4 Best Jack Stands For Tesla Model S, X, Y & 3

In this guide, you’ll discover the best jack stands for Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. These stands offer substantial weight-bearing capabilities, ensuring your Tesla remains securely supported for extended periods, allowing you to work beneath it safely.

But before delving into the specifics, let’s begin with an overview of jack stands.

For Tesla Model S

BIG RED T43004

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 10.75 – 15.6″ lift range
  • 10.2 lbs weight
  • Pin lock system

For Tesla Model X

ESCO 10498

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 13.2 – 17.5″ lift range
  • 11 lbs weight
  • Strong base support

For Tesla Model Y

Sunex 1003AJ

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 10.6 – 15.4″ lift range
  • 10 lbs weight
  • Pin lock system

For Tesla Model 3


  • 8000 lb load capacity
  • 13.4 – 19.9″ lift range
  • 23 lbs weight
  • Pair of 2

Best Jack Stands For Tesla Model S - The BIG RED T43004

This jack stand is among the top choices for the Tesla Model S, boasting a higher weight capacity than the car itself. With the ability to support up to 6000 lbs, it exceeds the Model S’s weight of 5000 lbs. Whether you’re lifting one wheel or two, these jack stands come in a pair, providing versatility.

Unlike many other jack stands with a pronounced curve in the middle designed for pinch weld jacking, the BIG RED product features a flat central surface. This design allows for easy fitting of the jack pad onto the jack point without the need to raise the car higher during installation.

These stands are incredibly compact, measuring just 10.75 inches when collapsed. With just a few pumps, you’ll have ample room for installation. Moreover, they can support the car at a maximum height of 15 inches, providing more space for maneuvering underneath.

If you find that this height isn’t sufficient for your needs, you may want to explore other options mentioned in this article, as there are products with a higher lift range available. Additionally, the stands’ aluminum construction makes them lightweight and easy to transport.

Safety is paramount when dealing with heavy loads. These products are equipped with safety features, including a locking pin. You can secure them at six different heights, ensuring ease and safety while lifting the car.

If you’d like to learn more about this product, including its ratings, reviews, and price, please refer to the table above.

Affordable Jack Stands For Tesla Model X - ESCO 10498

This jack stand stands out as one of the sturdiest options available for the Model X, boasting an impressive 3-ton capacity, making it a perfect fit for this electric vehicle. Its wide circular top, equipped with rubber padding, ranks it among the best choices for Tesla’s jack points. This design not only protects your jack pads but also ensures a secure and stable connection.

Similar to the previous jack stand, this one features a pin-locking system. However, it offers even more versatility, allowing you to lock it at ten different positions, providing you with a wider range of choices. Its three-legged strong base delivers unwavering support for the vehicle when lifted.

One potential drawback of the ESCO 10498 jack stand is its minimum height of 13 inches. You’ll need to pump your jack a few more times to create enough space for installation. While this height provides sufficient clearance for using a creeper and working beneath the car, it does require additional room.

If you find the 13-inch minimum height to be excessive for your needs, you may want to consider the next product, which is compatible with both Tesla models. This stand offers a lower minimum height of just 10 inches, making it more suitable for Tesla vehicles.

Additionally, it boasts one of the highest maximum heights among the products in this article, extending up to 21.5 inches. However, it’s important to note that this maximum height is intended for other truck applications and should not be used for Tesla vehicles.

What Size Jack Stands for Tesla Model Y

A 3-ton Sunex jack stand is the ideal size for the Tesla Model Y. This electric vehicle has a weight of approximately 4,500 lbs, and the jack stand’s capacity exceeds this weight by a significant margin. It’s important to note that when using a jack stand with a Model Y, you won’t be supporting the entire weight of the vehicle with a single jack stand.

This is because the Model Y lacks a single central jack point. Instead, you’ll position the jack stand near one wheel, while the other wheels continue to support the rest of the car. As a result, the jack stand’s capacity comfortably exceeds the overall weight of the Model Y.

