The 3 Best 12 ton Jack Stands [with the dual-locks]

Searching for the best 12 ton jack stands? If so, you’ve landed at the right place.

This blog features affordable 24,000 lb jack stands that have double locks for maximum safety.

Before going into the details, let’s first run through the overview of the products.

Omega Lift 32128

  • 12 ton load capacity
  • 19.6 – 29″ lift range
  • 71.8 lb item weight
  • Dual locks

BIG RED T41202

  • 12 ton load capacity
  • 18.3 – 28.13″ lift range
  • 26 lb item weight
  • Single lock

OTC 1778B

  • 12 ton load capacity
  • 19 – 29″ lift range
  • One jack
  • Single lock
Product Omega Lift
12 ton (24,000 lb) 12 ton (24,000 lb) 12 ton (24,000 lb)
19.6" (50 cm) 18.3" (46.5 cm) 19" (49 cm)
Max Lift
29" (73.7 cm) 28.13" (71.4 cm) 29" (73.7 cm)
Single lock Single lock
Package Pair Pair Single
Weight ‎71.8 lb (32.6 kg) ‎26 lb (11.8 kg) -

Best 12 ton Jack Stands - Omega Lift 32128

  • Dual locking safety feature prevents mishaps
  • Pyramid-shaped base and curved saddle provide stability
  • Handle for easy movement
  • One-year warranty for defect reporting
  • Lowest height may not be suitable for all

Look no further if you are searching for the best 12-ton jack stands with dual locking features. Omega has got you covered. This jack stand has a reliable safety feature with a pin that holds tightly in position, preventing any unwanted mishaps.

What you should know about it is its lowest height. It is 19-5/8 inches to the lowest and 29-7/8 inches to the highest. So, keep that in mind before picking it up.

Just like other stands, the base of this stand is pyramid-shaped. It is 12 x 12 inches, making it stable enough on the ground level. Additionally, a 4 x 1-inch curved surface saddle also provides greater stability.

Although the stand states a 12-ton capacity, it is not applicable to both. This means that it’s the total weight-lifting capacity, and each stand can only lift a weight of 12,000 pounds and not 24,000. This is one of its biggest drawbacks, which is mentioned on the box.

The handle on the jack stand allows you to move it easily, while the one-year warranty lets you report any defects you find.

Despite a few cons, the product is great at what it does. So, why not check the price? Click the button below to find out its ratings and reviews as well.

Affordable 24,000 lb Jack Stands from BIG RED

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Dual-purpose handle for easy movement
  • Wide sawtooth and large saddle for stability
  • One-year warranty for any issues
  • Limited height range may not be suitable for all uses.

Big Red manufactures not only floor jacks but also jack stands. It produces a reliable 12-ton jack stand suitable for supporting cars to heavy tractors.

Unlike other brands, each of Big Red’s stands carries 12 tons of weight. This means you have a backup even if one fails. This stand is the most budget-friendly option among the three mentioned here. So, if budget is your concern, you have an excellent choice.

Make sure to check the minimum height (18-5/16 inches) before using it. It reaches up to 28-1/8 inches, making it ideal for repairing your vehicle’s suspension. The large saddle and wide sawtooth ensure stability.

Each stand weighs 30 pounds and is made of steel. The pyramid-style foot keeps it firm on the ground while lifting. The stand has a dual-purpose handle for easy movement and a one-year warranty for any issues.

Check the price now and get a great deal.

OTC 1778B 12-Ton Jack Stand

  • Individual stand, not sold in pairs
  • Rugged steel build for durability
  • Wide circular base suitable for different surfaces
  • Dual locking feature with 9 height options
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Higher price point than other 12-ton jack stands

Unlike the other two 12-ton jack stands that come in pairs, this one is individual. However, it is more expensive for good reasons, which we will discuss below:

The first and foremost reason for its high price is its top-notch build. It is made of rugged steel. The circular base of 16 inches is specifically wide and made to stand tall over different surfaces, including wet sand.

It can hold a 12-ton vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and even tractors. The lowest height of this jack stand is 19 inches, so make sure your car is not lower than that. It lifts up to 29 ½ inches, high enough for regular maintenance and tire and oil changes.

The OTC 12-ton jack stand has a dual locking feature that can be reset to 9 different heights, making it a sturdy unit with great lifting capacity. It comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty, which you cannot get with the other jack stands. Check its price to see if it’s worth it.

12 ton Jack Stands Buying Guide

When shopping for 12-ton jack stands, consider the following factors to ensure you get the right one for your needs:

  • Weight Capacity: Make sure the jack stands have a weight capacity of at least 12 tons, and that each stand can lift the full weight capacity.
  • Height Range: Check the lowest and highest height ranges of the stands to ensure they are suitable for your vehicle. Keep in mind that some stands have a limited height range that may not work for all vehicles.
  • Safety Features: Look for stands with reliable safety features, such as a dual locking mechanism, pins, or other safety measures that prevent the stands from collapsing or tipping over.
  • Stability: Consider the base of the stand and the saddle’s design to ensure the stand is stable and won’t wobble while lifting your vehicle.
  • Material and Durability: Choose stands made of sturdy materials such as steel that can withstand heavy use and weight. Check for a warranty or guarantee that covers defects or breakage.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and find stands that offer the best value for your money. Consider the features and durability, and compare prices between different brands and models.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best 12-ton jack stands for your vehicle. Always prioritize safety and quality, and don’t hesitate to invest in a more expensive, high-quality stand if it meets your needs and budget.

Final Notes

Getting under your vehicle is not very safe unless you have good support promising to keep you from the accident. That’s why we mentioned the three best 12 tons jack stands above that are reliable enough.

Our vote from all of them goes to the Omega Lift 32128 Jack Stands. Comparatively, its price is low from all, and still, it offers you more stability, with each stand having the ability to hold 12 tons of weight.

Besides that, its low profile with the least height of 19.6 inches and 29 inches highest is fine for repair, tire change, and maintenance.

They also feature a dual lock system for maximum safety. Click the button below to find out more about this sturdy jack stand.

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