack. If 3-ton loads, this is a 3-ton jack, and so on. 

Since you will be lifting your car with a floor jack, you should check how much it weighs. If you found the answer, you found the answer for; do you need a 3 ton or 4 ton floor jack? 

Unlike bottle jacks that can lift up to 5 tons of weight depending on their load capacity, floor jacks have a maximum 4-ton capacity. Fewer brands manufacture 5-ton floor jacks. Does this mean you cannot lift an 8-ton mass with a floor jack? Yes, you cannot, and you won’t need it.

Floor jacks are designed for vehicle lifting. As you would know almost all Sedans, SUVs, and trucks weigh less than 10,000 lb, which means they can be lifted by a floor jack having equal or less than 10,000 lb (5 ton) capacity.

What is the load capacity of a 3-ton floor jack?

The answer is in the question: its load capacity is 3 tons (6,000 lb). With a 3-ton floor jack, you can lift a vehicle that weighs equal to or less than a 3-ton, which most Sedans, SUVs, and lightweight trucks weigh. 

If your car weighs 4000 lb, you can lift it with a 6000 lb floor jack (3 tons). And it is the safest case because the jack can raise more load than your car’s weight. If you pick a 4-ton jack, it will definitely lift the same 4000-lb car. 

If you have a 3-ton (6000 lb) jack, can you use it to lift a 7000-lb truck? Well, yes. Whenever you’re lifting a car, you’re raising one wheel or corner at a time, which weighs less than the whole weight because the load is divided on the other wheels. 

This makes a conclusion that a floor jack – when lifting vehicles – can lift a load even if it is 25% more than its capacity. Let’s say a car weighs 5000 lb, and you have a 2-ton (4000 lb) jack, you can lift its one wheel with the jack. So a 3-ton jack can raise a 3.5-ton (7000 lb) truck’s wheels. 

How much can a 4-ton floor jack Lift?

A 4-ton floor jack can lift a load that weighs equal to or less than 4 tons (8000 lb or 3628.7 kg). This jack can be used for any car that comes under its capacity. The same jack can lift one wheel of a 5-ton truck at a time. Because a floor jack can lift a car even if it weighs ¼ times more than the jack’s capacity. For further clarification, read the above heading. 

3 ton VS 3.5 ton VS 4 ton

A 3-ton, 3.5-ton, and a 4-ton floor jack can be used to lift the maximum load of a 3-ton (6000 lb or 2721.6 kg), 3.5-ton (7000 lb or 3175 kg) and 4-ton (8000 lb or ​​3628.7 kg ) respectively. Depending on your car’s weight, you can either pick a 3 ton, 3.5-ton, or 4 ton floor jack. For more details, read the full article.

Can You Use a 3-ton Jack on a 4-ton truck?

Yes, you can use a 3-ton jack on a 4-ton truck. It comes under the rule when a vehicle weighs more than the jack’s capacity, which is discussed above. For a quick reminder, a jack can lift a car with a load of ¼ times more than its capacity. 

An 8000 lb truck can be lifted with a 6000 lb jack. Yes, it is a bit more than 25%, but can still raise one wheel or tire at a time. 

Is a 4-ton floor jack enough?

Yes, a 4-ton floor jack is enough for lifting Cars, SUVs, and trucks. You can raise up to 8000 lb load with the product. Ensure that the jack’s lift range also matches the vehicle. Its minimum lift height should be less than the car’s ground clearance, with a more extended height. 

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