Arcan vs. Pittsburgh Floor Jacks – Which One’s Worth Buying

As Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jacks are both in demand out there, you are always puzzled on Arcan vs. Pittsburgh floor jacks; which one’s worth the purchase. Wonder not because today, we’ll examine them under the light of facts, and you’ll get the answer. 

Read till the last to buy the unbeatable jack from both of them. 

Arcan A20018 vs. Pittsburgh 61253 Floor Jacks
Tap the image to see Arcan's Floor jack Price
Arcan A20018 vs. Pittsburgh 61253 Floor Jacks
Tap the image to see Pittsburgh's Floor jack Price

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product Arcan
3 ton (6,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb)
3.75" (9.5 cm)
3.2" (8.2 cm)
18" (45.7 cm) 20" (50.8 cm)
Pump Dual piston Dual piston
Weight 56 lb (25 kg) ‎75 lb (34 kg)
Material Aluminum Alloy Steel
Yes No
Size " 30 x 13.5 x 8 ‎28 x 12 x 10
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Arcan A20018 vs. Pittsburgh 5688802 Floor Jacks Key Features Analysis

Since Arcan and Pittsburgh have lots of floor jack models, we’ll throw light on the best of them  – Arcan A20018 vs. Pittsburgh 5688802.  These models have gathered thousands of positive ratings online. That’s why they’re on the list today.

Load Capacity

Load capacity keeps value when it comes to buying a floor jack. After one qualifies to lift your vehicle with ease, then comes the other factors and features. So forget not to always peek at it first. 

Both Arcan and Pittsburgh have the same load capacity of 3 tons. This indicates that you can have it for any vehicle under 6000 pounds, and it will lift it with ease. 

In the case of vehicles, floor jacks have the potential to lift loads that are 3 times their load capacities.  You can raise one wheel or two of a car at a time. So the car’s half or ⅓ weight will rest on the jack.

That’s why most floor jacks have 4 ton capacity at max. If you got a truck that weighs 8000 lb, you can for sure lift one corner of it with these floor jacks.  

Minimum Lift Height

Jump onto the section of minimum height after you are done checking the load capacity of a floor jack. Here you need to be certain of the ground clearance of your car to opt for a good option. 

Like Pittsburgh, the car jack has a minimum height that is 3.2 inches. On the contrary, the Arcan model has a height of 3.75 inches. For sure, the Pittsburgh would go more efficiently under low-profile cars than the Arcan. 

Since most cars have around 8+ inches of clearance, both models are fit for sliding under them. 

Arcan A20018 vs. Pittsburgh 61253 Floor Jacks
Click the image to check its availability
Arcan A20018 vs. Pittsburgh 61253 Floor Jacks
Click the image to check its availability

Maximum Lift Height

While there is no minimum height difference in Arcan and Pittsburgh, their maximum lift height varies. The Pittsburgh floor jack easily lifts up to 20 inches, whereas 18 inches is the maximum lift height of Arcan. 

By buying any of these, you’d be able to change rotors, brake pads, oil, and tires with ease. So, worry not because that’s almost everything you need to do under your vehicle. 

You can cross-check the max height with the jack stands if you have them. Because you will need to give enough space to the stands for installation, a floor jack will help you do so. 

Your floor jack should have more max height than the jack stand’s maximum height if you want to extend it to its max height and install it beneath your car. Or in other words, if you want more space under the car. 

Dual Piston Pump

There are a lot of differences between these floor jacks; surely there’s one thing in common. Dual-piston pump technology is that one similarity. Thanks to this innovative feature, both the jacks lift your vehicle faster than ever, ultimately saving a fraction of your time. 

It takes almost 6 full pumps to reach the maximum point with Pittsburgh. While the Arcan requires almost 7-8 pumps when it comes to SUVs. Remember that the number of pumps will always differ with the height required and the vehicle it is applied on. 

Built of Arcan vs. Pittsburgh Floor Jack

The difference in build makes Arcan and Pittsburgh appealing to different audiences. While Arcan A20018 has an aluminum body, the Pittsburgh 5688802 is made of alloy steel. Due to this, the weight of these two-floor jacks has an apparent difference. Arcan floor jack weighs no more than 56 pounds, and Pittsburgh is 75.1 pounds. Comparatively, Arcan is lightweight and easy to carry. 

A 2-inch difference of length also exists between both the jacks. 30 inches of Arcan’s length is, of course, more than Pittsburgh’s 28 inches. However, that doesn’t very much affect the firmness, and both of them are equally stable on the ground. 


It’s the saddle alone that comes in contact with your car, truck, or SUV. It lifts your car through the jack points. And so, it’s pretty crucial to have a floor jack with a wide saddle.  

The saddle of the Pittsburgh 5688802 floor jack is 4 1/4 inches in diameter and moves around the centerpiece in 1 1/8 inches. Know that; however, this saddle is non-removable. While the saddle on the Arcan does get removed if there’s a need for replacement. 

About the Arcan’s saddle, it does rotate like the Pittsburgh. Its steel plate saddle is 4 1/2 in diameter, which is wide. By buying any of these, you get an extensive and stable saddle. That said, you can put your bucks on any one of them you find worthy. 


In each of the floor jacks, the handles are plugged. These handles allow you to jack up your car, truck, or SUV, whatever you have, and reach the maximum height. 

When out of the box, the handles are in 2 pieces.

Later on, you need to do the assembling and snap one piece into another. Well, this is a plus to have as you can easily store the unit in the trunk of your car and carry it anywhere.  If you notice, both the jack’s handles have rubber padding on the lower part while knurling on the top. 

The padding in the handle is integrated to prevent damage to your vehicle when you pump the jack. The Pittsburgh’s handle is 45 1/4 inches, while the Arcan’s handle measures 69 inches from the load pick point to the end of the handle. 

Wheels and Maneuverability

Stress not if you are threatened with the weight of both of these floor jacks. Wheels are integrated into both models to ensure that you can move them conveniently. Know here that there are different types of wheels in each. 

The wheels in the Pittsburgh floor jack are of metal. However, the Arcan comes with steel wheels and the front wheels have a width of 11 1/4 inches. The back wheels in both jacks swivel for added reliability and easy maneuverability. 

Carrying Handle

Not only does this feature help you carry a jack from one place to another, but it’s also handy in positioning the jack under a jack point. That’s why the Arcan A20018 comes with it. On the other hand, the Pittsburgh 5688802 floor jack lacks such a carrying handle. 


Besides having a difference in warranty and price, there are no bold differences between the Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jack. Both have the same load capacity, lift range, and piston technology. 

What’s uncommon in them is the maximum height. Pittsburgh offers more height. Other than that is the built material and handle height difference. Due to these minor factors, one is preferable to some while non-preferable to others. 

In our opinion, Arcan does offer more value overall, so we’d vote for this model. Which one is the winner, let’s hear from other users. Click the button below to find more about these jacks, their price, and ratings.


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