Top 4 Best 50 Ton Bottle Jacks That Can Lift 100,000 lb

Are you searching for the best 50-ton bottle jack that lifts your heavy vehicle safely and soundly? If so, you’ve landed at the right place. Here we have listed the four best bottle jacks made to raise 100,000 pounds and need minimum clearance to fit in.

Let’s get started.

An Overview of the 50 ton Jacks

BIG RED T95007

  • 50 ton load capacity
  • 11 – 17.5″ lift range
  • 58.2 lb item weight
  • Alloy Steel

Torin AT95007B

  • 50 ton load capacity
  • 11 – 17.5″ lift range
  • 64.5 lb item weight
  • with carrying handle

TCE AT95007U

  • 50 ton load capacity
  • 11 – 17.5″ lift range
  • 64.9 lb item weight
  • Alloy steel

Strongway NTH95004

  • 50 ton load capacity
  • 10.4 – 16.7″ lift range
  • 68.4 lb item weight
  • Alloy steel

Best 50-ton Bottle Jack - BIG RED T95007

  • A strong and welded base delivers stability.
  • The pumping handle comes in three pieces for easy storage.
  • Features carrying handle for transportation
  • Rough saddle for secure lifting.
  • Load Capacity: 50 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 11 inches 
  • Extended Height: 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 58.2 lb
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Size: ‎‎11 x 7.9 x 14.5 inches
  • Brand: BIG RED
  • Part No. T95007
  • Heavy bottle jack.
  • Required at least 11 inches of clearance for the installation.
best 50 ton bottle jack
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BIG RED has its unique identity, and so does its bottle jack. This 50-ton bottle jack is used for vehicles, including travel trailers, bulldozers, and military vehicles since they are heavy vehicles.

If you are about to buy it, make sure your vehicle has more than 9 5/16 inches clearance. It is the minor height of the bottle jack, and that’s how it goes under vehicles with ground clearance more than this.

The maximum lift height it has to offer is 14 1/16 inches. This height is sufficient for tire changes and multiple other maintenance jobs under vehicles. Proper lifting is what you can expect through its wide saddle.

Made of steel, the bottle jack weighs less than other bottle jacks at 57.1 pounds. You might have to invest a lot of potential in displacing it, while the integrated handle will help you get the job done quickly.

As it’s featured with welded base, the unit is stable even on soft ground without sinking in. That means you don’t have to find a suitable hard floor to start the maintenance job under your vehicle. However, it is recommended.

Not only does the welding provide stability but leak-free performance to the jack. It consists of an overload valve at the bottom, minimizing the chances of accidents. Press the yellow button and go through this bottle jack if you want a safe one.

Torin AT95007B Heavy Duty 100,000 lb Bottle Jack

  • Almost the same features as the BIG RED jack.
  • Gathered over 1,229 positive ratings.
  • Wide circular saddle 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • It can be operated in hot and cold temperatures
  • Load Capacity: 50 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 11 inches 
  • Extended Height: 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 64.5 lb
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 11 x 7.9 x 14.5 inches
  • Brand: Torin
  • Part No. AT95007B
  • Pricey and heavy jack.
50 ton bottle jack
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The next best 50-ton bottle jack here is from Torin. Like BIG RED, this brand is made to lift vehicles safely at a reasonable cost. Since the black bottle jack holds 100,000 pounds, you can use it for commercial or industrial purposes.

This means that the jack can carry from cars and trucks to heavy-duty machinery that ordinary jacks cannot lift. Its wide and reinforced saddle carries out safe operations.

At the minimum height, the jack measures 9 5/16 inches which means your vehicle should have ground clearance more than this. So, make sure to compare your vehicle’s clearance with it once.

The maximum height of the jack is 14 1/16 inches. Between the minimum and full size, there’s a distance of 5 1/8 inches which is fair enough for making repairs. An integrated glide action system in the jack demands fewer efforts for pumping.

