Best Floor Jack For Jeep Grand Cherokee that Quickly Lifts it

Best Floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee
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Do you want the best floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

You’ve reached the right place.

This article is all about the Jeep Grand Cherokee jack that easily fits under clearance and have have enough load capacity, needed for the Grand Cherokee.

Let’s have a quick overview of the floor jacks.

Arcan A20018

  • 3 ton load capacity
  • 3.75 – 18″ lift range
  • 56 lb item weight
  • Aluminum jack


  • 3 ton load capacity
  •  3.5 – 19.7″ lift range
  • 56 lb item weight
  • Aluminum & Steel


  • 3 ton load capacity
  •  3.75 – 19″ lift range
  • Dual piston pump
  • Aluminum jack

Best Floor Jack For Jeep Grand Cherokee - Arcan A20018

  • Easily gets under low-clearance vehicles.
  • Super quick lifting with double pumps.
  • Aluminum and lightweight design. 
  • More than enough load capacity for Grand Cherokee.
  • Expensive item.
  • Big in size that occupies more room.

 Arcan A20018 quick-rise aluminum floor jack is one of the best floor jacks for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its 3-ton lifting capacity makes it compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV weighs around 5000 lb, which is less than the 6000 lb jack. Hence it quickly lifts the SUV.

With that, the lifting range is another important factor that you should consider when choosing a floor jack for your Grand Cherokee. The jack should easily get under the car and should provide enough space when lifted. Thanks to the Arcan product, that can smoothly slide under the clearance because of its 3.75 inches minimum height. 

On the other hand, it also gives you sufficient room for installing jack stands or creeping underneath all because of its 18 inches maximum height. This lift range is another positive point in the product for the Jeep.

Since the A20018 is a manual jack that requires stroking to lift the load, doing so takes time and energy especially when the jack has a single-piston pump. However, the mentioned model features a dual-piston pump mechanism that provides a rapid lifting action, allowing you to get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Safety cannot be ignored when raising such a load. Therefore, the Arcan product is equipped with a bypass valve that prevents overloading and ensures that the jack remains stable and secure while in use. It also has a rubber saddle and foam handle bumper that protect the vehicle’s frame and body from damage during the lifting process.

In addition to its safety features, the jack is also easy to use. It has a low profile design that makes it easy to position under vehicles with low ground clearance, and its lightweight construction means that it can be easily moved around the garage or workshop.

The product is designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance. It has a rust-resistant aluminum frame that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use, and its sealed hydraulic system means that it requires little to no maintenance over time.

With over 1,728 positive ratings online, this jack has beaten several brands in the hydraulic system industry. You can explore the reviews, prices, and more about the product by hitting the button below. 

Affordable Grand Cherokee Jack from VEVOR

  • Versatility Lifting range of 3.54 to 19.68 inches.
  • Easy to use: Equipped with two side mount handles.
  • Lightweight: Made with aluminum and steel.
  • Quick lifting: Dual-piston pumps lift quickly.
  • Damage prevention: Rubber-foamed handle to prevent dents.
  • Compared to other floor jacks in the market, the product may be relatively expensive.

This is another affordable jack for Grand Cherokee – the VEVOR 3-ton low-profile floor jack. It features the same bearing capacity as the Arcan jack mentioned above. It’s because we’ve gathered the jack with enough capacity for the Jeep. It can quickly raise a maximum of 6000 lb, where the SUV comes under the range. 

From 3.54 to 19.68 inches, the product is the suitable option for both low-profile and high-clearance vehicles, let allow the Jeep Cherokee to have around 8.4 inches of ride height. The maximum heights are also handy when it comes to installing stands under the car. It provides enough space for the fitting.

Speaking of it, installing a jack under the jack point is a bit challenging since it’s big and heavy. However, this VEVOR jack is equipped with two side mount handles that let you easily position it under the points. If you want to pick it up and carry it, you can do it with the handles.

