5 Best Budget Floor Jacks for Car Enthusiasts on a Tight Budget

Looking for the best budget floor jack? If so, you’ll find high-quality floor jacks in this article that will meet your budget.

Let’s go through the overview of the budget friendly floor jacks.

Pro-Lift F-767

  • 4000 lb load capacity
  • 3.5 – 14″ lift range
  • 30 lb item weight
  • Single piston pump

Pittsburgh 68053

  • 3000 lb load capacity
  • 3.4 – 14.75″ lift range
  • 40 lb item weight
  • Dual piston pump

Aain HT3300

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 5.25 – 18.25″ lift range
  • 65 lb item weight
  • Dual piston pump

BIG RED T820014S

  • 3000 lb load capacity
  • 5.75 – 13″ lift range
  • 18 lb item weight
  • Single piston pump

JEGS 79002

  • 4000 lb load capacity
  • 5.13 – 13″ lift range
  • Two jack stands
  • Single piston pump

The Comparison Table

Product PIttsburgh
1.5 ton (3,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb) 1.5 ton (3,000 lb)
Weight 40 lb (18 kg) 65 lb (29.5 kg) 18 lb (8 kg)
3.4" (8.6 cm) 5.25" (13.3 cm) 5.75" (14.6 cm)
Max. Lift
14.75" (37.5 cm) 18.25" (46 cm) 13" (33 cm)
Pump Dual Piston Dual Piston Single piston
Size 25 x 9.5 x 5.9 27 x 13.5 x 6.13 18 x 7.7 x 5.3

Budget-Friendly Pro-Lift F-767 Jack

  • Lifts up to 2 tons
  • Compact and portable design
  • Built-in safety valve
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Not suitable for larger vehicles such as trucks.
  • May not fit certain vehicle types or lift points.
floor jack
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The Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack is a product that needs careful consideration before purchasing to make sure it fits your needs. Its load capacity is the first factor to consider, and it has a 2-ton load capacity that can lift up to 4,000 lb, which is suitable for most unibody vehicles. 

However, if your car weighs slightly more than the jack’s capacity, you can still lift one corner of it for a tire change. The minimum lift height is another essential factor, and the Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack has a minimum height of 3.50 inches, which is perfect for most vehicles but not suitable for low-profile vehicles with under 3.50 inches clearance.

The floor jack has a maximum height of 14 inches, making it ideal for most unibody vehicles or SUVs. However, it may not be the right choice for lifted trucks since they have a higher ground clearance of more than 18 inches. 

The hydraulic pump of the Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack is a single-piston pump system that lifts a load slower than a dual-piston. The saddle of the jack is not as big as other floor jacks, with a saddle diameter of around 3 inches, which is not ideal for some vehicles.

In conclusion, the Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack is a suitable choice for most unibody vehicles or SUVs, but it may not be the right choice for low-profile vehicles or lifted trucks.

It has a load capacity of 2 tons, a minimum lift height of 3.50 inches, and a maximum height of 14 inches. The hydraulic pump is a single-piston pump system, and the saddle is not as big as other floor jacks. Find more about the jack through the button below.

Best Budget Floor Jack - Pittsburgh Aluminum 68053

  • Features a quick rise technology
  • The aluminum body makes it lightweight
  • Has a wide circular saddle that ensures safe lifting
  • A versatile lift range from 3.4 – 14.75 inches
  • Perfect for low profile vehicles
  • Lifts up to 3,000 lb – May not be best for heavy-duty trucks.
best budget floor jack
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Meet this compact floor jack that reaches its full height with just a few strokes, thanks to its double-piston design. It has a max lift height of 14.75 inches, perfect for lifting most unibody vehicles, light-duty trucks, and SUVs. You’ll save time and effort with this Pittsburgh floor jack, as it lifts loads 5x faster with its quick-rise pump.

This model is made of lightweight aluminum, weighing only 40 lb (18 kg) for easy maneuverability. Its rubber-padded saddle provides safe and secure lifting, with increased friction between the jack point and saddle for a strong grip. Plus, its universal joint release feature allows for precise load control, and your car will come down slower for added safety.

Unlike some floor jacks that can damage your car by getting down too quickly, this model has you covered. It’s also suitable for low-profile vehicles, able to get under 3.4 inches of clearance.

If you’re interested in this floor jack and want to see its ratings and price, click the yellow button below to visit the site.

Pittsburgh Aluminum 68053 Best Budget Floor Jack

BIG RED T820014S Floor Jack Review

  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Also features a carrying handle on the jack
  • The lightest floor jack – 18 pounds only
  • With a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • It has a single-piston pump
  • Not for low clearance vehicles
best floor jack for the budget
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This floor jack will probably fit your budget, as it costs under 50 dollars. The BIG RED jack comes in a bold case, making it easy to store or carry around. It has a 3,000 lb load capacity, the same as the Pittsburgh jack.

It is also one of the lightest floor jacks, weighing only 18 lb. This little guy helps you raise your vehicle almost 13 inches, allowing more space for repairs or changing a flat tire. The company has made this jack from heavy-duty steel, ensuring longer durability.

This model comes with two rear swivel wheels that rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to move around the garage or position it under a jack point. The yellow carrying handle it has is rare in most floor jacks.

However, this model needs a little more space to install it under a car as it has a 5.75 inches min-height. This feature may not make it perfect for low-clearance vehicles, but it’s suitable for most cars, SUVs, and trucks as they have higher ground clearance.

One of the reasons this jack costs less than other jacks on the list is that it has a single-piston pump. As you know, it lifts loads slower than a dual-piston pump, but it gets the job done. It will just need a few more strokes to lift the weight. It is worth the budget.

The BIG RED model has received over 1827 positive ratings online, and there has been much applause for it, which you can find below by clicking the yellow button given.

Aain HT3300 Floor Jack for the Budget

  • Lifts up to 6,000 lb load
  • High load capacity makes it best for heavy-duty trucks let alone SUVs, lightweight trucks, and cars.
  • Features a dual-piston floor jack – faster than single-piston pump
  • A two-piece handle helps with easy storage
  • Features over one and a half feet max lift height 
  • Expensive piece 
  • Fewer online ratings
floor jack for the budget
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When exploring the list of the best budget floor jacks, the HT3300 model stands out for its impressive load capacity, which is higher than the Pittsburgh jack. It can lift a 6,000 lb load, making it suitable for small cars, SUVs, lightweight trucks, and pickups.

This model allows you to lift your car over 18 inches off the ground, leaving enough space for maintenance or getting under your car. When changing a flat, you’ll need to lift it only a few inches. 

This higher max lift height is also useful when you want to install a jack stand under your car, which is essential for getting under it. The jack can fit under as low as a 5.25-inch clearance, making it suitable for low-profile cars that have a 5+ inch ride height.

Like the Pittsburgh floor jack, this product features two parallel pumps that let you lift your car more rapidly. This is a rapid-rise technology that saves time and effort. The model’s handle comes in two pieces for easy storage.

This floor jack meets the ASME PASE/2014 Safety Standard, ensuring it can lift 6,000 lb, and has been tested for its load capacity. While it costs more than the above model, it’s worth the money. You can find its price and ratings by clicking the yellow button below.

End Notes

This post has unboxed the best budget floor jacks that are available online. You can pick either one as far as it meets your budget. If you want the cheapest floor jack that can lift your car, the BIG RED T820014S should be your option. You can find more about it by clicking the button below.

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