Best Floor jack For BMW 1 Series 3 Series & 4 Series

It can be quite a hassle to keep going back and forth to the mechanic just to get your BMW’s tires or oil changed. 

However, having a good floor jack can save you all the trouble by allowing you to lift your car and change the tires and oil by yourself. But what is the best floor jack for the BMW 1, 3, and 4 series that is easy to carry yet efficient in lifting?

We have selected a few of the best floor jacks for the BMW 1 series 3 series 4 series that enable easy lifting while occupying minimal storage space. Let’s explore them. 

Best Floor Jack for BMW 1 Series - Torin T820010LT

With a minimum height of 3.15 inches, this floor jack is best suited for all BMW 1,3 and 4 series cars as it’s easy to slide under them. This jack is specially designed for low-profile vehicles to aid in maximum lifting up to 17.3 inches, high enough to replace oil and types or check for any possible damage. 

Its aluminum body allows it to bear up to 2 tons of weight, making it an excellent option for BMW convertibles and SUVs as well. Furthermore, its body is rust-proof, enhancing its longevity and performance. 

For faster and easier lift, it has dual pistons that help you elevate the car swiftly—the vehicle charges by pushing the lever downwards and vice versa. The built-in tension pressure valve allows easy integration of the lever into the jack without twisting it manually. 

The foam bumper on the vehicle handle prevents scratches and damage to your car and creates a soft cushion layer. The additional security is added by its built-in safety overload system that doesn’t allow the person to use this floor jack on a vehicle beyond its capacity. Thus protecting your car and your jack at the same time. 

With a large saddle area coated with rubber, it not only has a broader surface area for elevation but also offers a firm grip with its rubber base, reducing slippage chances. Also, the floor contains four wide rubber wheels that not only enhance mobility but improve surface grip once in place.

In contrast to the Omega Pro lever, the handle height is adjustable. So it’s more accessible if you prefer altering its length according to your liking. The two-part handle has long and short parts, allowing you to use either one or both according to your choice. However, the handle doesn’t lock in its place, so it moves around a bit, but it doesn’t affect the performance.  

The dimensions of the Torin floor jack are 29L x 16W x 8H inches, making it compact and easy to store. In addition, it only weighs 47.1 pounds, making it easy to carry in your car or your garage. Click below to check its price and availability.

Affordable Car jack for BMW 3 Series

If your BMW series tire gives up in the middle of a road, then the Torin T820010LT will save your day as its light weight makes it more accessible to carry. The 58-pound floor jack is the preferred portable option to lift the BMW series.

The aluminum body not only adds to its lightweight but also quickly lifts to 3 tons’ worth of heavy vehicles in a few pumps. In addition, there’s a foam bumper that prevents scratching and damage to your car. 

The base of this floor jack has a double-piston lifting mechanism. With one pull of a lever, it makes lifting two times easier. So you are able to lift your car from 3.7 inches – to 19.2 inches within seven pumps. 

Whether it’s lifting or releasing your car, the smooth pumping mechanism makes the work effortless. It raises and lowers your car in a swift motion rather than suddenly dropping it. 

The long foldable lever makes it easier to lift your car without requiring extra force. With a D-style lever, it’s simple to position the jack in your desired place.

With four metal wheels on its base, moving the floor jack becomes more accessible and manageable. With its dimensions of ‎30L x 15W x 7.5H inches, it easily fits in all types of cars and is easy to carry, making it travel-friendly. 

When folded, it is easier to store in trunk and shelves as it takes less storage space. The handle is folded into two pieces, making it more compact. You can check its warranty and color by clicking on the link below.

BMW 4 Series Hydraulic Jack for Tire Changes - VEVOR Brand

If you own a BMW series 2 or 3 with a clearance of 5.9 and 6.1 inches, get a VEVOR 2.5-ton floor jack. Its minimum height of 3.6 inches allows it to reach the base up to 19.4 inches and lift your car smoothly. 

With a load-bearing capacity of 2.5 tons, it quickly lifts convertibles, coupes, and mini SUVs in a heartbeat. Accompanied by a dual piston system, it requires less force and results in swift elevation of your vehicle in less time, making it perfect if you are a beginner. 

Its stainless steel body allows it to bear such heavyweights in a few swift pushes of the lever. Because of its high-quality stainless steel body, it weighs 64.9 pounds, making it slightly heavier to lift. This heavyweight is compensated with two wide rear wheels that aid in easy maneuvering and positioning without lifting it. 

The broad saddle base offers 360 degrees of rotation to adjust and detach it from the jack, making its cleaning more straightforward and manageable. Plus, the rubber traction on its surface does not compromise the grip of your car, preventing slipping. 

The 45 inches long lever reduces the forces required to lift your vehicle. The lever is of ideal length to provide maximum results with minimum effort, as a short lever requires more strength. It only takes five pushes to lift your car to 19.4 inches. The handle is easily disassembled to occupy less storage space. 

To prevent car scratches and surface damage, it contains a foam handle along with a rubber handle. So, no matter how roughly you use it, it doesn’t damage your car’s exterior. 

As it requires a pump to lift the car, you have to rotate its lever counterclockwise slowly to lower the floor jack. The lever is squeaky during pumping. Other than that, it functions smoothly. 

It is easy to store with its small dimensions of 31.7L x 15.8W x 7.5H inches. It occupies minimal space in car trunks and garage shelves. Click on the link below to find out its color and more. 

Guide to Choose The Best Jack for Your BMW

Following are a few tips to get the perfect Floor jack for your BMW that performs well and lasts long. 


The material of the floor jack affects its longevity, load-bearing capacity, and performance. There are three types of floor jack materials. 

  • Aluminum: It is a lightweight and straightforward design jack that is best for portable options. They work best in roadside tire changes or assistance. However, because of its light material, they cannot bear enough weight. 
  • Stainless steel: It is the most durable, sturdiest, and strongest material that quickly lifts the heaviest cars with the least force. It’s excellent for pickups and vans. One downside is it is relatively heavier and more challenging to handle than aluminum jacks. 
  • Hybrid: These are a combination of aluminum and stainless steel with properties lying between these materials. It’s a good choice for small cars and vehicles. 

Weight-Bearing Capacity 

To raise a BMW car, the weight-bearing capacity must lie between 2 and 3 tons. A 3-ton capacity lever is a preferred choice as it reduces the chances of failure to zero and is more durable because of its more extensive range. However, a 2-2.5 ton capacity lever works as well as a 3-ton one. 

Height Range 

Check to compare the height range of your floor jack with ground clearance. A car with low ground clearance should have a low profile floor lever so it easily slides into the space. A minimum lever height of 3.4 inches is a good start for cars with medium to low ground clearance. 


As problems with tires and cars can occur anywhere, the floor jack must be compact enough to fit in a car truck and easy to assemble. Having a portable lever makes it easier to tackle car problems. 


You don’t want to put your entire energy into pushing a jack lever. A good floor jack requires less force and gives better results. To enhance its efficiency, a jack should have a dual pump system and a long handle. This combination reduces forces and enhances its effect. 

Final Words

Mentioned above are the best floor jack for the BMW 1,3, and 4 series that are not only durable but gives excellent results with minimum labor. These are easy to use and are a perfect option for beginners.

We also have shared a brief buying guide that shows that the material, weight, height capacity, and efficiency are essential factors to look out for in a floor jack. Get yourself a floor jack today to avoid hustle in the middle road. 

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