 During the pumping stage, the lower part of the handle hits the car which often causes dents to the bumpers or side kits. This could be prevented when the handle is softer. The VEVOR found the solution for it and rubber-foamed the handle so that it does not cause any damage to the car. This is another feature that won a place for the jack in this list. 

The jack’s body is made out of aluminum and steel that give it sturdiness yet lightweight. Just like in the Arcan jack, this VEVOR model also comes with dual-piston pumps that lift quickly without requiring more strokes. 

NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

  • High Lifting Capacity
  • Safety Valve: Prevents overloading.
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Big in size. Occupies more room.

The NOS NSJ0301 Service Jack is another option to consider when looking for a floor jack for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. With a lifting capacity of 3 tons, it can easily lift the weight of the SUV, making it a compatible choice.

One of the standout features of this jack is its lightweight design, as it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes it easy to move around your garage or workshop, and also allows for a low-profile design that can fit under vehicles with low ground clearance, like the Grand Cherokee.

Another benefit of this jack is its dual pump design, which allows for a quicker lift with less effort required. This can save time and energy during the lifting process, especially when working on larger vehicles like the Jeep.

The jack also features a safety valve that prevents overloading, ensuring that the jack remains stable and secure while in use. Additionally, it has a rubber saddle and foam handle bumper that protect the vehicle’s frame and body from damage during the lifting process.

The lifting range of the NOS NSJ0301 is also impressive, with a minimum height of 3.75 inches and a maximum height of 18.125 inches. This allows for easy positioning under the car and provides enough space for installing jack stands or working under the vehicle.

One potential drawback of this jack is its price, as it may be more expensive than other options on the market. However, the quality and durability of the product may make it worth the investment for those who frequently work on their vehicles or want a reliable and long-lasting floor jack.

In summary, the NOS floor jack is a lightweight and durable option for those in need of a floor jack for their Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its dual pump design, safety valve, and lifting range make it a reliable and efficient choice for any garage or workshop.

How to Choose Jeep Grand Cherokee Floor Jack?

A hydraulic jack is the need of every car owner. Without it, you will not be able to lift your car. However, choosing one for yourself should be done with care. If you opt for a jack that does not fit your vehicle’s needs, you could be putting yourself in danger. That’s why you need to look at and understand each feature of the jack so you can own the right size.

Load Capacity

How much does your Jeep Grand Cherokee weigh? If you know the answer, you got the answer for what size jack you need for your Grand Cherokee. Floor jacks have limits when it comes to how much load you can raise with them.

To make it easier for you, opt for a jack that can lift more load than your car weighs. If it has 5000 lb, pick a 5000+ lb jack, which is 2.5 tons or more. Luckily we’ve gathered the best car jack for your Grand Cherokee that has a 3-ton capacity and can easily raise the SUV. They’re placed above in the review section.

Hydraulic Pump

Select a dual-piston floor jack. Yes, it will cost more bucks than a single-piston jack. It is handy in quickly raising the SUV. It saves your time and rapidly reaches the jack points. For your convenience, all the jacks in the list are dual pistons.

Lift Reach

A jack has a collapsed height and the extended height. The min height should be less than the car’s ground clearance or the distance between the jack point and the ground surface. This will not be a problem since the Jeep has 8+ inches clearance and most of the jacks have less height than the mentioned one. It’s essential for low-profile cars.

The maximum height must be more than the jack point’s height so that it gives you some lifting. How will you raise an 18 inches lifted vehicle with a 16 inches maximum height floor jack? That’s why height matters.

They’re the basic features you will need to look for in a hydraulic jack when you choose one for your Jeep. All the jacks we’ve mentioned in this article fall under the features we’ve discussed here. 

End Notes

In conclusion, all three of the aluminum floor jacks discussed in this article have unique features and capabilities that make them stand out. The best on the list is the Arcan A20018 floor jack. It’s compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can explore the product through the button below.

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