Best Floor Jack Under 200 US$ [Top 3 Picks]

Looking for the best floor jack under $200? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place.

You can find excellent floor jacks for under $200, and within this price range, many reputable brands offer their top-of-the-line products. These jacks often come equipped with rapid-rise pumps and can handle loads of over 6,000 lbs.

In summary, if you’re seeking a floor jack that costs less than $200 but provides your vehicle with a maximum lift range of over 21 inches, you won’t regret reading this article.

So, let’s dive into the product reviews.


  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.35 – 19.7″ lift range
  • 72.8 lb weight
  • Dual piston pump

BIG RED T815016L

  • 3000 lb load capacity
  • 3.5 – 14″ lift range
  • 34 lb weight
  • Dual piston pump


  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.3 – 18.5″ lift range
  • Alloy steel
  • Dual piston pump

LiftMaster 6490

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3 – 19.7″ lift range
  • 72.6 lb weight
  • Dual piston pump
Product Pittsburgh
K T. Inter.
KT 163133A
3 ton (6,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb) 3.33 ton (6,660 lb)
Weight 75 lb (34 kg) 72.6 lb (33 kg) 45 lb (20 kg)
Height 3.2" (8.2 cm) 3" (7.6 cm) 3.75" (9.5 cm)
Max Lift
19.9" (50.6 cm) 20" (50.8 cm) 21.75" (55 cm)
Pump Dual-piston Dual-piston Dual piston
Size (")
L x W x H
28 x 12 x 10 31 x 15 x 6.5 28.3 x 14 x 6.5
- 4" (10 cm) 4.7" (12 cm)

Best Floor Jack Under $200 - Pittsburgh 61253

Pittsburgh takes the top spot on the list of the best floor jacks under $200. It boasts an impressive 6,000 lb (3-ton) load capacity, meaning it can lift weights of up to 6,000 pounds. But how high can this jack raise such a weight?

Well, this particular item offers a maximum lift range of 19-⅞” (50.6 cm), which provides an answer to that question. You can elevate your vehicle to nearly 20 inches off the ground, offering ample space for any necessary repair work. In fact, most floor jacks priced under $200 offer a similar maximum height.

Another crucial feature, especially for low-profile cars, is a jack’s minimum height. This dimension depends on your vehicle’s ground clearance. Ideally, you should select a jack with a minimum height lower than your car’s ground clearance, allowing you to easily position it beneath the jack point.

Fortunately, this floor jack excels in that regard with a minimum height of 3-⅛” (8.2 cm). This means it can accommodate low-profile cars and higher ground clearance vehicles alike.

As previously mentioned, you can acquire a dual-piston floor jack for under $200, and here it is. The Pittsburgh model comes equipped with a quick-lift pump, enabling you to raise a 6,000 lb load with just a few strokes, thanks to the double-piston pumps that facilitate rapid lifting.

Combining a low-profile design, dual-piston pump, and a price tag under $200, it’s rare to find all these features in a single model on the market. Typically, floor jacks with dual pistons and a 3-ton lifting capacity retail for around $300 or more. 

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Liftmaster Top Floor Jack Under 200 US$

The next product on our list is the Liftmaster floor jack. It boasts almost identical features to the previous one, with the notable difference of being a bit lighter. The Liftmaster weighs in at 33 kg (72.6 lb), which, while still substantial, is slightly lighter than the Pittsburgh floor jack.

You won’t find yourself lugging this floor jack from one place to another for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s on the heavier side. Secondly, it features a long handle and 360-degree wheels that effortlessly roll across the floor. Simply grab the handle and glide it around your garage. Thus, the product’s weight is no longer a concern.

Like the previous model, this one also sports a dual-piston pump. It swiftly elevates your vehicle with just a few pumps. If you’ve ever used a bottle jack, you probably know how strenuous it can be to reach its maximum height, requiring 15 to 20 strokes. However, the double-piston pump makes your work easier, lifting your car with just 3 to 5 strokes.

Another noteworthy feature is the 4-inch (10 cm) wide saddle on this floor jack. A broad saddle ensures secure lifting, as a wider saddle reduces the pressure on the top surface area.

When it comes to its lift range, this model is suitable for low-profile cars and even high-profile vehicles. It has a minimum height of 3 inches (7.6 cm), allowing you to effortlessly position it beneath your vehicle. Additionally, the Liftmaster offers a maximum lift range of 20 inches (50.8 cm), similar to the Pittsburgh model, providing over 1.5 feet of space beneath your vehicle.

Why not test its load capacity yourself? Click the button above to discover how much weight this item can handle.

BIG RED T815016L Floor Jack that Cost Less Than $200

Choose this car jack if you own a compact car or a lightweight SUV. This car jack can support a weight of up to 1.5 tons, which translates to vehicles weighing less than 3,000 pounds. In comparison to other options available here, it offers a more budget-friendly choice.

However, it’s important to note that this jack has a slightly lower maximum lift height than some of the other models. It can raise your car to a height of 14 inches, which is sufficient for most undercarriage maintenance tasks but may lack the versatility of higher lift models.

While the maximum height may be a limitation, the minimum height of this jack is a significant advantage. It sits just 3.5 inches above the ground, making it suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance. It can easily slide under such vehicles.

This car jack is a hybrid, constructed with both aluminum and steel, resulting in a weight of 34 pounds. The combination of its weight and the side handle makes it easy to transport.

If you prefer not to carry it by hand to your storage area, this jack comes with a long handle and sturdy wheels that allow you to tow it effortlessly. For storage purposes, the handle can be removed, allowing you to keep it in a compact space.

While it may offer slightly fewer features than some other models, it also comes at a more affordable price point. Interested in finding out just how cost-effective it is? Click the button to learn more.

K Tool International Floor Jack Buyer’s Guide.

When it comes to lifting power, this floor jack emerges as the clear winner. If you’re in search of a floor jack with a substantial load capacity, look no further. The K Tool International product can effortlessly lift loads of up to 6,660 lbs (3.33 tons), which exceeds the weight of most cars.

What sets this floor jack apart is its 14-inch wide base, providing robust support for heavy loads. Unlike bottle jacks with small base areas, this floor jack boasts a substantial 28 x 14-inch base, offering a secure foundation for a 6,660 lb load. The steel construction further enhances its stability.

Additionally, this model features the widest saddle top on the list, addressing the importance of a broad saddle. With its 50-inch handle, pumping becomes a breeze. A longer handle requires less effort to pump compared to shorter levers.

The product’s handle comes in two pieces and can be detached for storage convenience. You can even remove the entire handle when storing the floor jack. The heavy-duty steel body ensures stable and durable performance.

In terms of lift range, this floor jack boasts the highest maximum lift range on the list. It can elevate a load to a remarkable height of up to 21.75 inches (55 cm) off the ground, providing ample space beneath your vehicle when you use this model.

To delve further into the product’s dimensions, simply click the yellow button to visit Amazon.


In conclusion, we’ve presented you with three excellent options all priced under $200. To make the right choice, start by assessing your specific needs and cross-checking your vehicle’s requirements with the features of these models.

If your vehicle’s weight falls within the load capacity of any of these models, that’s a good match. Additionally, thanks to their low minimum lift heights, these models can likely fit under most vehicles.

For those seeking a recommendation, the Pittsburgh model stands out as the top pick. It offers a robust 6,000 lb lifting capacity and a minimum lift range of around 3 inches. If you haven’t had a chance to explore this product on Amazon yet, simply click the button below to check it out.

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