Top 4 Best 12 Ton Bottle Jacks for Lifting Heavy Loads

Heavy vehicles like trucks are not very easily lifted through a normal bottle jack. For this purpose, you need a heavy-duty bottle jack – specifically the best 12-ton bottle jack.

Knowing the use and importance of heavy-duty bottle jacks, we researched the best options. And, look here we are to help you make an informed decision.

Shall we proceed with these jacks? Let’s get started.

An Overview of the 12 ton Bottle Jacks

Pro-Lift B-012D

  • 12-ton load capacity
  • 9.50 – 18″ lift range
  • 17.4 lb item weight
  • Features carrying handle

Performance Tool W1643

  • 12-ton load capacity
  • 6.6 – 13″ lift range
  • 13.15 lb item weight
  • Features carrying handle

Arcan ALBJ12

  • 12-ton load capacity
  • 9.1 – 17.3″ lift range
  • 15.71 lb item weight
  • Features carrying handle

US Jack D-51125

  • 12-ton load capacity
  • 9 – 19″ lift range
  • 20.6 lb item weight
  • With carrying handle

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product Pro-Lift
P. Tools
12 ton (24,000 lb) 12 ton (24,000 lb) 12 ton (24,000 lb)
Weight 17.4 lb (7.9 kg) 13.15 lb (6 kg) ‎20.6 lb (9.3 kg)
9.50" (24.2 cm) 6.6" (16.8 cm) 9" (22.9 cm)
18" (45.7 cm) 13" (33 cm) 19" (48.3 cm)
Yes Yes Yes

Pro-Lift B-012D Best 12 Ton Bottle Jack with Carrying Handle

Carrying a bottle jack from one point to another is challenging, especially when it’s a 12 ton jack that weighs more. However, the case is different with this bottle jack. It has a side handle through which you can hold it without dropping it off to the ground.

Well, the weight of the unit is also light. Made out of steel, it consists of 17.56 pounds of weight. On the contrary, it holds 12 tons in total, which makes it perfect for vehicles under 24,000 pounds.

Best 12 ton bottle jack
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It is safe to say that the jack is a good choice for the GMC Sierra and Ford F350 Superduty Crewcab. Since it has a high lifting capacity, it is also a remarkable option for garage owners who used to work on multiple vehicles.

There is a height-adjusting screw installed on the jack. With the help of this screw, you can adjust the height to the level you want the jack to. It raises the vehicles to the maximum height of 18 7/8 inches, by the way.

As for the minimum height, it is 9 ½ inches. Where most of the trucks have ground clearance more than this, it’s better to check yours prior to buying.

Count in here the removable handle of the unit, which allows you to turn it compact and store it in a crowded area. For sure, it’s one of the best 12-ton bottle jacks. So, check out its price from the yellow button to make an informed decision.

Performance Tool W1643 24000 lb Bottle Jack

Of all the bottle jacks here, this one is the cheapest unit available. So, if you are running short on pennies, it is your go-to option. Besides being cheap, the jack is also compact. It is 6 x 6 x 8 inches in total, due to which it gets settled in the tight spaces of your garage or even in the RV.

The jack comes with a folding handle which never gets in the way when you are pumping the product. Just like the bottle jack above, it also holds a weight of 12 tons or 24000 pounds. That means you have a wide choice to use.

Best 12 ton bottle jack
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Compared to the bottle jack above, it is lower to the ground – having only 7 ⅝ inches minimum height. The minimum height is the plus point in the product if you are a garage owner or have multiple vehicles to carry out maintenance on. Because it gets under low clearance.

In terms of maximum height, the jack is 13 5/8 inches. Not to mention, this height is a bit lower but will get the job done. To lift safely, the steel saddle of 1 11/16 inches is there. So, you can lift your car as high as you want to get under.

Wondering about the price? It’s not so high, and you can check it out through the yellow button below. 

Arcan ALBJ12 12 ton jack for Heavy Lifting

If you are finding one extremely safe and durable bottle jack, look no further. Arcan’s bottle jack is there to have your back. For added stability and durability, this bottle jack features a welded base, unlike others that are screwed.

Above the base is this jack’s chrome ram, which is installed to make sure the unit stays out of rust in the long run.

12 ton bottle jack
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As a 12 tons bottle jack, it, of course, holds 24000 pounds of weight. That includes heavy trucks and RVs. When it comes to the unit’s weight, it is equivalent to the Pro-Lift B-012D mentioned above. However, it doesn’t have a handle, so displacing it might be challenging.

It has a wide saddle whose height you can adjust according to your requirement. Keep in mind, the maximum height it has to offer is 17.3 inches. While the minimum height of the unit is 9. 1 inch which is fair enough to slide under trucks and heavy vehicles.

One drawback of the jack is its packaging. It’s not so reliable. Flipping, however, you get one year of warranty. Sigh that you can claim for it in case there’s a need to. So, check out its price and buy one now. 

U.S. D-51125 Bottle jack That Can Lift 10,000+ kg

For spending money well, you can pick this option. It might appear a bit expensive to you but it is worth every buck. And, on top of that is its heavy-duty manufacturing, made in the USA.

Like others, this US Jack 12-ton bottle jack. It will hold your heavy trucks under 24,000 pounds and is a nice option for garage owners or builders.

12 ton bottle jack
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Thanks to its ductile-iron base, the unit stands firm and steady, never mind how much weight it is holding. It stands tall from the time of lift till you drop the vehicle to the ground.

To offer you maximum reliability, the manufacturer has installed a handle on it. Due to this handle, you can easily carry the unit from one place to another. Know that it’s comparatively heavy from the other units with 20.88 pounds.

Add in here the 1/56 of the ram head. Ram head of this width makes sure a safe lift of your car to the maximum height, which is 19 ½ inches. The collapsed height of the jack is 9 inches, so it goes under numerous vehicles conveniently.

To have more satisfaction with this unit, you can visit Amazon through the button below.

How Much Weight Can a 12-ton Bottle Jack Lift?

The 12-ton bottle jack can lift a maximum of 24000 lb or 10,000 kg. They are heavy-duty jacks and can be used for raising heavy machineries like military vehicles, farm trucks, and other vehicles that come in the range. The jacks are also handy for industrial and construction work. 


The best 12-ton bottle jack is the one that costs you less and consumes very little storage area. No doubt, our jacks stand firm on the pointers. In all of these jacks, our recommendation is Pro-Lift B-012D for its functionality, versatility, and durability. 

You can further explore it by clicking the button below.

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