The 3 Best Floor Jack Combo Sets [Jack + Stand + Creeper]

Browsing for the best floor jack combo set? If so, you’re at the right place.

This post will unbox the best floor jack combo kit that includes a jack, jack stands, and a creeper so that you have all the essentials in one package when making any maintenance in your car.

Let’s check out the comparison table first.

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product BIG RED
6603 ASJPK
2 ton (4,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb)
lift range
5.3" - 13.4"
(13.3 - 34 cm)
3.8 - 19.3"
(9.6 - 49 cm)
5.5 - 18.5"
(14 - 47 cm)
2 ton (4,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb)
lift range
10.8 to 16.6"
(27.4 to 42 cm)
10.6 - 15.4"
(27 - 39 cm)
11.8 - 16.8"
(30 - 42.7 cm)
No. of
2 2 2
Creeper No No Yes
Material Steel Aluminum Steel
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SUNEX TOOLS 6603ASJPK - The Best Floor Jack and Jack Stand Combo

best floor jack combo set
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The first kit is from Sunex Tools, which has a jack and two jack stands. The jack has a 3 ton (6,000) lb load capacity that can lift most trucks, SUVs, and cars. It can also be used to raise low-profile vehicles because it has a small minimum height – 3.8 inches – that you can slide under cars with 3.8”+ ground clearance.

Speaking of the height, this Sunex jack features over 19 inches max height, allowing more space beneath a car for installing a jack stand. Remember to place jack stands before creeping under the vehicle.

This combo comes with two jack stands, each one having a 3-ton load capacity. You will need a minimum of 11 inches clearance for their installation. Thanks to the Sunex floor jack that gives you enough space for the stands.

If you want to fully extend the stands, you’ll need around 16 inches height which the floor jack can also provide. The stands have an adjustment pin for multiple heights, and safety.

The products are aluminum, that’s why they’re lighter than other steel combo sets. You can easily carry them from place to place. In fact, the floor jack has two carrying handles that help with positioning as well.

With that, another unique benefit that you’ll get from this combo is the dual piston mechanism of the floor jack. It allows you to rapidly raise the jack to its max height with far fewer full strokes. It saves your time and effort.

This kit does not come with a creeper but hey, you’ve got this best combo set that’s all for making most repairs in your car. You can learn further about its ratings, reviews and price by clicking the yellow button below.

Pro-LifT G-4630JSCB floor Jack, Stand & Creeper Combo

best floor jack combo
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Here comes the best floor jack combo set that includes a creeper. The creeper has a 300 lb weight capacity that easily rolls over the floor with its 6 wheels. Before creeping under your car, you’ll need a floor jack and some jack stands.

Just like the Sunex tools combo set, this one also has a floor jack with two jack stands that open the way for getting under the vehicle. Each of them features a 6,000 lb lifting power.

The floor jack and the stands have a steel construction that delivers strength and stability. You can easily install the jack stands since the jack provides sufficient space for them. The lift range of the jack is from 5.5 – 18.5 inches.

The floor jack in the kit has a single-piston pump which does not function as quickly as the Sunex floor jack. It lifts the load with a few more strokes. Besides the combo including a creeper, it is less expensive than the above due to its steel body and single-piston pump.

By the way, you can find the price tag, ratings, and more about this floor jack combo by hitting the yellow button below.

BIG RED T82001 2 ton Floor Jack Combo Kit

floor jack combo kit
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Let’s explore this last combo set from the BIG RED brand. It has two jack stands and a trolley jack. Compared to other combos in the article, this one has less load capacity which is not insufficient for lifting cars and SUVs.

The jack can hoist up to 4000 lb which means if you got a truck that weighs 6000 lb, it can still lift it. Because for vehicles, you can opt for jacks that have the ⅓ load capacity of the car’s weight. You can easily raise one wheel with this model, place a stand and then lift the other wheel.

Speaking for the stand, the jack stands also have a 2-ton load capacity – each one. This combo has a kind of drawback which is the lift range. The jack has a 5.3″ – 13.4″ lift range and the jack stands have 10.8 to 16.6″.

This means you’ll need to lift your car almost 17 inches before you install the fully extended jack stand. And the jack has only 13.4 inches max height. But that’s necessary only when you want to fully expand the stand which is a lot of space beneath a car if you’re just changing a flat tire.

The other two combo sets are free of such cons. With 13.4 inches clearance, you can for sure install the jack stand and remove a flat. Almost all the 2-ton floor jack combo sets carry this drawback.

But hey you’ve got the other two floor jack combos if you’re not satisfied with this math. You can further explore this BIG RED jack and jack stand kit by tapping the button below.


You’ve gone through the floor jack combo sets available online. To give you a hand in picking the right kit from the three, the Sunex Tool combo is the best option. It has a 3-ton quick rise aluminum floor jack and two jack stands.

They cost more compared to the other brands. However, they’re worth every penny. The quick-rise pump mechanism and the lightweight body add that few bucks to the price tag. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can do it by hitting the button below.

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