6 Best Bottle Jacks for House Lifting & Leveling

Looking for the best bottle jack for house lifting? If so, you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned the top bottle jacks that are made to lift houses safely.

Let’s find out how these are better than other jacks available in the market.

An Overview of the Bottle Jacks for House Leveling & Lifting

BIG RED T95007 Torin

  • 50 ton load capacity
  • 9.31 – 14.06″ lift range
  • 57.1 lb item weight
  • with carrying handle
  • wide saddle surface

Pro-LifT B-033NC

  • 30 ton load capacity
  • 11.13 – 18.75″ lift range
  • 35 lb item weight
  • with carrying handle
  • ‎Alloy steel body

JET JET SJ-15T Screw Jack for House Lifting

  • 15 ton load capacity
  • 13.8 – 21″ lift range
  • 48 lbs item weight
  • 10.63 x 7.2 inch base dia.
  • with carrying handle

Akron Model C-4 Adjustable Jack

  • 9 ton load capacity
  • 12 – 15″ lift range
  • 8 lbs item weight
  • Pack of 2
  • 4″ x 5″ Plate size

Performance Tool W1637

  • 50 ton load capacity
  • 11.75 – 18.9″ lift range
  • with carrying handle
  • Steel structure
  • ASME PALD-2009 Safety Standard

AFF 3520 Heavy Duty Jack

  • 20 ton load capacity
  • 9.62″ – 18.25″ lift range
  • with carrying handle
  • Alloy Steel structure
  • 24 lb product weight

Performance Tool W1637 50 Bottle Jack for House Lifting

Here’s another bottle jack for house lifting by Performance Tool. It is featured with 50 tons weight capacity, so it easily holds a house under 100,000 pounds.

The least height of the bottle jack is 11 ¾ inches which permits it to slide under the house for getting started with lifting. At maximum height, you’ll measure it 18 7/8 inches from the ground.

best bottle jack for house lifting
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As a vigilant design, it carries out safe operations. The saddle on the top is wide enough with grooves built-in. Ultimately, this groove adds a strong grip to the bottle jack and ensures safe house lifting.

It consists of a small footprint with a 6 7/8 inches wide base. Having this compact design, you can fit in the tight spaces of your home. The welded base of the jack also makes it stable enough.

Compared to other units, it weighs a little more at 72.69 pounds. Count on its carry handle for easy transportation, though. This handle has a swing-away design which keeps it from getting in your way while you pump.

There’s more on the price and warranty of the bottle jack. So, check it out on Amazon through the button.

BIG RED T95007 Best Bottle Jack for House Lifting

Besides vehicles, BIG RED’s bottle jack is made to lift the house. It has the capacity to hold weight under 50 tons which means it elevates a normal size house easily. If you want, you can even lift a house wall through it.

One of the best parts of having it is the welded and thick base. Due to the sturdiness of the base, it doesn’t sink into the ground, which minimizes the chances of misfortunes.

bottle jack for house lifting
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At the lowest height, it is measured 9 5/16 inches, so it’ll get under the house. While the maximum height jack has to offer is 14 1/16 inches. Keeping in view the house lifting job requirement, safe to say that both minimum and maximum height are reliable.

Occupied with a carry handle, it allows you to transport the unit from one job site to another. It weighs 57.1 pounds which makes it easy to lift and lightweight than others on the list. The glide action pump and overload protections add versatility to it.

Let’s not forget that the bottle jack agrees to provide you with all of it at a budget-friendly price. Also, it delivers you with a one-year warranty. So, make sure you check its price on Amazon through the button given.

Pro-LifT B-033NC 30-ton Bottle Jack for House Leveling

Consider this 30-ton bottle jack by Pro lift if you are going to lift small houses with a weight under 60,000 pounds. And, if big house lifting is your target, you can also buy the two pieces of the unit as it’s cost-effective.

Although the bottle jack consists of a low-profile design, its base is thinner than others. No denial that it is steel welded, but it’s better to use it on hard floors. There is a bypass mechanism for safe jobs.

bottle jack for house lifting
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The steel saddle of the unit allows adjustment. You can bring it as low as 11 1/8 inches to slide under the base of the house. Or, lift it high to 18 3/4 inches which is enough height for house raising.

Integrated with a carrying handle, displacing the jack is pretty easy. Add in here the lenient weight of 35 pounds which is, of course, less than other 30-ton bottle jacks available in the market.

If you are short on budget, it is the best bottle jack for your house lifting job. So, forget not to check the price on Amazon and seal the deal before the prices multiply. Click the link below.

AFF 3520 Heavy Duty House Lifting Bottle Jack

Specially made for industrial and construction purposes, there’s no doubt about the efficiency of the AFF bottle jack. It is a 20-ton bottle jack and made to lift a house under 40,000 pounds safely.

Take note that the minimum height of the jack is 9.62 inches. So, it’ll get under even the compact spaces of your house and lift them high. However, its maximum height is less than others, which is 18.25 inches.

bottle jack for house lifting
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Estimate its sturdiness and stability with its base. It has a welded wide base for standing the load of the house without sinking in. At the top of the unit is a steel saddle that makes sure to carry out safe operations.

Having a weight of 24 pounds, the bottle jack is surely heavy. However, the swinging handle makes transportation manageable. It is a top-notch product with the efficiency to lift a variety of objects.

One of its downsides is the cost. It is a little more expensive than other options on the list but fair enough for the exclusive features it has to offer. At least check its price once to know if it fits in your bill.


These were the best bottle jack for house lifting. When you buy one, make sure to keep in view the minimum and maximum height along with the weight of the jack. Also, check if one has a thick and welded base that will stand tall without sinking in the ground.

Our pick in these is BIG RED T95007 Torin Low Profile Bottle Jack. It is made to hold 50 tons or 100,000 pounds houses safely. The large saddle, along with the welded base, makes it stand heavily weighted houses. Check out its price now, as it’s easy on the pocket. 

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