4 Best Jack Stands For Lifted Trucks [Feature 76.2 cm max-height]

Looking for the best jack stands for your lifted truck? If so, you’ve got to the right place. You will find the top stands for the trucks below.

No doubt, floor jacks hold your truck when you slide under. Air losing from it, however, can crash the vehicle to the floor. Keeping in view your safety, our team found these 4 jack stands competent. Using them, you get peace of mind getting under the truck.

Let’s get straight into reviewing the jack stands for lifted trucks.

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product Pro-Lift
6 ton (12,000 lb) 10 ton (20,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb)
16" (40.6 cm) 18.5" (47 cm) 10.75" (27 cm)
23.5" (60 cm) 30" (76 cm) 15.6" (39.6 cm)
Weight ‎26.4 lb (12 kg) 36 lb (16 kg) 6 lb (2.7 kg)
Comes in Pair Single Pair
Material Steel - Aluminum
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Pro-Lift T-6906D Best Jack Stands For Lifted Trucks

best jack stands for trucks
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Being a safety standard passed, Prolift T-6906D is a highly trustable jack stand in the market. It measures 9 x 10 inches from the lower base while the head is 4 x 1 inch. 

Maximum Load Capacity 

Know that the manufacturer means the sum of these two stands is equal to 6 tons. The manual of the stand mentions it clearly. So, forget not to make your purchase, keeping in view this. 

Double Locking 

Thanks to its double locking mechanism, now you are safer than ever. The locking mechanism is very sturdy, including the pin, which is a real sign when your truck is up in the air, and you are underneath it. 

Comes in a Pair

For the price, it is a stealing deal. The stand comes in a pair of two, and so you can lift two tires of the truck all at once. 

Smooth Adjustment 

Just like the other jack stands, it is also adjustable. Without double locking, it measures 15 inches to the minimum, and with the locking feature enabled, you’ll measure it 17 inches minimum. The maximum height it has to offer is 23.5 inches. 

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American Forge & Foundry AFF Jack Stand

jack stand for lifted truck
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It’s such a hassle to buy a jack stand over and over again. And, so we recommend this bit pricey yet durable stand by AFF. It lasts years and promises safe and secure support for your lifted truck, UTV and more.

Wide Base

The four-legged steel stand guarantees the ultimate stability from all the options listed. Add in the 17 X 17 inches width of the base, and it turns out the best jack stand. 

Multiple Heights 

Adjust the jack stand to attain the height you want. There are 7 height-adjusting options available for this stand, and so the height varies from 18.5 inches to 30 inches. 

Load Capacity 

Compared to every other jack stand, it is capable of holding more. It consists of 10 tons of lifting power, which becomes 20,000 in pounds, and that’s insane. For garage and heavy-duty trucks owners, it is the best stand to have. 

Wide Saddles 

The saddle has a width of 3.12 x 5.8 inches. A saddle of this size gives impeccable support to unitized vehicles. 

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American Lifting Jack Stands for Trucks

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American Lifting jack stand is the best jack stand for lifted trucks. Alone its tag of ‘Made in the USA’ makes it valuable from others. 

Maximum Load Capacity 

Finding a jack stand for your truck is no more a problem. Thanks to this jack stand’s 3.5 tons capacity with which you can work under most trucks, pickups, let alone SUVs, and cars.

Lift Range

While the maximum height of this jack stand is 30 inches, the minimum height is 18 inches. That said, make sure your truck should have at least 18+ inches ride height so you can easily install this product. 

Anti-Sink Design 

The jack stand pops due to its efficient design. It has an anti-sink base which makes it available to be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you keep this jack stand in your trunk, garage or use it for off-road duties it will not sink in the mud, gravel, or sand, thanks to its wide strong base.

Safety Pin 

Unlike the other stands, it has a pin for secure load holding. From one end, it is attached to the frame of the stand and to the pin from the other. Sound security is a promise from this jack stand. 

Carry Handles 

Perpendicular to the base is integrated two carry handles. These handles allow you to displace the stand with ease when necessary. 

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BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

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Just like the Prolift jack stand reviewed before, this jack stand comes in pairs. Meeting safety standards also makes it a reliable yet best jack stand for lifted trucks.  

Sturdy and Robust Built 

Made out of aluminum, the unit is quite sturdy and robust. It is also less prone to rust as compared to other materials. This adds up to its long lifetime. 


Where all the jack stands weigh no less than 30s of pounds, it is just 26 pounds, which provides you with the facility to carry it easily. Also, the base of the stand is removable for easy storage. Keep in view that there’s no carrying handle on the design. 

Load Capacity 

Stay safe and forget not that both the jack stands collectively mean to hold a weight of 3 tons. Buy it only if you have a truck under 6,000 pounds. 

Increased Dimension 

The foot dimension of the stand is 7.4 x 6.8 inches. Besides, the saddle is 1.9 x 2.1 inches to carry out chores in a safe way by providing additional support. The increased dimension of the jack stand also contributes to making it the safest unit. 

Multi-Locking Positions 

With 6 locking positions and double locks, there are no chances any accidents with this jack stand can occur. It is absolutely safe, so you can now make the repairs under the truck without worrying about the truck. 

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How do you put a lifted truck on jack stands?

When your truck is already lifted through the floor jack, it needs jack stands. So, place them under and get them to the height the truck is lifted on. Engage the saddle of the jack stand to the frame of your truck. 

What size jack stands do you need for my truck?

Size has nothing to do with the jack stands. It’s the ton we measure the load capacity of jack stand-in. In that regard, if your truck is 12,000 pounds or equivalent, you’ll need jack stands with a 6-ton weight lifting capacity.

Similarly, if a truck has a weight of 6,000 pounds, you should have jack stands with a capacity to hold a 3-ton weight for safe lifting. 


These were the best jack stands for lifted trucks. Each of them has a different load capacity with a maximum stand of 10 tons capacity. Safety standards are all kept in view while manufacturing them, and so they provide you with additional protection.

Using them, you take yourself out of the risk zone when under the truck. So, stay safe and have any of these jack stands. The Pro-Lift is the top jack stand on the list. If you forget to check its price and rating, click the yellow button to find out.

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