The 3 Best Floor Jacks for Ford F250 and F350

Browsing for the best floor jack for your Ford F250 or F350? Well, this article has compiled a list of top floor jacks with dual-piston pumps for your convenience.

Let’s begin by checking out the comparison table of the floor jacks.

A Run-through of the Ford Floor Jacks

Torin AT84007 NB For F350

  • 4-ton load capacity
  • 3.9 – 20″ lift range
  • 96 lb item weight
  • Dual-piston pump

Blackhawk B6350 for F250

  • 3.5-ton load capacity
  • 5.5 – 22″ lift range
  • 85 lb item weight
  • Single-piston pump

Powerbuilt 240076 For F250 pump

  • 2.5-ton load capacity
  • 3 – 19.5″ lift range
  • 73.7 lb item weight
  • Dual-piston pump

LiftMaster floor jack

  • 3-ton load capacity
  • 3 – 20″ lift range
  • 72.6 lb item weight
  • Dual-piston pump

Best Floor Jack for Ford F250 - The Powerbuilt 240076

  • Features pedal pump for easy stroke without bending over.
  • Padded rough circular saddle for secure grip on the jack point
  • It has a lugs and nuts storage tray.
  • Two way pumping, handle and the pedal.
  • Overtime if you do not replace the oil, the jack will easily lose pressure upon lifting. 
  • Maintenance is required at least once in a year

Here comes the top jack for your Ford F250, Powerbuilt. This brand makes top-notch automotive products, including heavy-duty floor jacks. Since your vehicle is over 5000 lb, you need a jack of enough load capacity to easily lift it.

Thanks to this item that got your back. The floor jack features 5,000 lb lifting power, fit for raising heavy-duty Ford. Thinking your truck weighs more than the jack’s load capacity? Well, you don’t lift your truck at once, nor does it have one center jack point. You’re probably raising one wheel at a time or one end of your truck. So this way the load falls under the capacity.

Best Floor Jacks for Ford F250
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Aside from that, another unique feature of this floor jack is its pump pedal. You can extend the jack using two methods: the handle or the foot pedal. The pedal allows you to pump the jack without sitting or bending, although you can still use the handle if you prefer.

To save you time and effort, this low-profile floor jack can reach its maximum height with just 7 strokes, thanks to its two parallel pumps. However, this addition makes the jack heavier, weighing in at 73.7 lbs.

But you don’t have to worry about picking it up. The two rear swivel casters make it easy to roll the jack across the floor and position it under your truck’s frame. Since this is a dual-piston floor jack, it is more expensive than a single-piston jack, such as the next product. You can check its price tag and customer ratings by clicking on the image.

Best Floor Jack for Ford F250 - [Video] Powerbuilt

Torin AT84007NB Floor jack for Ford f350

  • Heavy duty steel structure, fit for lifting F-350
  • Wide base area, for stable support.
  • Quick rise lifting mechanism
  • Long pump handle for easy stroke.
  • Heavy weight, not easy to pick up and carry it. 

Torin is one of the floor jacks for Ford F350 that ticks all the boxes when it comes to lifting your vehicle without causing damage to it. Let’s analyze the features it has to offer:

No news, the weight of the Ford F350 is around 6,967 pounds. In contrast, this jack can hold a maximum weight of 4 tons, which turns out to be 8,000 pounds. Comparing these values, it’s pretty clear that the floor jack can carry this specific vehicle with ease.

As the Ford F350 is not very low to the ground, it doesn’t need a floor jack with a very little minimum height. Still, the minimum height of 3 7/8 inches is favorable as you can use the jack on other vehicles as well.

The unit promises a maximum lift height of 20 inches, which is sufficient for tasks such as changing a tire, replacing brake pads, or performing oil changes. Additionally, it features a dual-piston pump, allowing for quick lifting.

The overall weight of this floor jack is 96.2 pounds, primarily due to the steel used in manufacturing. However, the jack comes equipped with swivel wheels and a handle for easy transportation around your garage.

The wide saddle with a diameter of 3.4 inches ensures that the unit is safe to use, even when lifting heavy loads. You can load it with confidence, knowing that the unit is efficient and dependable.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, which is competitive with other models on the market. Take a look at its price and make an informed decision.

Blackhawk B6350 Top Floor Jack for Ford

  • Highest ratings and reviews from the customers.
  • Rubber pad on saddle and on part of the handle.
  • With the maximum lift height among the floor jacks on the list.
  • No rapid lifting pump system. It needs a few extra strokes to reach max height.

It would be unthinkable if this jack didn’t make it to the list of best floor jacks for your truck. Weighing 85 pounds with a dimension of 28.5 x 13.75 x 6.5 inches, this jack is ideal for working in the garage. It has been designed with user safety in mind, and the swivel casters provide comfortable jack positioning.

The operating range of this jack is between 5.5″ to 22″. However, one thing to note before using it is that you need to ensure the release valve is turned clockwise, and you should stop only when there is a bit of resistance.