This product is very similar to the BIG RED stands discussed earlier. If you’d like to learn more about this jack stand, you can refer to the previous section where we provide more details about the BIG RED stands. Alternatively, you can explore this product further on Amazon by clicking the buttons above.

BESTOOL Supporting Stand for Model 3

These BESTOOL jack stands feature a flat top, ensuring a secure connection with the Model 3 jack points. It’s highly recommended to always use jack pads for maximum safety and benefits. While there are many jack brands available, most of them come with a curved top that may not fit jack pads or the jack points on the Model 3. That’s why we’ve curated a list of jack stands with a flat surface in this blog.

These stands offer a lifting range from 13.2 to 20 inches. This means you’ll need to ensure you have at least 14 inches of clearance under your car to accommodate their installation. Your floor jack should also have a maximum height of at least 15 inches or more to extend to the required height for the stand’s proper placement.

Equipped with a pin lock system, these jack stands can be securely locked in multiple positions for added safety and convenience.

Key Features of Jack Stands

Lift Range

It’s important to understand the lift range of jack stands, including both the minimum and maximum height they can achieve. Additionally, consider how a floor jack can provide you with the minimum height required for the installation of these stands.

Lifting Capacity

When selecting jack stands, always ensure that their lifting capacity is either equal to or exceeds the weight of your vehicle. This is a fundamental safety precaution that should never be overlooked.

Locking System

Most jack stands are equipped with a reliable pin lock system that secures them at various heights. However, some advanced models offer a double lock system for extra peace of mind during maintenance tasks.

Base Support

To enhance stability and safety, prioritize jack stands with a strong and wide base. Models with three-legged support are particularly sturdy and suitable for tasks that demand a high level of stability, such as undercarriage work.

Saddle of the Best jack stands for Tesla

Choose jack stands equipped with a flat top saddle, especially if you own a car like a Tesla. These vehicles often have flat or specially designed jack points that require the use of a jack puck. A flat saddle ensures a secure and even contact point, preventing damage to the vehicle’s frame.

Safety Precautions

When lifting any wheel of your vehicle, it’s essential to also consider blocking the other wheels using chocks. This precaution is particularly important when raising either the front or rear end of the car, or when the ground surface is slightly uneven. Never attempt to lift your car on an uneven surface, as it poses significant risks.

When one part of the car is supported by the jack stands while the other remains on the ground with its wheels, there might be a slight push on the wheels opposite to the stands. To prevent this, use wheel chocks to block and secure them.

In addition to selecting sturdy and reliable jack stands, ensure that the floor jack you use has a sufficient weight capacity to support your electric vehicle. You can find more information about suitable floor jacks for Tesla vehicles in the linked article.

Tips for Installing the Jack Stands

  • Choose a Flat Surface: Start by parking your car on a level and flat surface.
  • Gather Your Equipment: Collect the necessary tools, including a floor jack and jack stands.
  • Locate the Jack Points: Identify the appropriate jack points on your vehicle and install the jack pad or puck on them.
  • Plan Your Placement: Determine where you need to position the floor jack and the jack stands for your specific task.
  • Position the Floor Jack: If, for example, you intend to install the jack stand near the right front wheel, raise the right rear wheel using the floor jack until there is sufficient space to slide the jack stand beneath the front tire.
  • Use Wheel Chocks: In this scenario, place wheel chocks behind the rear left wheel if the right front wheel is not in contact with the ground. Repeat this process for the other tires as needed.
  • Remove Jack Stands: When it’s time to remove the jack stands, return the floor jack to its original position. Raise the vehicle until the stands are free, and then carefully remove them.
  • Lower the Jack: Gradually lower the floor jack, allowing the car to come down safely.
Following these steps will help ensure a safe and secure installation and removal of jack stands when working on your vehicle.

Ending Words

Selecting the right jack stands is paramount to ensure your safety and the success of any vehicle maintenance or repair project. By prioritizing key features such as lift range, lifting capacity, locking systems, base support, and saddle design, you can make a well-informed choice. 

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