3 Best Floor Jacks for Suburban That Quickly lift it

Are you on the lookout for the best floor jack for your Suburban? If that’s the case, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to choose the ideal lift for your Suburban, highlighting key features you should consider when selecting a floor jack.

Without any delay, let’s dive right into the details.

An Overview of the Suburban Floor Jacks

Blackhawk B6350

  • 7000 lb load capacity
  • 5.5 – 22″ lift range
  • 85 lb item weight
  • Single Piston Pump

Arcan ALJ3T / A20018

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.75 – 18″ lift range
  • 58 lb item weight
  • Dual Piston Pump

Torin ‎AT84007NB

  • 8000 lb load capacity
  • 3.9 – 20″ lift range
  • 96 lb item weight
  • Dual Piston Pump

Performance Tools ‎W1627

  • 7000 lb load capacity
  • 4 – 20.5″ lift range
  • 86 lb item weight
  • Dual Piston Pump

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product Torin
4 ton (8,000 lb) 3.5 ton (7,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb)
Weight 96 lb (43.6 kg) 85 lb (38.6 kg) 58 lb (26.3 kg)
Min. Lift
3.9" (9.8 cm) 5.5" (14 cm) 3.75" (9.2 cm)
Max. Lift
20" (50.7 cm) 22" (56 cm) 18" (45.7 cm)
Pump Dual-piston Single-piston Dual piston
Size (")
L x W x H
31 x 16 x 8 28.5 x 13.8 x 6.5 30 x 13.5 x 8

Blackhawk B6350 Best Floor Jack for Suburban

  • Features wide circular padded saddle for secure lifting.
  • 7000 lb lifting power makes it best for heavy vehicles, including Suburban
  • A long handle eases the pumping.
  • The highest lift range floor jack on the list
  • It has gathered over 4316 positive ratings on Amazon
  • Load Capacity: 3.5 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 5.5 inches
  • Extended Height: 22 inches
  • Pump: Single piston
  • Weight: 85 lb
  • Color: Red & Black
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Size: ‎28.5 x 13.75 x 6.5 inches
  • Brand: Blackhawk
  • Part No. B6350
  • Comes with a single-piston pump, which lifts slower than a dual-piston jack. 
Best Floor Jack for Suburban
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The next floor back for Suburban is the BlackHawk B6350. Boasting a maximum lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes, the model is ideal for anyone searching for a 3.5-ton floor jack for their Suburbans. It’s also your go-to floor jack if you want a high-quality, heavy-duty floor jack at a reasonable price.

It’s excellent for lifting automobiles that are regular height, such as Suburbans, but it could also be used to lift cars that are lowered or raised. This floor jack has a maximum weight capability of 3.5 tonnes (7000 pounds), so you can use it to raise your Suburbans easily.

The lifting range of this floor jack is between 5.5 inches to 22 inches. Your Suburban easily falls into this range, and you can lift it to 22 inches (you usually only need to lift it to 16 inches). Because that’s enough space under your Suburban to do your work.

This floor jack is composed of heavy-duty steel and has a solid build grade. This implies that it can effectively raise your large load while remaining erect without putting too much strain on its foundation. The Blackhawk B6350 is constructed with swivel rear casters.

It also has a padded saddle, making it simple to put under your automobile. You can easily maneuver this floor jack. The saddle contains rubber cushioning that covers not only the underneath of your automobile but also improves grip.

All in all, the BlackHawk B6350 is one of the best floor jacks for those of you who are die-hard fans of Suburban.

Arcan (ALJ3T / A20018) Aluminum Floor Jack

  • Super quick lifting, thanks to its dual-piston pump
  • The lightest floor jack on the list, thanks to its Aluminum body
  • Features side handles that help with maneuverability and positioning.
  • Low profile saddle allows you to install it under low clearance
  • Load Capacity. 3 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 3.75 inches
  • Extended Height: 18 inches
  • Pump:  Dual piston
  • Weight: 58 lb
  • Color: Green & White
  • Size: ‎30 x 13.5 x 8 inches
  • Brand: Arcan
  • Part No. ALJ3T / A20018
  • Expensive yet the Bestseller with over 3,065 ratings.
Best Floor Jack for Suburban
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The Arcan ALJ3T / A20018 ticks all the boxes when it comes to being the best floor jack for your Suburban. The model is made entirely of aluminum and uses aircraft-grade components. It can lift a 3-ton truck in seconds. 

The dual-piston technology and aircraft-grade aluminum used in its account for its great lifting capability. So don’t worry about this floor jack succumbing to the weight of your Suburban. The material adds to the light characteristics of the product while still providing remarkable strength.

This item has a lifting range between 3.77 inches to 19.3 inches, fit for Suburbans. The Arcan ALJ3T Jacks saddle has a diameter of 4.52 inches, which gives your Suburban plenty of cushioning and support. To protect the automobiles from scuffs or dents, the saddle has a rubber cushion on its top.

A two-piece handle is included with this Arcan model. Because the handle is made up of two pieces, it may be conveniently placed out of the way. For easy attachment and release, the handle has a lock mechanism. The jack may be carried and positioned with the help of a side mount handle.

And lastly, it comes with 360-degree casters to make it easy to position. Since it incorporates the dual piston mechanism, it lifts faster than a single-piston counterpart.

Torin AT84007NB Top Floor Jack for Suburban

  • A jack with the highest load capacity on the list.
  • Features a security system that prevents the jack from over lifting and overpumping.
  • Rubber padded lower handle keeps the Suburban free of any dents.
  • Sturdy and durable steel structure
  • Load Capacity: 4 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 3.9 inches
  • Extended Height: 20 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Weight: 96 lb
  • Color: Black
  • Size: ‎31.2 x 15.8 x 7.9 inches
  • Brand: Torin
  • Part No. ‎AT84007NB
  • Expensive jack with low ratings – Not competent with Arcan jack
Floor Jack for Suburban
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Our first candidate for the best floor jacks for Suburbans is the Torin AT84007NB. This floor jack should be in the back of your trunk or your garage if you have one of those bulky Suburbans around!