One of the benefits of using this jack is that you do not need to struggle as it has an excellent lift capacity. Also, it would interest you to know that this floor jack has not only a vent plug but also a safety valve.

There has been widespread acclaim for this floor jack, not only because it offers great precision but also because many users feel very comfortable using it for their trucks, especially the Ford F250.

This product features a single-piston pump with over 7,000 lb lifting power, fit for heavy-duty trucks like Ford. The jack has collected over 2,814 reviews on Amazon. If interested, you can check its price and ratings by clicking the image.

Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Affordable Floor Jack

  • 3 ton maximum bearing capacity, fit for the Fords.
  • Versatile lift range allows more room for jack stand installation.
  • Cheap product compared to the other dual piston jacks on the list.
  • Improper care may result in oil leakage over time, so it is important to ensure proper lubrication.

The Liftmaster floor jack has a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons, which is more than enough for your Ford F250. Its minimum lift height is 4 inches, while its maximum lift height is 20 inches. This range is good enough to perform most tasks under your truck.

The jack also has a built-in safety valve to prevent overloading and over-pumping. Furthermore, the swivel rear casters and the 2-piece handle make it easy to maneuver the jack and position it correctly under your truck.

With over 350 customer ratings on Amazon, this floor jack has received a lot of positive feedback for its durability and ease of use. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can check its current price and ratings by clicking the image.

Best Floor Jacks for Ford
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It’s great to hear that the Liftmaster floor jack has received positive feedback from users, especially for its quick lifting and secure grip handle. Its dual pump system also ensures efficiency in pumping and lifting, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a fast and reliable floor jack. With a maximum operating range of 20 inches, it provides enough lift for various tasks under your F250. You can check its price and ratings by clicking the image.

Buying Guide for Ford F250 & F350 Floor Jack

Buying a floor jack for your Ford F250 or F350 can be a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to pick the right one. Here are some features that you should consider before making a purchase:

Load Capacity

The first thing to consider when choosing a floor jack is the load capacity. Make sure to choose a floor jack that can handle the weight of your Ford truck. Typically, Ford F250 and F350 have a weight capacity of around 8,000 to 10,000.

The products listed in this article have enough lifting capacity for both Ford models. They can quickly jack up the trucks to the desired height you need. The Blackhawk and Torin jacks are great choices when it comes to comparing capacities.

It is important to mention that your truck may weigh more than the jack’s capacity. In this case, you can raise it with a floor jack having a 75% load capacity of your truck’s weight. You can still raise one or two wheels at a time because they will weigh less than the overall mass.

Lift Range

The lift range is the height to which the floor jack can raise the truck. Consider the ground clearance of your truck and the height at which you need to lift it. Look for a floor jack with a lift range that can accommodate your needs. For Ford F250 and F350, a floor jack with a lift range of 5.5″ to 22″ is ideal.

The minimum lift range is the height required for the jack’s installation. This means that the Ford should have a higher ground clearance than the product’s collapsed height. However, it is safe to say that most jacks can easily get under the truck because trucks typically have a high ride height and floor jacks have a low minimum height.

Pump System

The pump system is responsible for lifting the floor jack. There are two types of pump systems: single-piston and dual-piston. Single-piston pump systems are slower, while dual-piston pump systems are faster. If you need to lift your Ford truck quickly, consider a floor jack with a dual-piston pump system.

They cost more obviously, however, they’re worth the expenditure. All the floor jacks in the article, except the Blackhawk, have double piston pumps for quick and safe lifting.


The material of the floor jack is also an important consideration. Look for a floor jack made of durable and sturdy material that can withstand the weight of your truck. Steel is a popular choice for floor jacks as it is strong and long-lasting.

There’s a drawback in steel floor jacks, which is overweight. They weigh more than aluminum hydraulic jacks, which are expensive. Both have their own pros and cons. You can read in more detail about the floor jack material in this guide. 

Handle & Saddle

The handle and saddle are the two most critical components of a floor jack. Look for a floor jack with a comfortable handle that is easy to grip. The saddle should be wide enough to fit the chassis of your truck securely. Also, look for a floor jack with a rubber pad or cushioning to prevent damage to your truck.

In conclusion, choosing the right floor jack for your Ford F250 or F350 involves considering load capacity, lift range, pump system, material, handle, and saddle. Make sure to choose a floor jack that meets your needs and is safe and easy to use.

Ending Notes

So, you have successfully looked at the best floor jacks for Ford F250 and F350. Each of the mentioned jacks has different weights, dimensions, as well as lift ranges. Despite having different specifications, they all serve a similar purpose, which is to lift your Ford truck.

Also, each of these jacks has received excellent reviews, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. However, for clarity, these are indeed the best choices for you to use on a Ford F250. So, having reviewed each of them, it can be assumed that you now know which one to pick from the best floor jacks for Ford F350. If you want to check out the best-rated product on the list, click the links above to see it on Amazon.

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