Compared to the BIG RED bottle jack, this one is even heavier. It weighs 64.5 pounds. However, it comes with a handle so you can transport it easily from one place to another. This handle is also swung away, so it gets out of the way when you pump the jack.

It is made of steel and stands at the highest and lowest temperatures. You can make it work in an environment of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

After all the bells and whistles, the manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty. That, if you take note, is worth the bucks. So, press the yellow button to stay updated with the most recent price.

TCE AT95007U 50 Ton Low profile Bottle Jack

  • A bottle jack with a strong base.
  • Welded construction makes it durable and sturdy
  • Polished ram for smooth lifting.
  • Feature a handle for transportation
  • Load Capacity: 50 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 11 inches 
  • Extended Height: 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 64.9 lb
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: TCE
  • Part No. AT95007U
  • Expensive and extensive product.
50 ton bottle jack
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While the TCE bottle jack is referred to as a car, SUV, or truck jack, you can also use it to lift heavy machinery at the industrial site. It holds a weight of 50 tons or 100,000 pounds, making it safe to lift multiple types of equipment.

Take note that the TCE bottle jack is similar in features to that of the Torin jack above. It has a minimum lift height of 9 5/16 inches. Compared to the ground clearance of travel trailers, the lowest elevation is compatible enough.

It will lift your vehicle high to a height of 14 1/16 inches. So, you can change tires and brake pads and regular maintenance that needs sufficient space to work under. However, the lifting is safe, so you can work peacefully under the vehicle.

Just as the weight of the Torin bottle jack, TCE weighs 64.9 pounds. Although this weight is quite hefty, the integrated handle adds ease. It helps you travel with the jack easily and moves out of the way when not in use.

Thanks to the welded base, the unit delivers leak-free performance. It stands for years to come and allows you to elevate your vehicle safely. 7 x 8.9 x 4.8 inches of the welded base prevent sinking in soft grounds and maintains stability.

Equipped with an overload valve, oil bypass mechanism, and glide action pump, there’s no doubt about the efficiency of this jack. After all, the two years warranty also speaks of its authenticity, so we’d highly recommend checking its price.

Strongway 50-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack with Carrying Handle

  • Rust-proof bottle jack.
  • Three-piece handle for compact storage.
  • Leak-free strong base.
  • Wide diameter ram for stable lifting.
  • Load Capacity: 50 ton
  • Minimum Lift Height: 10.43 inches 
  • Extended Height: 16.75 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 68.4
  • Color: Red
  • Size: ‎‎8.15 x 7.25 x 11.12 inches
  • Brand: Strongway
  • Part No. NTH95004
  • Low ratings.
  • Expensive product.
50 ton bottle jack
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If you want a bottle jack that prevents corrosion and stays in good shape without cutting off its functionality, Strongway is the best bottle jack for you. Its lead-free and exclusive procedure of paint makes it stand out.

The best part of having this bottle jack is its lift height. It has the highest maximum lift height compared to the bottle jacks here. It takes your vehicles from ground level to 16.75 inches, whereas others promise to lift only 14.5 inches high.

50 ton jack
Source: Northern Tool

However, the minimum height of the jack is a little more, at 10.43 inches. That means you need to compare this height to the equipment or vehicles’ ground clearance you want to use it on.

Since the base is welded and made of steel, the outcomes of the jack are impressive and efficient without any leaks. The unit measures 8.15 x 7.25 x 11.12 inches, and that’s how it’s stable.

It has a safety valve and swing-out handle and weighs 68.4 pounds. The jack’s weight is equivalent to others, yet the price is slightly higher. So press the button below to know if it fits your bill.


These were the best 50 tons bottle jack available in the market. Our pick here is the BIG RED T95007 Torin Bottle Jack. It is a welded jack that provides leak-free performance, safe lift, stability, and durability, along with a one-year warranty.

Check out its price now and have the best 50-ton jack to meet your needs. 

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