Why do we love it? Well, firstly, this floor jack is strong enough to lift cars up to 4 tons. Since the average Suburban weighs some 2.75 – 3 tons, this floor jack is more than good enough to handle the weight. So don’t fret about the SUV collapsing over you!

Both you and your Suburban will be safe in the hands of the Torin AT84007NB. Another reason why this star tops our list is that it lifts cars with a ground clearance of a minimum of 4 inches. The ground clearance of Suburbans is 8.5 inches on average, so this floor jack can easily be installed under it.

So now that we’ve talked about the two basic elements of a good suburban floor jack, let’s talk about the additional features this floor jack has to offer. Firstly, it consists of a dual-piston pump which is a plus because dual piston pumps lift loads a lot faster than single-piston pumps.

Also, this Torin model is equipped with a pair of large steel casters and also 360-degree swivel casters. You can smoothly and easily handle this floor jack, thanks to these casters. The casters and dual-piston pumps make this floor jack ideal for Suburbans.

Lastly, the item has integrated safety features that prevent overloading. And as a cherry on top, you even get a one-year manufacturer warranty!

Performance Tool W1627 Floor Jack

  • Integrated swivel casters that move 360 degrees
  • Rapid lifting with two parallel pumps
  • Exceeds ASMI PALD safety standards – tested for the load capacity. 
  • Rought padded saddle top increases the friction and lowers the sliding.
  • Load Capacity: 3.5 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 4 inches
  • Extended Height: 20.5 inches
  • Pump: Dual piston
  • Weight: 85 lb
  • Color: Yellow & Black
  • Size: ‎32.25 x 15.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Brand: Performance Tools
  • Part No. ‎W1627
  • Heavy product, Not easy to carry it.
Floor Jack for Suburban
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Look no further if you are searching for the floor jack for your Suburban. This floor jack best handles multiple cars, Suburban, and small trucks. Matter not if you have Mazda CX-5, Mercedes E320, or just the Suburban, it’ll get the job done.

Know that the jack has a total weight capacity of 3.5 tons. Turns out that 7,000 pounds cover a lot of vehicles in the range. This way, it is one of the most versatile floor jacks offered out there.

Agreed that the unit’s weight is quite high with 85 pounds, there’s a handle through which you can drag it. However, it is challenging when it comes to pumping through this handle. It is 19.5 inches in length, and due to the short length, it is a bit difficult to deal with.

To save your time, the manufacturer has installed the unit with a dual-piston pump. Fewer strokes are required due to this pump. So, the working stays easier, and you are less tired.

About the lift, the unit has the lowest height of 4 inches while the maximum height of 20 ½ inches. Both these heights are good as it slides under most of the cars with low ground clearance and still climbs it high for regular maintenance.

The wheels on the floor jack are competent enough. With them, you can move the unit around easily. Know here that the front wheels are fixed while the back ones are swiveling, offering you additional mobility.

This product has gathered some positive reviews as well online which can be read by pressing the button below.

What size floor jack do you need for a Suburban?

You should know about your Suburban’s weight. Then look for a floor jack that has enough load capacity to lift the truck. Suburbans weigh over 5000 lb. Now find a floor jack that has say 6000 lb load capacity if your truck weighs under 3-ton. 

This is how you can find the right size floor jack for Suburbans. With that, the above floor jacks have enough load capacity and lift range that is fit for Suburbans. You can read and learn more about floor jacks there. 

Can a 2-ton jack lift a Suburban?

It totally depends on your suburban’s model and its weight if a 2-ton jack will lift your vehicle. For a 2-ton jack to lift your suburban, it should be 4,000 pounds or equivalent.

If you look closely at suburban’s weight, it seems pretty impossible for a 2 tons jack to lift this vehicle. It’s because the average weight of a suburban is more than 5,000 pounds.

Consider here Chevrolet Suburban, for instance. This suburban’s weight lies between 5,586 and 5,808 pounds.

General Info:

SUVs are the perfect companions on picnics with your families. But you know what spoils a good holiday? Flat tires! And what a troublesome situation it is to have the kids crying and complaining and the wife in a mood in the scorching sun.

And even if you’re out with your friends, a flat tire is the last thing you’d want in your Truck. Luckily for you, this minor problem can easily be solved if you have a good floor jack on hand. But not every floor jack will suffice for an SUV.

For a Truck like the Chevy Suburban, you need to remember that the floor jack should be able to handle the heavyweight. An average Suburban weighs around 5500 to 6000 lbs!

So you can’t use the same floor jack for your Suburban as you do for your lighter cars. Should the floor jack succumb to the weight of the SUV, the car will drop, and it can lead to injuries to you and severe damage to your car.

So the first thing you need to keep in mind is that the floor jack needs to have a weight capacity of up to 3 tons at least. Secondly, since Trucks are taller with a higher ground clearance than other cars, the lifting range should be high. So the maximum lifting range should be high enough to lift your SUV to a certain height.

Floor jacks are a must-have for any Chevy Suburban or other Truck owner. We’re going to reveal the three best Floor jacks for Suburbans out there!


Now that we’ve compiled the best floor jacks for Suburbans, you can order one without the worry of testing or trying. All our candidates will prove to be blessings for your Suburban or any other SUV! They are the best floor jacks for Suburbans.

The top of the list is the Arcan floor jack that comes with a 6000 lb load capacity. You can read more customer reviews by clicking the button below.

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